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Sat., Apr. 30, 2005 - Deep Web Research / THOMAS

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New on for January 17, 2005:

**Deep Web Research 2005
Web search guru Marcus P. Zillman's guide extensively documents resources that include articles, books, websites, presentations, search engines, and technology applications that facilitate the challenging task of accessing information, published in many formats, that encompass the hundreds of millions of pages comprising the "deep web."

**The Government Domain: THOMAS - New Congress, A Few Changes
Welcome to this new monthly column by Peggy Garvin author of The United States Government Internet Manual 2004-2005. Peggy will focus on tips and techniques to efficiently and effectively mine the depths of information available on government websites, beginning with THOMAS, which is now celebrating its tenth anniversary online.
Copyright LLRX TM, Law Library Resource Xchange, LLC. All rights reserved.


Sat., Apr. 30, 2005 - Pirate Soul: History

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Librarians' Index to the Internet
NEW THIS WEEK for January 13, 2005

Pirate Soul: History ----------------------------------------------------
This attractive site includes an overview of piracy, covering
history from the 14th century B.C. to the 19th century, notable
pirates (Blackbeard, Kidd, Black Bart, and others), pirates' codes
of conduct and other aspects of pirate life, weapons and treasure,
and the Jolly Roger. From the Pirate Soul Museum in Key West,
* Pirates
Created by: wh

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Sat., Apr. 30, 2005 - Auschwitz

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Q&A: Auschwitz [BBC News]
January 27 was the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Here are some basic facts about the camp.

Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999-2005.


Sat., Apr. 30, 2005 - On This Day

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Site of the Day for Thursday, January 27, 2005

On This Day: Today's Highlights in History
[NOTE: Previously posted. NY Times requires free registration - Phyllis ]

Today's site, from the New York Times Learning Network, offers an
interesting historical diversion, culled from the pages of its newspaper
archives. Gentle Subscribers will find an informative and nicely presented
window on the past.

"[V]isitors can ... take a look back at a historic New York Times front
page, current and historic birthdays and historic editorial cartoons in the
On This Day section." - from the website

This single web page provides the top story for this day in history from
the New York Times front page, along with a list of historical events which
also took place. For example, notable occurrences for today's date include
the birth of Mozart (1756) and the liberation of Auschwitz (1945). An
enlarged image of the front page and a transcript of the article are linked
to the highlighted event. The always popular "who's celebrating a birthday"
feature includes well-known figures, past and present, from a variety of

Amble over to the site for brief guide to what happened in history on this
date at:

A.M. Holm

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Fri., Apr. 29, 2005 - Natural Color Diamond Encyclopedia

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USA Today Web Guide Hot Sites
01/25/2005 - Updated 01:15 PM ET

The Natural Color Diamond Encyclopedia
Reference material, not a shopping guide. Keep telling yourself that or you’re liable to hurt yourself at this great site, which details the ins and outs of diamonds of every color in or out of the rainbow. (And here we thought black diamonds were just something Liz Taylor made up when she was naming perfumes.) You’ll learn plenty about the provenance, history and science behind these lovely rocks – and yes, there are tons of great photos. — HSS

Copyright 2005 USA TODAY


Fri., Apr. 29, 2005 - Discovering Dinosaurs

Taken From:
Family First - Discovering Dinosaurs (1/25/05)

Discovering Dinosaurs

My son has been enthused about dinosaurs for several years. I am not sure why, but there seems to be some sort of attraction between these extinct creatures and children. Today's FamSite will only help that attraction, I am afraid.

Called Discovering Dinosaurs, it is a presentation by Encyclopedia Britannica of the oldest living creatures to have inhabited the planet. Here you can learn about the different ages of them, as well as explore some of their living habits and social traits. You also can learn about their environment and physical make up as well. They are presented in a time-based format, so a visitor can find out how the concept and understanding of dinosaurs have changed over time.

This is a site that is both an educational experience and a fun one. This combination is one that is sure to please all visitors. Enjoy your stop.


Fri., Apr. 29, 2005 - Hate Crimes

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Sent : Monday, November 22, 2004 3:34 PM
STATISTICS: FBI Reports More Than 7,400 Hate Crimes


Monday, Nov. 22, 2004
FBI Reports More Than 7,400 Hate Crimes
By CURT ANDERSON Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - Over 7,400 hate crime incidents occurred nationwide last
year, more than half of them motivated by racial prejudice most often
against black people, the FBI reported Monday.

Hate crimes motivated by anti-black racial bias totaled 2,548 in 2003,
more than double such crimes against all other racial groups combined.
There were 3,150 black victims in these cases, including four who were
murdered, according to the annual FBI report.

The overall total of 7,489 hate crime incidents reported in 2003 was
slightly above the number reported in 2002. Nearly two-thirds of the
crimes involved in such cases are intimidation, vandalism or property

But there are also hundreds of violent crimes, including 14 murders. There
were more than 2,700 assaults, 444 bias-related robberies, burglaries and
thefts, and 34 arson incidents.


The complete article may be read at:
[Shortened URL: ]

David Dillard
Temple University

FBI Releases Hate Crime Statistics for 2003

Hate Crime Statistics, 2003


Fri., Apr. 29, 2005

Taken From:
PBS Teacher Previews: May 1-7, 2005

Independent Lens
"The Last Letter," "Zyklon Portrait" and "The Walnut Tree"
TV> PBSOL> MARC> High School
Tuesday, May 3, 200510 - 11:30 pm

It is 1941. A Russian-Jewish woman living in a Ukrainian cityseized by the Germans writes her son a final letter. She knowsthat all the Jews will be killed within days. In this lastletter she shows her courage, dignity, fear and fierce love ofher son as she reviews her life and faces her death. Thebroadcast includes two shorts about the Holocaust: "ZyklonPortrait" and "The Walnut Tree." (CC, Stereo, 1 year)Log on to the companion Web site to find out more about thenovelist and actress behind this film. Plus, read an interviewwith the filmmaker and share your thoughts online.
(Available April 26, 2005)

ETV - South Carolina Educational Television Commission
"NatureScene Interactive"
Station> Elementary / Middle / High School

Log on to this site, produced by ETV, to see places you might
never get to visit. Explore the fascinating relationships of
nature with your very own NatureScene personal guides.
[NOTE: See Also: Tour of the NJ Pine Barrens
- Phyllis ]
American Experience
"Victory in the Pacific" TV> PBSOL> MARC> Middle / High School
Monday, May 2, 2005
9 - 11:00 pm
As the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II approaches,
"American Experience" explores the final year of battle in the
Pacific theater, including the rationale for using the atomic
bomb. (CC, Stereo, DVI, Letterbox/Widescreen where available, 1

Download our teacher's guide which includes an activity in
which students think of one way in which later events would
have been significantly different if the atomic bomb had not
been dropped on Japan.
[NOTE: See teaching guide below after this posting. – Phyllis ]
"Memory of the Camps" TV> PBSOL> Middle / High School
Tuesday, May 3, 2005
9 - 10:00 pm
When allied troops invaded Germany and liberated Nazi death
camps at the end of World War II, they found unspeakable
horrors that still haunt the world's conscience. In 1945,
British and American film crews accompanying the troops
liberating the camps captured these atrocities firsthand. The
resulting film was discovered by "Frontline" in 1984. (CC,
Stereo, 1 year)

Learn more about the Holocaust at the companion Web site.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness
TV> PBSOL> MARC> High School
Thursday, May 5, 2005
9 - 10:30 pm
The history of World War II tells many tales of extraordinary
courage. One of the most compelling and inspirational is that
of Chiune Sugihara. In the face of the Nazi onslaught, this
modest diplomat saved thousands of lives, using his authority
to rescue fleeing Jewish refugees. This remarkable documentary
chronicles the life of Sugihara and the little-known
relationship between the Japanese and Jews in the 1930s and
40s. (CC, Stereo, 1 year)

Explore our online interactive Sugihara timeline.
(Available April 28, 2005)


Copyright 2005 PBS Online


Taken From:
Date Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 4:33 PM

News from American Experience

Monday, May 2 at 9 PM (check local listings)

"In the annals of warfare, the final year of the war in
the Pacific stands alone. It would be as brutal as war
-- Austin Hoyt, producer

Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the end of World
PACIFIC. The two-hour program examines the final year
of World War II in the Pacific, including the rationale
for using the atomic bomb, and features the first-hand
recollections of both American and Japanese civilians
and soldiers -- even a kamikaze pilot who survived his
failed mission.

VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC traces that fateful year, from
the American capture of the Mariana Islands in July
1944 to the surrender broadcast of Emperor Hirohito in
August 1945.


Target Tokyo

In 1944, the U.S. deployed its new aviation wonder, the
B-29 bomber. The seventy-ton Superfortress traveled
farther and faster than previous bombers, and came
equipped with remote-control guns and pressurized
cabins. "Special Film Project 153," known as "Target
Tokyo," was produced in 1945 by the Army Air Forces,
and was narrated by Hollywood actor and future
president Ronald Reagan. The film follows the bombers
on their first mission.

Online Forum

Send in your questions about World War II on the
Pacific front, including battles and other events
during 1944-45, the decision to drop the bomb, Truman's
administration and wartime strategies, Japanese
strategies, and more. Get expert answers from
historians, an author, or the filmmaker.

The Costs of War

Explore casualty figures for major battles and events
during the final year of the war, from Saipan in June
1944 to the two atomic bombs dropped in August 1945.

WGBH Forum Network

At a recent screening of VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC at the
Boston Public Library, producer Austin Hoyt discussed
his film. Watch the Q&A session with the filmmaker on
the WGBH Forum Network.


Thursday, April 28, 2005


Thurs., Apr. 28, 2005 - Global Positioning System Primer

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Site of the Day for Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Global Positioning System Primer

The term GPS has entered the everyday lexicon but exactly what it means and
how it works, is less well-known. Today's site from the U.S. Aerospace
Corporation, which was closely involved in its development, offers an
excellent presentation on the basics of this now essential navigation aid.

"GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, is the only system today
able to show you your exact position on the Earth anytime, in any weather,
anywhere. ... GPS is one of history's most exciting and revolutionary
developments, and new uses for it are constantly being discovered." - from
an earlier website presentation (Google cache)

The site offers an overview of the history of navigation, an explanation of
what GPS is and the components -- satellites, ground stations and receivers
-- of which it is comprised. The "how it works" section uses text and
helpful diagrams to illustrate the "constellation of satellites" in the
system, and the order in which information is transmitted to a user's
receiver, to pinpoint a specific earth location. A useful timeline outlines
the development of GPS, while an additional section highlights the military
and civilian uses of the system.

Orbit to the site for a nicely done explanation of GPS technology at:

A.M. Holm


Thurs., Apr. 28, 2005 - Countries of the World

Taken From:
Sent : Wednesday, January 26, 2005 9:23 AM
To :
Subject : [LIFE of Florida] Geography: Countries of the World
Countries of the World


Country facts, including

- History (for most major countries)
- Geography
- Population (past, present and future projections)
- Government
- Economy
- Maps, Flags, and more


Thurs., Apr. 28, 2005 - Panoramas

Taken From:
TechLearning News – February 1, 2005 - Vol. 4, Issue 4

Panoramas of the World
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Students will enjoy geography when they can actually step into a "panorama" of the place they are visiting. Visitors actually feel as if they are in the most exciting, beautiful, historic, and remote parts of the earth through these panoramas. The site suggests its newest and most sought after panoramas like the Moon, Mars, Mt. Everest, and the Eiffel Tower, but students can also search for specific countries or places in the news. This is a great way to get students involved in world geography.

Hans Nyberg

Website Content:
Pictures and/or Illustrations

Grade Appropriate:
High School Middle School Elementary School


Thurs., Apr. 28, 2005 - Museum of Afro American History

Taken From:
Librarians' Index to the Internet
NEW THIS WEEK for January 20, 2005
Museum of Afro American History Boston -----------------------------------------
This institution is "dedicated to preserving, conserving and
accurately interpreting the contributions of African Americans
during the colonial period in New England." The site features
information about museum exhibits, the African Meeting House and
Abiel Smith School, and the Black Heritage Trail (a "walking tour
encompassing the largest collection of historic sites in the
country relating to the life of a free African American community
prior to the Civil War"). Includes links to related sites.
* Historical museums
* African Americans
* United States
* Museums
* Black History Month
Created by: mcb

Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail -----------------------------------------------
"Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has been home to Africans and
African-Americans for more than 350 years. This Portsmouth Black
Heritage Trail guide takes the reader to a selection of sites
where Portsmouth's black residents lived, worked, prayed and
celebrated. It tells stories omitted from three centuries of white
historical narrative." Features a map and images with commentary.
[Shortened URL: ]
Black History Hotlinks
[Shortened URL: ]
* African Americans
* Historical sites
* Portsmouth (N.H.)
* Black History Month
Created by: mcb


Use of the annotations from this list must be accompanied by:
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Karen G. Schneider,
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Wed., Apr. 27, 2005 - Robert Burns

Taken From:
Robert Burns

Robert Burns was elevated to national hero in his lifetime and cult figure soonafterwards.

A Tribute to Scotland's National Bard
Offers essays, answers to frequently asked questions, quotes, facts about the poet's life and works, and literary criticism and analysis of poems including:

Burns Country: The Official Website
This extensive website features a mailing list, discussion board, encyclopedia and glossary of terms, and the complete works. Links to a Burns biography, chronology of life events, literary criticism and analysis, and other resources are also provided.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Robert Burns National Heritage Park
Find images and information about the home of Robert Burns, which is today a national park and popular tourist attraction. The website also offers a biography and resources for teachers include downloadable themed activity sheets. A separate kidszone features a coloring book, wordsearch and maze games, and several multiple choice quizzes for the classroom.

The Robert Burns Federation
This fine resource for students and teachers features a beginner's guide to the life and legacy of the Bard of Scotland, excerpts of letters and manuscripts, electronic texts, articles and critical analysis and commentary, a discussion forum, and a collection of 100 Burns facts. On the poet's importance and enduring legacy:

Copyright 2000-2005. Today in Literature. All rights reserved.


Wed., Apr. 27, 2005 - James Joyce

Taken From:
James Joyce

Internet Public Library: Online Literary Criticism of James Joyce
Index of selected websites about Joyce, with an emphasis on biographies, and literary criticism and analysis of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake.
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. – Phyllis ]

James Joyce Resource Center
Index of critical works about James Joyce in the following bibliographic categories: biographical, genetic, Marxist, psychoanalytic, feminist, historical and postcolonial, structuralist and poststructuralist, and semiotic criticism. Also features links to Joyce-related web pages and mailing lists.

James Joyce Resources on the Net
Links to Joyce resources on the net, including the complete electronic texts of Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake. Also offered: bibliographic sources, literary criticism and analysis, teacher's guides and course outlines.

James Joyce: The Brazen Head
An extensive website about all-things-Joyce, including a biography, articles about his works (Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake), photographs, quotations, links, and an overview of Joyce's ongoing influence on film, drama, and the arts. Highly recommended.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Copyright 2000-2005. Today in Literature. All rights reserved.


Taken From:
Riverdeep's Classroom Flyer, Thursday, January 13th, 2005

James Joyce
An extensive collection of teaching resources on widely acclaimed Irish author James Joyce is available at:

Brenda Barron, Editor
(c) 2005 Riverdeep. All rights reserved.


Wed., Apr. 27, 2005 - Herman Melville's Billy Budd

Taken From:
Today in Literature FREE EDITION January 3rd
Herman Melville

Herman Melville's Billy Budd
This useful student resource offers an annotated electronic text, glossary, and reference materials which provide historical context and explain vocabulary, allusions, nautical references. Commentary, illustrations, and a Melville biography and bibliography are also included.
Copyright 2000-2005. Today in Literature. All rights reserved.


Wed., Apr. 27, 2005 - Thornton Wilder

Taken From:
Thornton Wilder

Thornton Wilder Society
Find information about the organization's activities, a biography on the three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, chronology of important events in the author's life, bibliography, and an image gallery. Also features answers to frequently asked questions, and a commentary and teaching guide to "Our Town" and "The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden."
[NOTE: Select “Works” and then click on title for more information. – Phyllis ]

Copyright 2000-2004. Today in Literature. All rights reserved.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Tues., Apr. 26, 2005 - All Things Cretaceous

Taken From:
22 January 2005 Earth Science Sites of the Week

ALL THINGS CRETACEOUS, SERC, (suggested by John McDaris, SERC), the Cretaceous collection contains an assortment of digital resources relevant to the Cretaceous Period (145.5 – 65.5 million years ago). These resources cover a broad range of topics and include an array of media types. A variety of images, maps, visualizations, virtual field trips, databases, technical papers and general information are among the resource types found here. The Cretaceous collection was created to allow students and teachers alike to explore the complex relationships between physical Earth, changing climate and sea level, biota (evolving and extinct), and implications for modern society that are related to this amazing period of Earth's history.


Mark Francek
Professor of Geography and Earth Science
Central Michigan University


Tues., Apr. 26, 2005 - Jet Engines

Taken From:
USA Today Web Guide Hot Sites
01/24/2005 - Updated 11:04 AM ET

Journey Through a Jet Engine
Yet another wonder brought to you by the Internet: Normally, becoming part of a jet engine’s intake is a very bad thing. This great Flash animation, however, lets you go when corporeal entities fear to tread – right on through a Rolls-Royce engine of the sort that powers many commercial aircraft. Thrilling stuff for engineering geeks and those fascinated by the mechanics of travel. — HSS
[NOTE: From the site: How a Gas Turbine Works - Phyllis ]

Copyright 2005 USA TODAY


Tues., Apr. 26, 2005 - Biotechnology: Absolute Beginners

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Site of the Day for Wednesday, January 19, 2005

i-bioUK - Absolute Beginners - Biotechnology
[NOTE: Home page previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Today's site from the UK government provides a basic overview on
biotechnology, covering a number of essential topics. Gentle Subscribers
who feel that their background on the subject is less comprehensive than
they might like, will find a well-presented range of material on the topic.

"What is Biotechnology? ... The application of science and engineering to
the direct or indirect use of living organisms, or parts or products of
living organisms, in their natural or modified forms. ... It doesn't
exactly set your pulse racing, but this is how the dictionary accurately
defines biotechnology. It applies as much to the art of brewing as it does
to the more sci-fi areas of cloning or stem cell research." - from the

The site explores some of the hot-button issues in biotechnology such as
genetically modified organisms (GMO's), cloning and stem cell research.
Additional information is provided on the human genome project, how
biotechnology may lead to a more personalized form of health care and its
impact on antibiotics. There's even a section explaining the oldest form of
biotechnology -- brewing. A helpful glossary explains many of the terms
used in this branch of science, while the final sections take a look at
biotechnology around the world.

Nip over to the site for a primer on biotech at:

A.M. Holm


Tues., Apr. 26, 2005 - Teen Gambling Addiction on the Rise

Taken From:
NewsHour Extra: Teen Gambling Addiction on the Rise
Kristina Nwazota
Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 6:03 PM

Featured Story:
Teen Gambling Addiction on the Rise
With more teens gambling, according to a new study, experts warn of an increase in addiction, health and legal problems.

Lesson plan includes initiating, reading comprehension and discussion questions.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Mon., Apr. 25, 2005 - Learning the Science of Estuaries, Corals, Geodesy and Tides

Taken From:
Edutopia News 4.13.05
Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 3:38 PM

Learning the Science of Estuaries

Did you know that estuaries are some of the most productive ecosystems in the world, harboring unique and vital plant and animal communities? It's true, and now you and your students can learn all about these thriving areas in a new online educational product, the fourth in a series of Discovery Kits developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Ocean Service (NOS). This latest kit explains the science of estuaries -- bodies of water and surrounding coastal habitats typically found where rivers meet the sea. The new Estuaries Discovery Kit, the fourth such resource produced by NOS, includes a 12-chapter tutorial, a comprehensive resource guide, and lesson plans for grades 9-12. The Discovery Kits are part of the NOS Education Discovery Center, which includes a wide variety of other classroom resources. You'll find it at The other kits are on Corals, Geodesy, and Tides & Water Levels.


Mon., Apr. 25, 2005 - Giant Iceberg on Collision Course

Taken From:
15 January 2005 Earth Science Sites of the Week

GIANT ICEBERG ON COLLISION COURSE, RedNova News, (suggested by Cheryl Dodes, Port Washington, New York), large fragment of a much larger iceberg that broke away from the Ross Ice Shelf in March 2000 is on a collision course with the Drygalski Ice Tongue in Antarctica. "It's a clash of the titans, a radical and uncommon event," says Robert Bindshadler, a researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and if the two giant slabs of ice collide, we could see one of the best demolition derbies on the planet. Read all about it, with illustrations here:

Mark Francek
Professor of Geography and Earth Science
Central Michigan University


Mon., Apr. 25, 2005 - Space Web Sites

[NOTE: Sites not checked. Some previously posted. – Phyllis ]
----------Forwarded Message--------
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 16:35:36 -0500
From: Amy Hailey
Subject: [LM_NET] HIT: Space web sites
X-Originating-IP: []
Sender: School Library Media & Network Communications

Thank you for all of these sites! I have not been able to use all of them,
but my students were able to find the information they needed. The next
step is to put the information into a power point.
... notice that there is a second page.
This section is actually a part of a larger one on different topics at

Let's Explore the Nine Planets
Kid-friendly version of The Nine Planets (see below).
The Nine Planets

Solar System Exploration: Explore a Planet
What's it like on another planet? Good comparisons of the planet to Earth.
Star Child: The Planets
Tour the Solar System and Beyond
NASA Space Science for Kids site. Includes tables with statistics about each planet. Includes statistical table and historical data.

Welcome to the Planets
Collection of NASA's best images.

Zoom Astronomy
Beware of the advertising banner. The content is written for grade
school students. Brief information, statistical tables and good graphics.

Amy Hailey
All LM_NET postings are protected by copyright law.


Mon., Apr. 25, 2005 - Lunar Phases Interactive

Taken From:
11 December 2004 Earth Science Sites of the Week

ANIMATION: Lunar Phases Interactive, Prentice Hall, this interactive Flash animation shows how the positioning of the moon, earth, and sun result in different moon phases. The date within a month and the time of day can be manipulated in order to see the resultant change in moon phase. The moon itself can even by “grabbed” with the cursor and moved to different positions in order to see resulting changes in moon phase. By following the monthly path of the moon around the earth, the meaning of such terms as “waxing gibbous” and “waning crescent” becomes more meaningful. Another advantage of the animation is the position of the student standing on top of the earth. This allows a field of view that can show why the moon and the sun can both be viewed during daylight hours. Access the animation by scrolling to the “Lunar Phases Interactive" link.
[Shortened URL:]
Scroll down through the list of all Interactives.

The "Sites of Interest" links are archived at RESOURCES FOR EARTH SCIENCE AND GEOGRAPHY INSTRUCTION at

Mark Francek
Visiting Professor of Geography and Earth Science
Central Michigan University

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Sun., Apr. 24, 2005 - The Children's March

--------Forwarded Message--------
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 18:49:47 -0800
From: Sybil Finemel
Subject: [LM_NET] GEN:FILM KIT:Teaching Tolerance announces the release of its
latest curriculum kits: THE CHILDREN'S MARCH
Sender: School Library Media & Network Communications

Teaching Tolerance announces the release of its latest curriculum kits,
available to schools at no charge!
When the young people of Birmingham, Ala., braved fire hoses and police dogs
in 1963, they brought segregation to its knees -- and changed the world.
This new film and teaching kit documents their heroism to inspire today's
young people to be catalysts for positive social change.
Order your FREE copy today!

Sybil Finemel
Library Director MLIS.CIO.
All LM_NET postings are protected by copyright law.


Sun., Apr. 24, 2005

Taken From:
Riverdeep's Classroom Flyer, Thursday, January 20th, 2005

Links to sites about women from the past and present who have
impacted our world

Great American History
This site offers not only a detailed outline of Civil War events,
but a collection of links as well to all topics outlined; great for
student research projects

Brenda Barron, Editor
(c) 2005 Riverdeep. All rights reserved.


Sun., Apr. 24, 2005

Taken From:
======== The Scout Report ======
==== January 14, 2005 ======
====== Volume 11, Number 2 ======

The State of the World's Children 2005 [pdf, RealPlayer]

December 2004 saw the release of The State of the World's Children 2005
report from the international organization UNICEF, and it contained some
rather troubling findings. Based on the material in this report, more than
one billion children are denied the healthy and protected upbringing
promised by 1989's Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is the
world's most widely adopted human rights treaty. The report examines three
of the most widespread and devastating factors threatening childhood today,
namely HIV/AIDS, poverty, and conflict. Visitors to the site are encouraged
to download the entire report, which contains five chapters, four maps, and
10 statistical tables. Those pressed for time may also want to browse
through the supplementary section on each of the three factors mentioned
above. Here they will find short video clips of interviews with UNICEF
program officers and interactive features on such topics as measuring child
poverty. It is worth mentioning that the report is also available in both
Spanish and French. [KMG]
[NOTE: State of the World’s Children 2004 previously posted. – Phyllis ]

The Thomas Jefferson Papers significant funding from The Reuters Foundation, the American MemoryProject at the Library of Congress has made this outstanding collection oforiginal Jefferson documents available on this site. Containingapproximately 83,000 images, these document types include correspondence,financial account books, and manuscript volumes. The collection offered hereis organized into 10 series, ranging in date from 1606 to 1827. Visitors arewelcome to search the entire collection, or by browsing through any of theseries. The site also offers some rather insightful essays on a variety ofthemes. Some of these essays include "American Sphinx: The Contradictions ofThomas Jefferson" by Professor Joseph J. Ellis and "America and the BarbaryPirates: An International Battle Against an Unconventional Foe" by Gerard W.Gawalt, who serves as the manuscript specialist for early American historyat the Library of Congress. The site is rounded out by two timelines thatoffer additional insight into the events surrounding Jefferson's life, alongwith reaching back into the history of the colony and future state ofVirginia. [KMG]

The Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace [pdf, RealPlayer]

Located in Yorba Linda, Calif., the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace
opened in 1990 with a cadre of visitors and guests that included former
Presidents Bush, Reagan, Ford, and of course, Nixon. Actually, the museum
tour of the site is not a bad place to start, as visitors are taken around
both his childhood home, the permanent galleries, and upcoming exhibits. The
childhood home feature includes a nice audio clip of President Nixon
describing his early life in Yorba Linda. Of course there are helpful
research materials here for students and the general public located within
the research center area of the site. Here visitors can learn about the life
of the President and First Lady Patricia Nixon and examine several
bibliographies of recommended works. Visitors to the site may also want to
read "In the National Interest", which is the Nixon Center's weekly online
magazine covering foreign policy affairs. Of course, researchers will want
to take a look at the information about visiting and using the archives,
although it should be noted that the Presidential papers of Richard Nixon
are still in the custody of the National Archives. Finally, some visitors
may want to join the online Nixon Forum, where they may discuss all things
Nixon 24 hours a day, seven days a week. [KMG]

The Alger Hiss Story [pdf, RealPlayer]

During the height of the McCarthy era, a wide range of persons was brought
before the House Un-American Activities Committee to answer charges that
they were (or had been) involved in Communist activities. One of the most
well-known individuals called before the Committee was Alger Hiss, who was
serving as the president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
when he was called to answer these charges in 1948. Despite the fact that
Hiss denied the charges, he was convicted in a second trial and served 44
months before being released in 1954. With that bit of background, visitors
will no doubt want to visit this fine site, which is designed to be a well-
developed portal for access to primary information about Alger Hiss, the
Hiss case, and the early Cold War years. Visitors can start by reading an
introductory essay about Hiss and his life, then continue on to the virtual
courtroom, where they may learn about the case in its full historical
context, then move on to examine various pieces of evidence from the case.
Another helpful resource here is a "cast listing" of all the participants
and persons involved with the case, which will also be quite helpful as
users peruse the many documents and essays. Overall, this is a very well
done site, and one that will be of great interest to persons with a keen eye
for legal and Cold War history. [KMG]
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United States of Peace [pdf] (Last reviewed on April 28, 1995)

While it took close to 200 years, an official U.S. peace office was finally
created in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan signed the United States of
Institute Peace Act. The official mandate of the United States Institute of
Peace is "to support the development, transmission, and use of knowledge to
promote peace and curb violent international conflict." From the homepage,
visitors can learn about the Institute's public outreach programs, such as
the National Peace Essay Contest, the Peace Scholar Dissertation
Fellowships, and the in-house magazine, PeaceWatch, which is published five
times a year. A particularly helpful resource for persons interested in
peace and conflict research is the Jeannette Rankin Library homepage, which
is also available here. Visitors can learn about online collections that
include a number of helpful annotated weblinks for such timely topics as
Iraq, terrorism, and U.S. human rights policy.
[Includes Lists of Links that provide access to the homepages of more than
120 foreign ministries, ][KMG]
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Alaska's Digital Archive

Many states have begun elaborate and well-funded digital archive projects in
order to increase the accessibility of compelling historical materials from
their area, and Alaska's very worthwhile effort is the latest to reach us
here at the Scout Report. The project is being directed through the
leadership of the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska Fairbanks,
the Consortium Library at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and the Alaska
State Library in Juneau. Currently there are close to 3,000 objects for
consideration within their archive, all of which may be browsed by thumbnail
image, bibliographic record, or title. Some of the documents include
photographs of the "Aleutian Five" musical band which performed during World
War II and "Happy Jack", the noted ivory carver. The archive can also be
searched using an advanced search engine, and visitors may also create a
selection of their favorite documents as well. [KMG]

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Sun., Apr. 24, 2005 - Labor Research Portal

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January 14 Neat New Stuff

Labor Research Portal
Includes a weblog for current news, a guided tour of information sources for labor, and guides and bibliographies on a variety of labor issues. [NOTE: Previously posted. Includes links to:
American Labor Studies Center
The American Labor Studies Center is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to collect, analyze, evaluate, create and disseminate labor history and labor studies curricula and related materials to K-12 teachers nationwide.
Free Labor Education (K-12) Resource Guide for Teachers - Phyllis ]

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