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Sat., Oct. 22, 2005 - Respectfully Quoted / Murphy's Laws / Creative Proverbs

Respectfully Quoted
A Dictionary of Quotations Requested from the Congressional Research Service
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. – Phyllis ]

The Complete Edition of Murphy's Laws

Creative Proverbs from around the World


Sat., Oct. 22, 2005 - Did you Know?

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Site of the Day for Friday, June 24, 2005

Did You Know?

Today's web page presents an impressive array of individual factoids.
Gentle Subscribers who enjoy tossing off startling trivia may find the site
an irresistible source of amusing fodder.

"Barbie's measurements if she were life size: 39-23-33. ... The dollar
symbol ($) is a U combined with an S (U.S.) ... Our eyes are always the
same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing. ... The
Statue of Liberty's tablet is two feet thick. ... There are two credit
cards for every person in the United States. ... Des Moines has the highest
per capita Jello consumption in the U.S." - from the website

Dozens of historical, current, oddball and downright interesting bits and
bobs of information are offered on the web page, in a straightforward text
format. Some of the historical "facts" are controversial and need not be
accepted as the definitive answer. (See the origin of "Ring Around the
Rosey", for example.)Towards the bottom, a short quiz is included, with the
answers below.

Pop over to the web page for a trivia extravaganza at:

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:



Sat., Oct. 22, 2005 - Trivia Library / Polar Inertia

Found in:
The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter # 356 6/23/05

Trivia Library

Jeopardy! fans and other trivia mavens will want to bookmark this cool site, which is a virtual library of interesting and eccentric facts on a variety of topics. The Trivia Library houses hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from Utopias to United States History.

The seemingly limitless supply of fascinating facts in this online library makes it a site well worth visiting. You will learn random facts about History, Religion, Words, Love and Sexuality, Psychics, Film, Sports and many other topics. Be sure to check out the Lists section of the library, which contains obscure lists, facts and figures such as 20 Only Child's and 9 Famous People Who Died in the Bathroom.


Polar Inertia

Welcome to Polar Inertia, a self-described journal of nomadic and popular culture. This cool online magazine is updated bi-monthly with visuals and articles that observe the ever-changing landscape of modern urbanism.

The current issue features a host of interesting submissions, including the scooter-crazed citizens of Ho Chi Minh City, the typology of old car washes, and the modern phenomenon of the Cellular Tree. If you are left wanting more, check out the site's section on past writings and journal archives.


The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter
A complete archive of previous Cool Tricks can be viewed at


Sat., Oct. 22, 2005 - Field of Dreams / Shoeless Joe Jackson

Includes information and trivia about the film and lots more.

Shoeless Joe Jackson
Batting Practice (Shoeless Joe trivia with each hit)

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Fri., Oct. 21, 2005 - Religion Facts


From the site:
“As its name suggests, the purpose of is to provide "just the facts" on the world's religions and topics of religious interest. Every effort has been taken to present material from an impartial, academic perspective.”

“The information on is intended to be comprehensive enough for students, teachers, journalists or religious professionals, while also interesting and useful to those with only limited knowledge of religion. This site therefore offers detailed articles and treatments of specialized topics along with just-the-basics overviews, facts and figures, timelines, maps, glossaries, and comparative charts.”

“ is also intended to be a useful resource for people of any religious background (or none at all). Its goal is to enable you to learn more about your own faith, compare it with another faith, investigate lots of faiths, or just satisfy your curiosity about a particular aspect of a particular religion.”


Fri., Oct. 21, 2005 - The Impact of Plagiarism



Fri., Oct. 21, 2005 - Skin Deep

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Site of the Day for Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Skin Deep - EWG

Today's site offers a report from the Environmental Working Group on the
possibly hazardous ingredients in skin care products. Gentle Subscribers
will discover extensive information on topical products to assist them in
weeding out items which contain harmful or suspect substances.

"Most consumers would be surprised to learn that the government does not
require health studies or pre-market testing for cosmetics and other
personal care products before they are sold. ... Cosmetics companies use
approximately 10,000 ingredients in personal care products, most of which
have not been safety tested, and many of which are linked to potential
health risks." - from the website

The report covers products such as sunscreens, deodorants, moisturizers,
liquid hand soaps and acne treatments, among its more than twenty
categories, with analyses of a broad range of named brands. A quick
reference of the ten worst, ten best products can be found in the "What to
Buy", "What to Avoid" charts. Information relating to specific health
concerns, along with scientific references, is provided for the ingredients
in each product.

Hop over to the site to discover what may be lurking in that anti-aging
cream at:

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:


Fri., Oct. 21, 2005 - Web Site Reviews from July 2005 Teachers@Work

Found in:
July 2005 Web Site Reviews
for entire list of web site reviews

A History of Photography
The focus of this web site is on the early history of photography from its beginnings until the 1920s. The site contains an excellent bibliography, links to museums of interest, as well as an excellent section on how photography began, as well as highlighting the significant people involved in the development and promotion of photography. There is also some good background information on the chemical processes which underpinned the early photography. Ideal for year levels 7-12
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Free Images
Teachers and students will find here over 2500 original stored photographs all for free. Themes covered here include the home, work, financial, nature, medical, technology, transport, space, food, seasons, buildings . . . and much more. Ideal for all year levels

Free Stock Photos
This web site provides a collection of photographs which can be used under certain conditions for educational institutions which are very liberal. Photographic themes include animals, Christian, Egypt, Israel, near East, Rome, scenery, sky, weather, wildflowers, and plants. Ideal for all year levels

Plagiarism is cheating. It is the wrongful act of taking the product of another person's mind and presenting it as one's own. This excellent article dealing with plagiarism from Naples High School explains clearly what plagiarism is, the consequences of plagiarism and how works can be cited correctly in order to avoid plagiarism. Ideal for year levels 4-12

Educational Blogging
This web site is dedicated to setting up free educational blogs for teachers and educational institutions. There is plenty of information here in order to get you going in an environment where you might want to just try out the concept of blogging. Ideal for teachers

Teacher PowerPoints
Teachers will find here free PowerPoint presentations for biology, chemistry, maps, English common history, physics, geography . . . . . Please make sure that you do not PowerPoint kids to death, just because you can and we suggest strongly that you use these resources sparingly and edit them appropriately. Ideal for teachers RR

SURWEB allows people to create multimedia presentations in minutes using images, sounds and movies provided by this web site database or other global resources. Ideal for all year levels

The Human Body Adventure: Skin
An excellent introduction to the skin and the role it plays in protecting the body and helping prevent injury and disease. Ideal for year levels 3-8.
[NOTE: For other pages in The Human Body Adventure and Life Science Safari
see the Life Science Connections site map: – Phyllis ]

The Power of Culture
Culture is an essential part of development, and should be equated with food certainty, health and education. Mental-health plays a leading role in the success or otherwise of any community and this online magazine deals with a wide range of issues associated with culture whether in the largest cities in the world or hill tribes tucked away in the most remote locations. Ideal for year levels 9-12

La Casa De Comida: The House of Food
This student created web site provides an excellent collection of resources dealing with how we as human beings require a range of different vitamins and minerals and food types and also how animals in the wild require a balanced diet for just the same reasons. This site also deals with food and society and how food is an integral part of relationship building and our social environment. There is also a section dealing with the science of food. Ideal for year levels 4-9

Religions of the World
If you are looking for background information on almost any religion or philosophy in any country then the work contained within the librarians index to the Internet might be just tool which you require. The site contains reviewed links to a wide range of different belief systems including everything from Christianity through to humanism, philosophy, astrology . . . . . Ideal for year levels 5-12. [NOTE: Other pages from ! previously posted. – Phyllis]

The Famous Curves Index
For those not in the mathematical loop there are collections of historical mathematical curves which have been described via a series of equations. For those looking for some advanced mathematical background reading, the index of these curves is quite fascinating! Ideal for year levels 11-12. [NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Theatre & Drama Images
Teachers and students who are looking for collections of photographs and images dealing with a wide range of theatre, dance and drama will find an extensive list of repositories available from here.
Ideal for all year levels

Public Domain Music
Music and lyrics written by an American author and published in 1922 or earlier are in the public domain in the United States. For this reason public domain songs may be used by everyone. This web site provides a list of over 3500 songs which are in the public domain and many are accompanied with public domain source sheet music. This reference sites helps you to identify public domain songs and public domain music which you can use within your school.
Ideal for all year levels. [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

The Brass Crest
Information, news and reviews about brass bands, instruments and music, focusing on the Salvation Army brass band tradition. By navigating the menu on the left-hand side menu teachers and students can access an excellent series of reviews of brass band instruments including the cornet, horn, flugelhorn, euphonium, bass, percussion, trombone, baritone and generic brass. Ideal for year levels 6-12

Build your own 'Trebuchet'!
Think 'Trebuchet'; think giant catapult. Here you can build your own online 'Trebuchet' and see if you can storm the castle and save your princess/prince. With this ultimate siege weapon you can vary the projectile weight, launch angle, counterweight, and even the wind speed! Brilliant applied physics. Ideal for year levels 7-10

Volcanoes of the Deep Sea
Volcanoes of the deep sea reveals the astounding sites that lie 12,000 feet below the ocean surface. While discovering a real-life tale of mystery as scientists search for an animal that may be one of the earth's greatest survivors, an ancient species that is decorating the deep sea floor with its strange hexagonal trademark. Increasingly these underwater volcanoes are also seen as places where rare minerals are concentrated by volcanic processes and hence their economic importance cannot be underestimated either. Ideal for year levels 5-11

The Chemistry Art Gallery
If you want to liven up the chemistry lab with some artistic flair then check out the organic art, inorganic art, physical art, surface science art, catalysis art, solid state art and structural art available from this web site. Ideal for year levels 10-12
[NOTE: Links page: Links for Chemists
previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Ernest Rutherford: Scientist Supreme
Ernest Rutherford is renowned as being the first person to "split the atom". His achievements were as extraordinary as his humble beginnings and as the The New York Times stated, in a eulogy accompanying the announcement of his death in 1937." It is given to but few men to achieve immortality, still less to achieve Olympian rank, during their own lifetime. Lord Rutherford achieved both. In a generation that witnessed one of the greatest revolutions in the entire history of science he was universally acknowledged as the leading explorer of the vast infinitely complex universe within the atom, a universe that he was first to penetrate." This web site provides a profound insight into both the man and the science which he was so dedicated to unraveling. Ideal for year levels 5-12

Past Pix: The Source for Historical Images
Welcome to the Past Pix web site which brings together a wealth of original, authentic, photographic subjects from the 1850s onwards from around Britain. All the character, romance, leisure and austerity of a bygone age are captured in this unique collection of historical photographs. With over 20,000 images, this is a very useful repository. Ideal for year levels 5-12

Textiles Online
This excellent resource deals with almost every aspect of textiles – it provides background information, ideas and inspiration across a wide range of topics. Students and teachers will find various activities here - sustainability, recycling and environment as well as looking into the future for textiles. And teachers will find an excellent “teachers notes” section and the library is full of pertinent references. Ideal for year levels 7-12

Inventive Kids
Inventive Kids presents a range of activities which encourage innovation and ingenuity in young people. There are specific activities looking at innovation for girls, woman inventors, a time machine which investigates innovation from the past, tools for being an inventor, background information on some of the more obscure inventions of the past and how to recognise needs and opportunities in your day-to-day life which present opportunities for invention. Ideal for year levels 5-10
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Young Inventors
The United States Patents & Trademark Office presents a wonderful web site for young inventors which provides games, puzzles and plenty of background information on what it takes to be an inventor. This web site looks at the registering and patenting of inventions as well as providing an insight into how inventors go about the process of inventing. Ideal for year levels 5-12. [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

By Kids For Kids: Young Inventors
The “By Kids For Kids” mission is to inspire, stimulate, and motivate children while they earn significant self-worth, personal recognition and financial gain using their imagination and creative expression. There are plenty of stories here about young inventors and how they managed to become innovative and successful before they even left school. Ideal for year levels 3-12
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


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Thurs., Oct. 20, 2005 - WayBack: U.S. History for Kids

PBS: WayBack: U.S. History for Kids
Some of the titles:

Gold Rush

Technology in 1900

Stand Up for Your Rights


The Future

©1998-2004 WGBH Educational Foundation


Thurs., Oct. 20, 2005 - Colonial Hall

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Hi! It's Thursday, June 30, 2005 and time for History at ClickSchooling!

In honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, I thought you would enjoy
today's website!

Recommended Website:
Colonial Hall
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

This website offers the biographies of 111 Founding Fathers of the United
States of America. It includes the signers of the Declaration of
Independence, the signers of the Articles of Confederation, and the signers
of the U.S. Constitution. The biographies are geared for elementary
students. They include interesting information on the life and times of each
Founder along with a portrait picture.

This site also has the biographies of 34 of the Founding Fathers' wives. You
can read the Declaration of Independence at this site too!

When you get to the site you will see the "Featured Founder." Click on the
name, and a new page opens where you can read the biography. You will also
see a menu on the left side of the screen that you can use to access all of
the biographies archived at this site.

This site is a work-in-progress, so you might want to bookmark it and return
to view new material as the site is updated.

Happy 4th of July!

Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2005, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should also preview the sites for suitable content, and then review the sites together with their children.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Registered Trademark and may not be used without written permission of Diane Flynn Keith.

Planning a family road trip? For FREE educational car games visit:


Thurs., Oct. 20, 2005 - "Democracy in America" Virtual Tour

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Hi! It's Thursday, June 16, 2005 and time for History at ClickSchooling!
[ClickSchooling] Thursday: Virtual Tour of DeTocqueville's America in 1831

Recommended Website:
Democracy In America

Today's website is probably geared for middle school age/grade students and
up. It provides the full text (that you can read online or print out to
read offline) of "Democracy In America" by Alexis DeTocqueville - one of the
most influential works on the politics and culture of America in 1831-1832.
As the website introduction explains:

"What he saw there, who he talked with, what he read and overheard, became
the stuff of his analysis of our nation's essential nature and probable
destiny. And almost everything he saw and heard has, of course, simply
vanished. ...Cincinnati is no longer a frontier boom town and the trackless
wilderness of Tennessee has been comfortably suburbanized and malled along
with the rest of the country. ...

And so we're attempting to construct a virtual American ca. 1831-32.
..based on DeTocqueville's itinerary, on his and his friend Beaumont's
letters and journals, on contemporaneous accounts of other foreign visitors,
and on a variety of examples of material culture of the period , mostly
paintings and engravings. It also holds explorations of women's place at the
time, of attitudes toward race and color, towards religion, and towards
everyday life. "

Democracy in America gives keen insight to life in the United States in the
early/mid 19th century.

In addition to the text, the site offers an interesting VIRTUAL TOUR of
DeTocqueville's America in 1831, through featured textual excerpts,
illustrations, pictures, and more. It's a great way to preview the book and
get a peak at American culture over 150 years ago. The virtual tour alone
provides an interesting social studies lesson.

When you get to the site you will see a map in the center of the screen.
Above it is a link to the full text of the book and an introduction to the

A menu surrounds the map. The Virtual Tour is the first link on the menu on
the left-hand side of your screen. It is followed by links to various other
highlights based on the book including:

*Red, Black & White: Race in 1831

*Everyday Life in 1831

*American Religion in 1831

*American Women: 1820-1842

-and much more.

This is a fascinating historical account of life in America that sheds light
on our past while illuminating the stark contrasts to present day America.
After exploring the site, you can't help but speculate what the future will

Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2005, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should also preview the sites for suitable content, and then review the sites together with their children.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Registered Trademark and may not be used without written permission of Diane Flynn Keith.

Planning a family road trip? For FREE educational car games visit:



Thurs., Oct. 20, 2005 - Monticello Explorer / Thinking Machine 4

Found on:
USA Today Web Guide Hot Sites

Monticello Explorer
“A virtual site tour is never the same thing as being there, but the good people at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation have gone way out of their way to make the experience worthwhile, providing a trip through a 3-D model of Monticello and likely more access to Jefferson's famed plantation and home than you'd be privy to during a physical visit. The effect of touring the model is that of a buyer walking through a barren house to examine architectural features, but there are plenty of pictures of the actual estate just a click away.” — SG

Thinking Machine 4
“You already know that most decent chess programs are very difficult to beat. Now find out why. This well-dressed and visually stimulating Java application sends gentle pulses from each of your chess pieces to show their range of possible domain. When it's the computer's turn to play, you'll se an impressive number of colored arcs build up as the machine contemplates every possibility from every angle. Experts beware: The machine's freedom leads to more than a few unconventional initial moves.” — SG

Copyright 2005 USA TODAY

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Wed., Oct. 19, 2005

Found in:
USA Today Web Guide Hot Sites 6/20/05

Currency conversions
“If you're planning to travel overseas or have leftover money from a recent trip, the Universal Currency Converter will help you find out what your currency is worth overseas, helping you to judge how much to bring. The site features currencies from all over the world, even Slovenian Tolars. So in case you are planning a trip to Slovenia and would like to know how much US dollars are worth over there ($5.00 USD equals $986.00 in Tolars) the Currency Converter can help. — JT”

Mapping the world
“While you're converting your money to Slovenian Tolars, it may behoove you to find Slovenia on a map. To help you with this task is Multimap, which provides large online maps to everywhere in the world. The maps are so detailed that you can even find a road map to help you get to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The site also gives useful links to book hotels, find airports and arrange local travel. — JT” [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Healthy traveling
“Before leaving for Slovenia, you might need to brush up on your health know-how. After all, you don't want to get sick and miss the sights. MD Travel Health helps travelers look up the country of their choice and offers suggestions on which vaccinations to get, what symptoms to look out for, what precautions to take and what food items to avoid. — JT”

Copyright 2005 USA TODAY


Wed., Oct. 19, 2005 - Dictionary of Marketing Terms

Found on:
June 23-30, 2005

Source: American Marketing Association
Dictionary of Marketing Terms
Search or browse.

Gary Price
Editor, ResourceShelf

The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team

"Post via ResourceShelf"
for even more resources visit



Wed., Oct. 19, 2005 - Official Find

From the site:
“Official Find is a Search Engine that makes it easy to
find the Official Web Sites of top brands and companies.”


Wed., Oct. 19, 2005 - Young Investors Network

Found in:
T.H.E. Newsletter for June 1, 2005

Young Investors Network
“The Young Investors Network Web site provides a highly engaging learning tool for middle school children, their parents, and their teachers. The site provides relevant lessons and guidance on how students can begin saving, investing, planning, and budgeting their money. Through three distinct sections-for young investors, families, and educators-the site delivers educational materials, resources, and programs to help students understand the importance of spending within their means and investing in options that best suit their needs. In addition, the site features classroom contests and educational programs that keep parents involved in their child's education.”

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Tues., Oct. 18, 2005 - Museum of Retro Tech

Found in:
The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter # 353 6/2/2005

Museum of Retro Tech

For centuries inventors and dreamers have pushed technology beyond our
wildest expectations, taking us into the air, underwater and into
space. While much is heard and read about these amazing feats, less is
spoken about the many inventions that didn't quite make the evolutionary cut.

The Museum of Retro Tech celebrates the many ambitious but unsuccessful
inventions from the fields of Transport, Computing, Communications, and
Power Generation. Browse through the old inventions and learn about such
interesting machines as the Dicycle, the Propeller-Driven Sleigh, Combat
Cutlery and much more.

A complete archive of previous Cool Tricks can be viewed at


Tues., Oct. 18, 2005 -

Found on:
Sent : Monday, June 6, 2005 3:12 PM
Subject : [LIFE of Florida] New website: Who-Invented Org

Who-Invented Org ( ) just launched a new site dedicated to inventors learning more about the process of inventing, reviewing the great inventors of the past and encouraging them to enhance their invention process.

From the web site: “Welcome to Who Invented.ORG, the home for information on Famous and not so Famous Inventors and their wonderful Inventions. Here you can find detailed information on famous inventors such as Ben Franklin or you can find chronological timelines of Inventions from a certain time period.”
Learning is For Everyone, Inc.


Tues., Oct. 18 2005 - Elijah McCoy

Found on:
ENC Weekly Update for Math and Science Teachers (05/05/2005)

“In the 1860s Elijah McCoy was apprenticed to learn mechanical engineering. He went on to form his own company and to invent a lubricating device that became essential to the success of the Industrial Revolution. Some say the expression "The real McCoy" came from users' trust in the dependability and quality of his company's product.”

The First Patent of Elijah McCoy, a Turn-of-the-Century Black Inventor
“Here you'll find biographical information about McCoy and links to additional
resources, including illustrations of the operation of McCoy's lubricator in nine steps.”


Tues., Oct. 18, 2005 - Morse Code Converter / Morse Code Translator

Found on:
USA Today Web Guide Hot Sites
05/04/2005 - Updated 11:01 AM ET

Morse Code Converter
“Perhaps you haven't used Morse Code since your Scouting days, or maybe all you can remember is the code for SOS (dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot) – and maybe you're not entirely sure why you ought to bother with it at all, since the Web generally functions best when letters and numbers are used. However, we defy you to give this nifty page a try and not come away feeling, just for a second, like the cool superspy character of your dreaming youth, encoding and decoding secrets, tapping out mysteries. For a minute there, didn't that whole LiveJournal trend seem kind of dumb and obvious? — AG”

Copyright 2005 USA TODAY

[NOTE: See also: Java Morse Code Translator
- Phyllis ]

Monday, October 17, 2005


Mon., Oct. 17, 2005 - Lynching in America / NYC Draft Riots of 1863

Found in:
Librarians' Index to the Internet
NEW THIS WEEK for June 23, 2005

Lynching in America ---------------------------------------------------------
This site features a bibliography of materials about lynching of
black Americans in the United States. Also includes links to
related sites. From the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library, C.W.
Post Campus of Long Island (New York) University. Note: Includes
graphic images of lynching.
* Lynching
* African Americans
* United States
* Black History Month
Created by: mcb

About Lynching
American Lynching - Phyllis ]

New York City Draft Riots of 1863 ------------------------------------------------
This excerpt from the book "In the Shadow of Slavery: African
Americans in New York City, 1626-1863" discusses the July 1863
riots in New York City that followed the enactment of a new
conscription lottery law. "Throughout the week of riots [known as
the Civil War Draft Riots], mobs harassed and sometimes killed
blacks and their supporters and destroyed their property." From
the University of Chicago Press.
* United States
* Draft Riot, New York, N.Y., 1863
* African Americans
* Black History Month
Created by: mcb

Use of the annotations from this list must be accompanied by:
Copyright 2005 by Librarians' Index to the Internet, LII.

Thank you for using Librarians' Index to the Internet!

Karen G. Schneider,
New This Week Listowner, and Director, Librarians' Index to the Internet
Websites you can trust!


Mon., Oct. 17, 2005 - Give Voice to the Past: African Americans 1800-1870

Give Voice to the Past: African Americans 1800 ~ 1870
Shortened URL:

Give Voice to the Past: African Americans 1800 ~ 1870: Internet Sources
Shortened URL:

Give Voice to the Past: African Americans 1800 ~ 1870: Primary Documents
Shortened URL:


Mon., Oct. 17, 2005

Found in:
Librarians' Index to the Internet
NEW THIS WEEK for June 16, 2005

The Harmful Algae Page ------------------------------------------
This site focuses on the harmful and toxic effects of certain
algae species that contain reddish pigments, grow rapidly, and
accumulate "into dense, visible patches near the surface of
coastal waters." Describes how harmful algal bloom (HAB), commonly
known as "red tide," affects the economy, public health (with
information on food poisoning and its treatment), and ecosystems,
including a photo gallery, pertinent scientific data, maps, and
* Red tide
* Algae
* Paralytic shellfish poisoning
* LII classic content
Created by: jh
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


History of CORE ---------------------------------------------------
Information about the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), which
"was founded in 1942 as the Committee of Racial Equality by an
interracial group of students in Chicago." Includes information
about the 1963 March on Washington, 1960 "sit-in" at Woolworth's
lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina, 1964 Freedom Summer,
and more. Also includes information about key individuals such as
James Chaney, Andy Goodman, and Michael Schwerner, who were killed
in 1964 while working for CORE.
* Civil rights movements
* African Americans
* Congress of Racial Equality
* Black History Month
Created by: mcb


Just the Arti-Facts: Women's History --------------------------
This site "highlights the achievements of four Chicago women with
different backgrounds but similar aims: equality, justice and
freedom." The women profiled are Jane Addams ("social worker,
feminist, internationalist"), Ida B. Wells (journalist,
anti-lynching advocate, co-founder of the NAACP), Bertha Honoré
Palmer (philanthropist), and Mary Richardson (abolitionist). From
the Chicago Historical Society.
* Political activists
* Women
* Chicago (Ill.)
Created by: mcb
[NOTE: Other pages from
previously posted. – Phyllis ]

The Legacy of Medgar Evers -----------------------
Information about the legacy of the 1963 murder of Mississippi
civil rights leader Medgar Evers. The story notes that "once the
leader in the number of lynchings in America, today Mississippi
leads in the number of elected black officials." Includes audio of
the show, Evers speaking, and the "Ballad of Medgar Evers," sung
by the SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) Freedom
Singers. Also includes links to related material. From National
Public Radio (NPR).
* Evers, Medgar Wiley, 1925-1963
* Civil rights workers
* Civil rights movements
* African Americans
* Southern States
Created by: mcb

[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. – Phyllis ]


Oh Freedom Over Me -------------------------------------------------------
This site is a companion to a report from America RadioWorks and
National Public Radio (NPR) news about the "Freedom Summer [of
1964], one of the most remarkable chapters in the Southern Civil
Rights movement." The site features audio of the radio show, an
essay, interview transcripts of selected Freedom Summer veterans,
and a slide show about this project in Mississippi that focused on
voting rights and education.
* African Americans
* Southern States
* Voter registration
* Civil rights movements
* Civil rights workers
* Black History Month
Created by: mcb

[NOTE: Other pages from
previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Paul Laurence Dunbar Digital Collection -----------------------------------------
"This digital collection of a selected group of [Paul Laurence]
Dunbar's poetry is intended to encourage the use of and interest
in the works" of "the first African-American poet and novelist to
attain international recognition." Features book covers, libretti
covers and text, and individual poems (browsable and searchable),
a biography, related links, and a bibliography. From Wright State
University Libraries.
* Dunbar, Paul Laurence, 1872-1906
* African American authors
* American literature
* Poetry
* People
Created by: je


School Matters ----------------------------------------------------------------------
This site from Standard and Poor's "offers comparison tools,
benchmarks, and performance indicators designed to help
policymakers ... [and others] better understand what is happening
in our school systems, [and] how much we are spending related to
student achievement." It provides data and analysis on schools and
districts nationwide. Up to four states may be compared on
criteria such as average SAT scores, student/teacher ratio, and
spending. Also includes a FAQ and a glossary.
* Education
* Educational planning
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The Writings of Paul Laurence Dunbar --------------------------------------------
Companion to a past exhibit at the Springfield Library
(Massachusetts) on "Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906), the child of
slaves, [who] was the first African-American writer to achieve
widespread recognition for his literature and poetry." Features
descriptions of and images of some of Dunbar's works, related
links (some broken), and suggested reading.
* Dunbar, Paul Laurence, 1872-1906
* African American authors
* American literature
* Poetry
* People
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Mon., Oct. 17, 2005 - History Now, Sept. 2005 / Abolitionist Movement in America

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Date Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 3:22 PM
From: Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
Subject: News from the Institute

History Now September 2005

The Institute is pleased to present the fifth issue of HISTORY NOW, an online
journal for history teachers and students, now available on the Web at

The current issue of HISTORY NOW examines the abolitionist movement
in America.

From the site: “Abolition, temperance, women's rights, utopian experiments, religious revivalism, prison, asylum, and even diet reform: Readers of this list know right away that they have been transported to the 1830s and '40s, America's first great ‘age of reform.’”

Abolition and Antebellum Reform
Antislavery Before the Revolutionary War
"Rachel Weeping for Her Children": Black Women and the Abolition of Slavery
Abolitionist Sisters
Abolition and Religion
Eye on John Brown

Previous Issues of History Now

This week’s Featured Document examines a specific event in the antislavery movement. In 1819, Missouri's request to enter the Union as a slave state forced Congress to take up the slavery debate. The antislavery battle was led by a Federalist senator from New York, Rufus King. Take a look at King's pamphlet on the Missouri controversy on our featured document page

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Sun., Oct. 16, 2005 - The Deep Throat File

The Deep Throat File
FBI Memos Detail Mark Felt's Involvement in
Efforts to Identify Secret Watergate Source
The National Security Archive: Posted - June 22, 2005
with related links
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Sun., Oct. 16, 2005

Found on:
ResourceShelf Newsletter

May 27 – June 2, 2005

Source: Vanity Fair (via DocuTicker)
Full Text of Vanity Fair Article: W. Mark Felt Is Deep Throat

Watergate Timeline
Home Page: Revisiting Watergate
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Science and Technology--Search Engine
Source: EEVL (Heriot Watt University)
Now EEVL makes it possible for you to mine the invisible web.
EEVL Xtra is an easy-to-use federated search tool that focuses on engineering, mathematics and computing resources. It is a work in progress, with more resources being added over time.

For complete article, go to:


Source: Gale
The June 2005 Edition of Peter's Digital Reference Shelf is Now Online
Publisher: HighWire Press
Cost: free abstracts and select full text
Highwire Press
"The new edition of the brainy software from the best digital facilitator brings out the best of the high quality, genuinely scholarly content of more than 850 science and social science journals from nearly 200 publishers. More than 1.8 million abstracts and more than half of the 1.6 million full-text articles are freely available to any user. HighWire Press shows an awesome fusion of quality and quantity, enhanced by links to citing articles from within the HighWire archive. Maybe it should be called HighWire Scholar."
For complete review, go to:®ion=7&fileName=reference/archive/200506/hwp.html
[Shortened URL: ]
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Gary Price
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Sun., Oct. 16, 2005 - If Plants Could Talk / BioImages

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PBS Teacher Previews: July 3 -9, 2005

New Jersey Network -NJN
"If Plants Could Talk"
Station> High School

This companion Web site, produced by PBS member station NJN,
features gardening tips from university experts, successful
farmers, master gardeners and many other plant experts. Topics
include new and interesting plant varieties, safe and effective
pest control, step-by-step cultural tips for landscape and
garden and visits to local farms, arboretums and backyard

Middle / High School

Vanderbilt University hosts approximately 7,000 images of
mainly plants and a few animals that are available for
educational and personal use. Click on a map or from a list of
biomes/bioregions or go directly to plants and select a type
from that listing to find some characteristic plant species.

Copyright 2005 PBS Online.



Sun., Oct. 16, 2005

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Native Plant Information Network
Includes a database of information on over 5,200 wildflower species, and another of over 17,000 images, along with a botanical glossary and bibliography.
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Science Research Portal
"a free, publicly available web portal allowing access to numerous scientific journals and public science databases." Among the 53 databases searched are, Scirus, E-Print Network, American Chemical Society, Annual Reviews, Highwire Press...

Virtual Museum of Nautical Archaeology
An unnecessarily dull name for a fascinating topic: how archaeologists salvage lost ships and their treasures from the seas.

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