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Sat., Feb. 24, 2007 - InfoTree: Subject Directory from Ohio University

From the site:
“InfoTree is a user-friendly starting point for research. It is a subject-oriented gateway to research tools of various kinds. It is browseable in a subject hierarchy or searchable by keywords. The primary audience for the database is the students, faculty, and staff of Ohio University.” Those items that are only available for Ohio University access only are clearly identified.


Sat., Feb. 24, 2007 - Butterfly Site / Diplomacy Monitor / Science Quotes & Sayings

Sites found in:

The Butterfly Site
Entomologist and artist Randi Jones aims to provide "the most complete
and current Butterfly information on the Internet." The site provides
information on butterfly-friendly gardening, biology, picture resources,
fun facts, activities for children, and plenty of butterfly supplies and
gifts in Jones' Butterfly & Nature Gift Store.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Diplomacy Monitor
"The latest communiqués, transcripts and news releases from around the
world." Searchable, and browsable in a variety of ways: by newest
documents, or by issue, region, or nation (as source or topic). You can
also select two countries to examine nation-to-nation relations, and a
nation and an issue to examine how a nation is dealing with that issue.


Science Quotes and Sayings
Not only is this a nice collection, but some of the quotes are even
documented (a rarity in internet quote sites).
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999-2006.


Sat., Feb. 24, 2007 - Quotation Websites / Columbia World of Quotations

Although you cannot access the contents of The Yale Book of Quotations , there is a link to
Other Quotation Websites


The Columbia World of Quotations
From the site:
“The 65,000 essential quotations by 5,000 authors that constitute this authoritative collection represent the research of 154 experts and are divided into 6,500 subjects.”

[NOTE: Other books from previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Sat., Feb. 24, 2007 - OneLook Reverse Dictionary

OneLook Reverse Dictionary
From the site:
“OneLook's reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. Your description can be a few words, a sentence, a question, or even just a single word. Just type it into the box above and hit the "Find words" button. (Keep it short to get the best results.) In most cases you'll get back a list of related terms with the best matches shown first.” [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Friday, February 23, 2007


Fri., Feb. 23, 2007 - Radical America: 1967-1999

Radical America, 1967-1999
From the site:
“Radical America was a product of the campus-based New Left of the late 1960s, specifically the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), but the magazine long outlived its seedbed. Its trajectory shows something about the effort to place an intellectual stamp on the radical impulses of the late twentieth century.”


Fri., Feb. 23, 2007 - Remembering Pearl Harbor

Found in:
The World Almanac E-Newsletter - December 2006
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006

Special Feature: Remembering Pearl Harbor

From the site:
“Sixty-five years ago - on December 7, 1941 - almost 400 Japanese planes attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, bringing the United States into World War II. Japan's surprise attack, which was one of the most pivotal events in U.S. history, has since been commemorated with many books and films, as well as a memorial over the sunken battleship, the USS Arizona.”


Fri., Feb. 23, 2007 - New Deal Network

Site found in:

New Deal Network
A project of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute (FERI), this
is "a database of primary source materials — photographs, political
cartoons, and texts (speeches, letters, and other historic documents)—
gathered from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, the
National Archives and Records Administration, the Library of Congress,
and other sources." Also includes lesson plans, contributed documents
from the site's visitors, and a discussion list for teachers and
historians. [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999-2006.


Fri., Feb. 23, 2007 - Sting: Song from the Labyrinth / NATURE: Andes / D-Day

Sites found in:
PBS Teacher Previews: February 25 - March 10, 2007

"Sting: Songs From the Labyrinth"
Middle / High School
Monday, February 26, 2007
10 - 11:00 pm
English composer and court musician John Dowland has captivated performers and listeners alike with his serene and introspective music since the late 16th century. This episode features Sting's yearning tenor accompanied by Bosnian lute player Edin Karamazov to perform Dowland's timeless songs, interspersed with recitations from Dowland's personal correspondence to offer insight into his life and times. (CC, Stereo, 1 year)

Watch for the launch of the Web companion on February 22, 2007.


"Andes: The Dragon's Back"
Middle / High School
Sunday, February 25, 2007
8 - 9:00 pm
When this great spine-like mountain range rose from the sea, it created a new continent and a bridge that joined North and South America, allowing flora and fauna from each to mix and diversify. Today, the Andes continue to grow and evolve and are home to a rich tapestry of environments. (CC, Stereo, DVI, 1 year)


Secrets of the Dead
Middle / High School
Wednesday, February 28, 2007
9 - 11:00 pm
In commemoration of D-Day, this two-hour special tells the story of how it all came together: two years of planning, close to 7,000 ships, almost 160,000 soldiers and fighting men from three nations, backed by 17,000 paratroopers and an aerial umbrella of 3,000 planes. (CC, Stereo, 1 year)

Download our lesson plan in which high school and middle school science students design and create their own flotation devices.

Copyright 2007 PBS Online.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Thurs., Feb. 22, 2007 - The Magic Web: Mythology and Folklore

The Magic Web: Mythology and Folklore
Myth and Meaning General Mythology Myth Publications Myth, Literature, and the Arts
Classical Mythology Women in Mythology Non-European World Mythology
Norse and European Myth Celtic Myth and Faery Lore The Arthurian Legends Tales of Robin Hood
The Traveling Peoples Myth and Magic Modern Myth & Divination


Thurs., Feb. 22, 2007 - OKAPI! Readabiity Probe

OKAPI!: Readability Statistics & CBA Reading Probe Generator
From the site:
“Introduction. OKAPI! is a web-based application that allows you to enter a text sample and to format that sample as a set of Examiner and Student Curriculum-Based Assessment (CBA) reading probes. The application also computes a readability index for the sample. OKAPI! can save you hours of work in creating correctly formatted CBA reading probes that include estimates of reading level… you can specify that either the Spache or Dale-Chall Readability Formula be used to compute a passage's readability index.”
“Directions: Type or paste text into the form and submit. In a short time, OKAPI! will return formatted CBA probes or a readability analysis.”


Thurs., Feb. 22, 2007 - Basic Elements of English Grammar Guide

The Basic Elements of English Grammar Guide
From the site:
Welcome to the grammar tutorials offered by the
English Department at the University of Calgary.
We have divided the tutorials into four major sections: Parts of Speech, Sentence Elements, Punctuation and Word Use. You can reach each section by clicking on its button on the navigation bar.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Thurs., Feb. 22, 2007 - ESL Research Guide / Mystery Reader / Vaudeville!

Sites found in:

ESL Research Guide
A useful guide to books, AV materials, websites, and databases for ESL
instructors and students.


The Mystery Reader
Hundreds of lengthy reviews, with rating, searchable and browsable by
author or genre - Police/Detective, Suspense, Thrillers, Cozy Mysteries,
and Romantic Suspense.


Offers a little of everything: the history of vaudeville, audios
of "sketches, songs and recitations," films of "stupendous acts of the
stage," and a bibliography/webliography.

See also the Library of Congress' multimedia exhibit, Vaudeville
and Popular Entertainment, 1870- 1920
< >, a repository of
playbills and programs, sound recordings, motion pictures, and
playscripts in both English and Yiddish. [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999-2006.

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Wed., Feb. 21, 2007 - Feeding Desire: Design & the Tools of the Table, 1500-2050 / Educator Resource Center (K-12)

---------Forwarded Message--------
Site of the Day for Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feeding Desire: Design and the Tools of the Table, 1500 - 2005

If the above URL wraps in your e-mail client, enter it all on one line in
your browser or use this TinyURL:

Today's site, a slick presentation from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design
Museum, offers an exhibit devoted to the history of "dining" in western
culture. Gentle Subscribers will discover an informative presentation
tracing the evolution of the common utensils which have become integral to

"During the past 500 years of dining history ... the basic forms of the
table setting have changed to reflect shifting modes of behavior and
cultural preferences. From the traveling flatware of the Renaissance to the
extravagant silver tableware of America's Gilded Age to the pared-down
elegance of modernism, each of the utensils on view provides a fascinating
glimpse into the culinary culture of its period." - from the website

The site opens with a timeline introduction delineating the history of
those all-important dining implements -- knives, spoons and forks -- from
1500 to 2005. Mousing over the white lines reveals the utensil, with the
initial line offering historical background on each. Subsequent points on
the timeline lead to noted examples of the implement, with additional
commentary available below. The presentation covers a number of themes,
such as Fashionable Foods, Materials and Production, and Ergonomics of the
Table, along with "Biographies" of the three basic dining utensils.
Striking items from the museum's collection illustrate the exhibit.

Munch over to the site for an interesting perspective on dining through the
centuries at:

If the above URL wraps in your e-mail client, enter it all on one line in
your browser or use this TinyURL:

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:

[NOTE: See Also: Lesson Plans

Educator Resource Center
Sections include: Resources on the Web, Curriculum Guides, Books & Articles,
Videos from Public Programs, and Videos for Educators.

- Phyllis ]


Wed., Feb. 21, 2007 - Rube Goldberg Car (Honda Advertisement)

Site found in:
25 November 2006 Earth Science Sites of the Week

Rube Goldberg car, (suggested by Lisa Meschutt, Oneonta
Middle School, NY)
if you enjoy a good Rube Goldberg model, check out this link.

Mark Francek
Professor of Geography
Central Michigan University


Wed., Feb. 21, 2007 - Engineering Week 2/18--2/24 / Famous Scientists & Engineers / Science & Engineering Encyclopedia

Engineers Week 2007, February 18-24,

Famous Scientists & Engineers
Shortened URL:

Science & Engineering Encyclopaedia
From the site:
“We are a small consultancy formed from a group of people with very different skills in engineering, physics and software engineering. The encyclopedia was created so that we could store and share information that we need on a daily basis. After a number of years of using the database (the cd version that is) we decided that we should see if it was of use to others. This encyclopedia has been built based on what we need and so there are a number of topics missing or not covered in enough depth, however, our local working version gets updated every day with more information and data and we plan to upload this to the website once a month.”


Wed., Feb. 21, 2007 - From The Scout Report, Dec. 8, 2006

Sites found in:
The Scout Report
December 8, 2006
Volume 12, Number 49
The Scout Report on the Web:
This issue:

An Announcement from The Scout Report
Internet Scout is proud to unveil its new project AMSER at
AMSER, the Applied Math and Science Education Repository, is funded by the
National Science Foundation and serves up information about applied math and
science resources in an easy-to-use format. Though specifically created for
teachers and students at community and technical colleges, AMSER is free for
anyone to use and is part of NSF's larger National Science Digital Library
initiative. Users can find a wide assortment of materials at AMSER, from
large web sites focusing on an individual applied science or math topic to
Flash animations that demonstrate specific science or math principles in
action. AMSER also offers users a variety of features including rating and
commenting on resources and having new resources recommended to them. We
hope that you, our Scout Report readers, will stop by AMSER, take a look
around, and provide us with any feedback you may have on its features and


Cartoon America: A Library of Congress Exhibition

For decades, James Arthur Wood Jr. collected original cartoon art, and he
also was an editorial cartoonist as well during his long career. After
amassing a large collection of original drawings by various cartoon artists,
he kindly donated his collection to the Library of Congress. Recently, staff
members at the Library created this very nice online collection that
contains a selection of these materials. The exhibition is divided into six
sections, including “Imaginary Worlds: Illustration” and “Punch Lines: Gag &
Single Panel Cartoons”. Each one of these sections contains a dozen or so
illustrations, complete with an explanatory paragraph and bibliographic
information. Some of the many gems include a very humorous illustration by
Peter Arno depicting a group of middle-aged socialites and a very fine gem
by Bill Maudlin depicting Nikita Kruschhev berating a group of artists.


Air Quality Movies [Macromedia Flash Player, Windows Media Player]
The Scout Report has reported on several aspects of the AIRNow website
before, but this is the first time that we’ve noticed that they have a very
fine selection of short movies on their website. These short films are
designed for the general public, and they deal with such topics as air
quality control, how ozone is formed, and a special presentation for
children on ozone. The films range in length from 13 to 21 minutes, and one
can imagine that these multimedia presentations could be used in a variety
of classroom settings as they are quite accessible and jargon-free.
Additionally, the air quality presentation is available in Spanish, and the
rest of their website is definitely worth looking over. [KMG]
[NOTE: Home page previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Alvin Lustig, Modern American Design Pioneer [Macromedia Flash Player]

Alvin Lustig's designs for office and domestic interiors, furniture, books,
magazines, and textiles have a look - George Jetson's living room - that
anyone who grew up in the US in the 1950s and 60s will instantly recognize
as modern. The Kind Company created this site, a Brooklyn based graphic
design firm, out of their sheer admiration for Lustig’s designs. The web
site currently features more than 425 examples of Lustig's work, which are
simply a lot of fun to look at. For example, browse Lustig's book jacket
designs for modern literary works, from his first, the 1941 edition of Henry
Miller's "Wisdom of the Heart", to his 1944 edition of Gertrude Stein's
"Three Lives", up to his 1953 "Selected Poems" by Garcia Lorca. Be sure to
stop by the “Architecture and Interiors”, to see the low coffee tables,
skinny-legged chairs, and pendant and pole lamps. [DS]


The Oxford Book of American Essays

Many a literary theorist and critic have wondered: “What is American
literature?” Others have gone so far as to wonder whether such a thing can
be defined and this area of academic inquiry has delighted many for several
centuries. Late in the 19th century, one Brander Matthews was called upon to
do just that-create an edited volume for the Oxford Press that would
represent a variety of essays from different Americans of the time. All
told, this volume published in 1914 contained 32 essays, including “John
Bull” by Washington Irving, “Buds and Bird-Voices” by Nathaniel Hawthorne,
and “Dante by the Bowery” by Theodore Roosevelt. Other selections include
inquisitive essays by Edgar Allen Poe, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Walt
Whitman. Thanks to the folks at, users can read each of these
essays and decide for themselves if American literature can be defined.
[KMG] [NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]


A Journey Through Time [Macromedia Flash Player]
Noted photographer Frans Lanting opens the website dedicated to his most
recent ambitious project with these words: “Seven years ago I stood at the
tide line of an estuary and began a personal journey through time.”
Auspicious words indeed, and this lovely exploration of what he found on
this journey takes visitors on a “lyrical interpretation of life on Earth
from its earliest beginnings to its present diversity.” As visitors click
on the words “Start Journey” they will be taken through eighty six
photographs which document the various physical landforms and processes from
the Hawaiian Islands to the heights of the Himalayas. After clicking on
each photo, visitors will be presented with an interactive timeline that
locates the photo within a timeline of geologic history. Interested parties
can also peruse the “More about LIFE” section to learn more about the
equipment Lanting uses in his work, and how the project came to life. [KMG]

>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2006.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Tues., Feb. 20, 2007 - Grey Matters: From Molecules to Mind

Grey Matters : From Molecules to Mind
From the site:
“Grey Matters is an educational series that seeks to enhance public awareness of recent developments in brain research. Topics include stem cells, brain development, perception, addiction and sleep.The Lecture Series is designed to appeal to anyone who is curious about the brain, how it develops, how it works and diseases of the brain and nervous system. Each lecture can be viewed in its entirety in streaming video. Additional resource materials, which are ideal for high school students and teachers, include shorter video presentations to demonstrate key concepts, background and supplemental reading materials and lesson ideas.” Also available in Spanish.


Tues., Feb. 20, 2007 - Altered Oceans / Virtual Molecules

Sites found in:
9 December 2006 Earth Science Sites of the Week

ALTERED OCEANS, Los Angeles Times, (suggested by Bill Prothero, University of California, Santa Barbara), discover a multimedia rich investigation on the health of the world’s oceans. The conclusions are sobering.


Virtual Molecules (Amy Pitts, Eaton Middle School), the
Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules is a web-based focal point and
resource for 3-D visualizations of molecules and minerals.
The visualizations utilize the Jmol applet in a web browser, which
allows them to be interactively zoomed and rotated
so they can be viewed from all angles, much as with a real molecule.


Mark Francek
Professor of Geography
Central Michigan University


Tues., Feb. 20, 2007 - A Century of Quake Research / Spotlight Archives

Spotlight: A Century of Quake Research
April 2006
From the site:
“In the early morning hours of April 18, 1906, a violent earthquake shook San Francisco and the surrounding area. A new interactive Flash feature, video and podcast explore the impact this quake has had on current earthquake research.”

Spotlight Archives
From the site:
“A series focusing on a variety of JPL topics.”


Tues., Feb. 20, 2007 - From ResourceShelf Nov. 24-30, 2006

Sites found in:

Nov.24-30, 2006

The Forbes Fictional 15
Shortened URL:

“The rich may be different than you and me–but not nearly as different as the characters that comprise the Forbes Fictional 15, our annual listing of fiction’s very wealthiest. This year’s selections includes a duck, a wizard, a Nigerian prince and even a plumber. Aggregate (fictional) net worth? $111 billion.

The biggest change to this year’s list comes at the very top. For the first time in the Fictional 15’s history, Santa Claus has been unseated from the number-one spot, replaced by defense contractor Oliver ‘’Daddy'’ Warbucks.”


100 Most Influential Americans in History

The Atlantic recently asked ten eminent historians. The result was The Atlantic’s Top 100—and some insight into the nature of influence and the contingency of history.


Science from the Poles
2007-2008 is the International Polar Year.
From the site:
“Click on Climate Change for presentations that focus on global warming and its impact on the environment. Click on South Pole Telescope to watch the progress of scientists constructing the largest telescope ever deployed in a polar region. Click on one of the featured Videos for a close-up look at the polar environment.”


Top Ten Most Polluted Places in the World, 2006
This Top Ten list was compiled by the Technical Advisory Board of the Blacksmith Institute, an environmental NGO based in New York. The criteria used in ranking the include the size of the affected population, the severity of the toxins involved, and reliable evidence of health problems associated with the pollution.
[NOTE: Click on each location for detailed information on the numbers of Potentially Affected People, Type of Pollutants, Site Description, Cleanup Activity, and links for further information.

Full list of 35 cities with detailed information - Phyllis ]


New EarthTrends Information Guides

EarthTrends has just released a new set of topical Information Guides, accessible through the ‘Quick Links’ section of the homepage. [NOTE: Home page previously posted. - Phyllis ]

EarthTrends Information Guides serve as a great starting point for navigating the main content of EarthTrends, providing users with an easy way to assess the depth and variety of resources available on our site for a particular topic area. Each guide features a brief topic summary, a list of relevant EarthTrends content, and related links.
EarthTrends Information Guides are currently available for the following topic areas:



National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) Digital Image Library

From a content standpoint, there are six main image categories:
Bodies of Water
Environmental Issues
Wildlife Management

From the site:

“You may browse our broad subject categories or search for specific images using the search feature. Each image’s metadata record contains valuable information about the image, i.e. scientific name, description, location, etc.”

[NOTE: Other pages from National Biological Information Infrastructure previously posted. - Phyllis ]

For complete review:
Shortened URL:


Pandia Offers a Look at Five Social Bookmarking Services
The Pandia team offers a great overview along with some thoughts about what to look for in a social bookmarking service. The five services discussed are:

+ Furl
+ Netvous
+ Ma.gnolia
+ Bluedot

Source: Pandia

Gary Price
Editor, ResourceShelf
The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team
"Post via ResourceShelf"
for even more resources visit

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Mon., Feb. 19, 2007 - 10 Minute Mail / Rock & Roll Artists / Classic Themes

Sites found in:
Don's Patch #60 from
December 15, 2006


10 Minute Mail
Here's a way to get a temporary email address for those
occassions when you need one to register for something
but don't wish to permanently surrender your address.


Rock and Roll Artists Of The '50s, '60s and '70s.


Light music of the 1930s, - mid 1960s, classic U.S. TV themes,
and old-time radio themes.

Archives for this ezine are available online here:


Mon., Feb. 19, 2007 - Piano 300

Piano 300: Celebrating Three Centuries of People and Pianos

Although the exhibition closed in 2001, this web site offers views of the exhibition, a 300-year timeline, and a sampling of various genres in MP3 or WAV files. There is also some biographical information on the artists who participated in the television special, Piano Grand! A Smithsonian Celebration, hosted by Billy Joel.


Mon., Feb. 19, 2007 - From: INFOMINE Email Alert Service, Nov. 9, 2006

Sites found in:
INFOMINE Email Alert Service
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2006

Ethnomusicology, Folk Music, and World Music
Record Id: 654990
Created: 2006-11-07 12:36:32
Categories: liberal
[NOTE: Previously posted. Site updated. - Phyllis ]
This website provides an extensive collection of links to online
resources for ethnomusicologists organized under the following groups:

Organizations,Institutions, Archives, Research Centers
Bibliography, Periodicals & Online Publications
Anglo-American Folksong
Native American Music
Music of Asia
Music of the Middle East
Music of Eastern Europe, Russia
Music of Europe
Music of Africa
Music of the Caribbean, Latin and South America
Music of Oceania

LISZEN : Library and Information Science Search Engine
Record Id: 654989
Created: 2006-11-07 00:29:32
Categories: liberal

Search engine for hundreds of blogs in the library and information
sciences. Results may be refined into categories for individual blogs,
special library blogs (law libraries), academic blogs and school library

Record Id: 654983
Created: 2006-11-06 11:52:32
Categories: liberal

This site provides information about the life and times of Hegel and
some of his contemporaries, as well as including links to online
versions of his principal works.

[SEE ALSO: Hegel's Biography - Phyllis]

A collated web index of significant Historians and Philosophers
Record Id: 654980
Created: 2006-11-06 10:28:32
Categories: liberal

This site provides a collection of links to works by historians and
philosophers divided into these time periods:

Classical Period (Until AD 500)
Medieval & Renaissance Period (501 - 1500)
Early Modern Period (1501 - 1750)
Modern Period, Page 1 (1751 - 1900)
Modern Period, Page 2 (1901 - 1970)
Modern Period, Page 3 (1971 - currently living)

The Papers of John Jay
Record Id: 654975
Created: 2006-11-02 00:28:32
Categories: govpub,liberal

"The Papers of John Jay is an image database and indexing tool
comprising some 13,000 documents (more than 30,000 page images) scanned
chiefly from photocopies of original documents."
Documents include correspondence, manuscripts, and other papers. Several
background essays link to relevant entries in the database. The database
is searchable by author, recipient, keyword, and date; records contain
abstracts of the content and page images.


Mon., Feb. 19, 2007 - U.S. Supreme Court: Resources & Docket

Supreme Court Times - Resources

United States Supreme Court Docket

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Sun., Feb. 18, 2007 - Club Drugs / Encyclopaedia Romana / Live Science

Sites found in:
INFOMINE Email Alert Service
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006

National Criminal Justice Reference Service : In the Spotlight : Club Drugs
Record Id: 655348
Created: 2006-11-28 15:11:32
Categories: bioag,govpub

Resource guide to information on club drugs; Ecstasy, GHB, Rohypnol,
ketamine, methamphetamine, and LSD. Includes links to sources on:
-- facts and figures
-- State and Federal legislation
-- publications
-- programs and initiatives
-- enforcement training and technologies
-- grants and funding

Encyclopaedia Romana
Record Id: 655341
Created: 2006-11-27 16:22:32
Categories: liberal

Essays on the people, events, architecture and culture of Ancient Rome,
along with supplemental sections on Roman Britain, Spain, and
Anglo-Saxon England. Site has a linked alphabetical index and

Record Id: 655339
Created: 2006-11-27 14:05:32
Categories: bioag,physci

Frequently updated science, technology, and health news items in more
than 50 categories. Site contains advertising on its homepage and some
interstitial ads.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]



Sun., Feb. 18, 2007 - nanoZONE

From the site:
The nanoZONE…introduces basic nanoscale and state-of-the-art
nanotechnology science to an 8 to 14-year-old audience.


Sun., Feb. 18, 2007 - Earth Impact Database / Cosmotions

Sites found in:
2 December 2006 Earth Science Sites of the Week

EARTH IMPACT DATABASE, Planetary and Space Science Centre, (suggested
by Bob Riddle, Column Editor, Scope on the Skies), this will allow your
students to see the geographical distribution of impact craters,
references, and in some cases, cross sections related to impacts.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Cosmotions, Time Lapse Photo Animations of the Real Cosmos, Thad
V'Soske, (suggested by Alicia McGraw, Earth Science teacher,
Oregon), there are two films of particular interest, one is a
lightning storm, where you can see the cumulus clouds uplift, the
anvil shape form, and lightning begin (going from day into
night). The second is called "Distant Rain" (on page five), where
you can see an advancing wedge of showers (how many times do
students actually get to see something like this from this
perspective, except in cartoons?).

Mark Francek
Professor of Geography
Central Michigan University


Sun., Feb. 18, 2007 - When Galaxies Collide / Science Bulletins

Site found in:
18 November 2006 Earth Science Sites of the Week

ANIMATIONS: When Galaxies Collide, American Museum of Natural
History, (suggested by Eric Cohen, Westhampton Beach High School, NY),
"The Milky Way will collide with its nearest large neighbor, the
Andromeda Galaxy, in three billion years. A simulation of the collision
appears in the video."

[SEE ALSO: Science Bulletins ( )
From the site:
“Our Feature stories (includes videos and animations), interactive data visualizations, and weekly Snapshot images bring you recent discoveries and new technologies in astrophysics, Earth science, and biodiversity.”
Educators: A link to the Science Bulletins Educators' Guide is on the bottom of every page.
AstroBulletin ( )
EarthBulletin ( )
BioBulletin ( )


Mark Francek
Professor of Geography
Central Michigan University

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