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Sat., Oct. 7, 2006

Teacher Stuff,1607,7-160-17451_18670_18793---,00.html
Shortened URL:
Although designed for Michigan teachers, site includes some general resources such as:

First People Resources,1607,7-160-17451_18670_18793-94473--,00.html
Shortened URL:

Civil War and Slavery,1607,7-160-17451_18670_18793-52976--,00.html
Shortened URL:
From the site:
“These links to information about the Civil War, the Underground Railroad and quilting provide further resources for your study.” Scroll down for general Civil War, slavery and the Underground Railroad resources.


Vanished Worlds, Enduring People
From the site:
“Vanished Worlds, Enduring People highlights the great range and depth of Cornell’s Native American Collection, and the university’s commitment to dialogue and learning centered on native cultures. The exhibition features many of the collection’s finest books and manuscripts, as well as photographs, artwork, and related materials covering a period of more than four centuries. Included are published accounts of early encounters with native peoples, stunning illustrated books depicting native communities and leaders, documents that preserve the history of native languages, manuscripts that record the work of early anthropologists and those who fought for native rights, and materials that record the histories of tribal communities.”


Sat., Oct. 7, 2006 - Choosing a Life of Slavery

Site found in:
News from the Institute
Wed, 24 May 2006
Featured Document

Choosing A Life of Slavery
From the site:
“These recently discovered court documents stem from a 1858 Texas state legislature act "to permit Free persons of African Descent, to select their own Master and become Slaves." Research has revealed that coercion was often used to compel free African Americans to choose a master, but the full story that led these three to decide to forfeit their freedom remains untold.”

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

[NOTE: Archive of Past Featured Documents - previously posted. – Phyllis ]


Sat., Oct. 7, 2006

Sites found in:
June 16-22, 2006

New Ways to Dig For Your Roots Online
A Solid Overview of Several Online Genealogy Databases in Today’s Wall Street Journal (June 22, 2006; Page D1).
The article is available for free to non-subscibers.
Shortened URL:

Internet Detective
Internet Detective, a free online tutorial designed to help students develop the critical thinking required for their Internet research, in the RDN Virtual Training Suite at:

The tutorial offers practical advice on evaluating the quality of websites and highlights the need for care when selecting online information sources to inform university or college work.

See Also: Numerous Internet Research Tutorials (by Subject)
See Also: Make Sure to Visit Each of the Subject Gateways
From the site:
“Intute is a free online service providing you with access to the very best Web resources for education and research.”


New Country Profile of Nigeria (PDF; 23 pages)

See Also: Additional Country Profiles [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

[NOTE: See Also: Country Studies
Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Bibliography and Webliography: Space 2006
Comprehensive bibliography — which includes Internet resources, books, documents and reports


Samuel May Anti-Slavery Collection.
The Samuel May Anti-Slavery Collection gathers together over 8,500 of the important pamphlet and leaflets relating to the anti-slavery struggle at the local, regional, and national levels. Sermons, position papers, off-prints, local Anti-Slavery Society newsletters, poetry anthologies, Freedmen’s testimonies, broadsides, and Anti-Slavery Fair keepsakes all document in an intimate manner the social and political implications of the movement.
Witchcraft Collection. Selected scanned works from Cornell Library’s Witchcraft Collection which contains over 3,000 titles documenting the history of the Inquisition and the persecution of witchcraft.


Gary PriceEditor,
The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team
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Sites found in:
INFOMINE Email Alert Service
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006

---------------------------------------- : An Electronic Eugene O'Neill Archive
Record Id: 647414
Created: 2006-06-22 18:55:32
Categories: ejournal,liberal

The Electronic Eugene O'Neill Archive contains the full text of the
plays of Eugene O'Neill and supporting material for the study of his
works. There are also links to other collections that contain articles,
photographs, reviews, etc. [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

The Bronte Sisters Web
Record Id: 647409
Created: 2006-06-20 19:46:32
Categories: liberal

The Bronte Sisters Web site provides access to electronic editions of
the Bronte sisters' writings as well as related material and links to
academic resources relating to them.
[Note: Other pages from
previously posted.
See Also:
The Brontes of Haworth
From the site:
“The Bronte sisters [Anne, Charlotte and Emily] of Haworth, along with their brother Branwell,
wrote some of the best literature in the English language.” - Phyllis ]
I will be heard! : Abolitionism in America
Record Id: 647402
Created: 2006-06-19 13:17:32
Categories: culture,liberal

"Featuring rare books, manuscripts, letters, photographs, and other
materials from Cornell's pre-eminent anti-slavery and Civil War
collections, the exhibition explores the complex history of slavery,
resistance, and abolition from the 1700s through 1865."
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Part of the:
Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection
Record Id: 647401
Created: 2006-06-19 13:16:32
Categories: culture,liberal

Extensive collection of abolitionist writings, sermons, position papers,
speeches, and articles, from the early 1700s through the post Civil War
period. Collection features works from a number of anti-slavery
societies and religious organizations, as well as prominent
abolitionists. Search or browse by title, date, or author.
[NOTE: I’ll send another review of this site in the next email posting. – Phyllis]


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Fri., Oct. 6, 2006 - The Negro Leagues

From: Oxford African American Studies Center
October 2006 Feature of the Month
The Negro Leagues
“This month, in anticipation of Major League Baseball’s World Series, the editors of the Oxford African American Studies Center remember the Negro Leagues of the Jim Crow era.”

The Feature of the Month is a free and publicly-available feature of the Oxford African American Studies Center


Fri., Oct. 6, 2006 - Maps of War

Maps of War
From the site:
“Who has controlled the Middle East over the course of history? Pretty much everyone. Egyptians, Turks, Jews, Romans, Arabs, Greeks, Persians, Europeans...the list goes on. See 5,000 years of history in 90 seconds…”
[NOTE: Site contains advertisements. – Phyllis ]


Fri., Oct. 6, 2006 - The Return of the Taliban (Teacher's Guide)

Found in:

FRONTLINE reports from
the lawless Pakistani tribal areas along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border
and reveals how the area has fallen under the control of a resurgent
Taliban militia. Despite the presence of 80,000 Pakistani troops, the
Taliban and their supporters continue to use the region as a launching
pad for attacks on U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan. Off limits
to U.S. troops by agreement with Pakistan's president and long suspected
of harboring Osama bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri, the area
is now considered a failed state. President Pervez Musharraf tells
FRONTLINE reporter Martin Smith that Pakistan's strategy, which includes
cash payments to militants who lay down their arms, has clearly
foundered. In a region little understood because it is closed to most
observers, FRONTLINE investigates a secret front in the war on terror.

This teacher's guide will be of particular interest to World History,
Social Studies, American Government, and Current Events educators.

Questions include: Who are the Taliban? What ties do the Taliban have
to Pakistan? Why is the Pakistani military thought to be part of the
terrorist problem?

"The Return of the Taliban" teacher's guide will be available at the
FRONTLINE Teacher Center ( ) immediately following
the broadcast.

Direct Link:

Additional Resources:


Fri., Oct. 6, 2006 - The Hindenburg / Reading Revolution

Sites found in:
PBS Teacher Previews: October 8-14, 2006

Secrets of the Dead
"What Happened to the Hindenburg?"
Middle / High School
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
8 - 9:00 pm
The explosion of the Hindenburg in 1937 is one of the most
famous disasters of the 20th century. The accident that put an
end to the golden age of airships is widely believed to have
been caused by the ignition of hydrogen gas used for lift. But
Addison Bain, a retired NASA scientist, was not satisfied with
that explanation. He set out on a personal quest to prove that
the Hindenburg's real flaw was only skin deep. (CC, Stereo, 1

Explore our online interactive diagram to learn more about the
design of the Hindenburg.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Reading Revolutions
Middle / High School

There are many revolutionary ideas presented in this
collection, beginning with Confucious, but the focus on
American culture highlights two seminal works: "What is an
American?" by Crevecoeur, and "Democracy in America" by Alexis
de Tocqueville. Learning activities for secondary school
students are included from this site created by the University
of Maine at Farmington.

Copyright 2006 PBS Online.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Thurs., Oct. 5, 2006 - Information Fluency Resource Kits / Deep Web Searching / Hoax Sites

Found in:
[21cif-alumni] Information Fluency Announcement: Full Circle ResourceKit
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2006

Full Circle ResourceKit
“Nine monthly Kits: Each of the free kits in this series is filled with practical activities and ideas that promote efficient searching, effective evaluation and ethical use. Librarians, media specialists and teachers find these resources immediately applicable at the middle school and high school levels, where instruction in digital searching and evaluation is needed most. [NOTE: Home page previously posted. Free registration required. - Phyllis ]

ResourceKit for Sept 2006: Deep Web Searching

Annotated Links
From the site:
“These pages contain links to web resources that we find useful in bringing 21st Century Information Fluency skills into the classroom.”

Hoax Sites


Thurs., Oct. 5, 2006 - Searching Tools Page / Fake Websites

[NOTE: Some of these sites were previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Searching Tools Page
Includes links to Child-Friendly Search Engines, Fake Websites to Use For Student Instruction on Using the Internet, Search Information Guides, and Evaluating Websites.


More Lists of Fake Sites to use in Web Site Evaluation
[NOTE: If link does not work, copy and paste into your address bar. – Phyllis ]


Thurs., Oct. 5, 2006 - Entrepreneurship / Book Review Search Tool / JFK Library

Sites found in:
June 9-15, 2006

Resource of the Week: Entrepreneurship Research Portal
Shortened URL:
Entrepreneurship Research Portal “is a unique aggregation of resources, events and data about entrepreneurship.”
Permalink for complete review:
Shortened URL:

Proxy Search Tool for Book Reviews
Yahoo-Google proxy search
Shortened URL:
The proxy does not have the sophisticated features of the subscription-based Booklist Online, but quickly finds the books at Amazon which apparently have licensed the reviews and offer the full text of thousands of reviews from Booklist (along with reviews from several other review publications). This can be good for those who want quickly to look up reviewed books on a subject like terrorism without wading through hundreds of book records and cannot afford the steep Booklist Online subscription price but want to check the review of Booklist (often along with reviews from Kirkus, Publishers’ Weekly, Library Journal, NY Times Book reviews, etc.)”

From the site:
“My humble Yahoo-Google proxy search to find free Booklist reviews in Amazon by those who don't have access to Booklist Online”


JFK Library Reference Desk (Speech Transcripts, Bios, Some Recordings, More)
Shortened URL:

JFK Timeline 1960-1963

[NOTE: See Also: JFK in History
From the site:
“The early 1960s were tumultuous times for the United States and the world. To gain an understanding of this era, follow the weblinks below to brief discussions of the significant events that occurred during President Kennedy's years in office. These essays are intended to give you an overview of challenges and issues that defined Kennedy's administration.”
Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Gary PriceEditor,
The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team
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Thurs., Oct. 5, 2006 - Creating Awards and Certificates Online

Found in:
InfoBytes - Creating Awards and Certificates Online
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006
InfoBytes Archives:

FEATURE: Creating Awards and Certificates Online

Certificates 4 Teachers
This Teachers Network site contains numerous attractive, ready-to-use certificates in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

DLTK’s Printable Awards and Certificates
Follow the easy steps to create your own custom award certificate online, specifying the award title, message, image, and border.

Quick Certificate Printer
SEN Teachers Resources presents a quick and easy-to-use online certificate creator, with customizable borders, graphics and text.

Award Maker
Lakeshore Learning provides a simple online certificate maker with six message choices and fourteen border choices.

Microsoft Office Templates: Awards
The Microsoft site contains seventeen downloadable award certificates in Word or Powerpoint format.

Certificates and Memories provides a selection of pre-made, downloadable certificates in PDF format.


Wed., Oct. 4, 2006 - Sites to See: Reading

Sites to See: Reading
From the site:
“These sites offer resources and information on children's books and authors as well as book reviews that discuss themes and characters. Research-based teaching techniques, lesson plans and other information on teaching children to read are available for teachers. Teachers, students and parents will find numerous literacy tools and activities to encourage reading for all students.” [NOTE: Previously posted. Updated 05/31/2006 - Phyllis ]


Wed., Oct. 4, 2006 - Limericks

Site found in:
Surfnetkids Newsletter
[Surfnetkids: 10 May 2006] Limericks

From the site:
“Limericks are five-line poems that pack a funny punch line or a humorous twist. Because they are short and follow a familiar thirteen-beat rhythm, they can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. The following sites include classic limericks by well-known authors, limericks by authors not yet famous, and tips on how to write your own limericks.”


Wed., Oct. 4, 2006 - English Mnemonics

---------Forwarded Message--------
Site of the Day for Monday, June 12, 2006

English Mnemonics

Today's site, from the Wikiquote compendium, lists dozens of useful
mnemonics to assist the memory-challenged. Gentle Subscribers, who like to
keep their ducks in a row and their planets in order from the sun, will
discover a raft of helpful and sometimes amusing memory aids.

"Jumping a vehicle ... You have two cars, one dead, and each with a battery
with plus and minus signs, and a set of cables. How do you know which sign
goes with the other?" - from the website

From the number of days in each month of the year to the elements of the
periodic table, this web page offers a collection of time-tested rhymes and
simple phrases -- who can forget "Roy G. Biv"? Beginning with a number of
computer terms and moving on to areas such as spelling, the order of sharps
and flats in music notation to the names of the Great Lakes, there are
mnemonics galore. The very last one, "Righty-tighty, lefty loosey" should
be taped to every tool box.

Leap over to the web page for a great mnemonics reference at:

A.M. Holm

view the List archives on the web at:


Wed., Oct. 4, 2006 - Can I Have a Word?

Can I Have a Word?
Animations on Changing Voices, The Elements, The Human Body and The Odyssey.
From the site:
“Giving teachers new ideas and resources to inspire creative writing in the classroom.”
This year’s Webby Award winner in the Education category.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Tues., Oct. 3, 2006 - Money Skills

----------Forwarded Message--------
Hi! It's Thursday, June 22, 2006 and time for Social Sciences at

A list member wrote and asked, "Do you know of a site that teaches teens how
to best use credit cards (or other ways) to build their credit? My
18-year-old is getting info that totally contradicts what I'm telling her
and I'm having a difficult time with it!" It's never too early to start
learning about money skills. Here are some websites designed for teens (and
kids of all ages) that teach money skills including everything you need to
know about credit and credit cards...

Recommended Websites:
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

It All Adds Up

This interactive website was designed to help high school teachers and teen
students understand responsible personal finance management and the proper
care and use of credit. Lesson plans include:

Module 1: Getting and Using a Credit Card
Module 2: Buying a Car
Module 3: Budget Odyssey
Module 4: Saving and Investing Blitz
Module 5: You're Going to College

Practical Money Skills for Life

This VISA-sponsored website is comprehensive and designed for school use and
family use as well. The link I provided takes you directly to the Lesson
Plans page for Young Children (Preschool-Grade 2), Children (Grades 3-6),
Teens (Grades 7-12), and College (Ages 18 and up). The Teen section includes
one lesson devoted to credit, and another lesson all about credit cards.

ING Direct's

ING Direct has come up with a clever, interactive way to help kids
understand how money works -- so that instead of spending a lifetime working
for money, they can make the money they earn work for them to gain financial
independence and security. This website was designed to teach financial
literacy to students in grades 4-8, however younger children will enjoy some
of the activities with guidance from mom or dad, and older visitors,
including teens, will enjoy the information, games, and quizzes as well.
Some of the lessons include:

*Moneyland -- Learn about the meaning of value, currency exchange, finding a
job, and earning money.
*South Spending -- Get the 411 on smart spending, budgeting, credit, credit
cards, credit interest, and credit history.
*Republic of Saving -- Find out about saving strategies, inflation,
interest, banks, savings accounts, checking, CDs, and ATMs.
*Investor Islands -- Explore the risks and rewards of investing including
stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and diversification.

All of these activities are delivered through interactive games. You can
test the knowledge you gain at each area by taking a quiz that requires
using math skills. Don't forget to check out:

-Parent's Corner -- A nice introduction to Planet Orange and how you can use
the information to increase your child's financial know-how.

-Teacher's Resource Center -- FREE lesson plans with printable worksheets
that complement the information at the website! You must register (provide
your name, address, school name, etc.) to access the lessons and use the
curriculum planner -- but it's free, and the materials are top-notch.

Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should ALWAYS preview the sites for suitable content.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Federally Registered Trademark.


Tues., Oct. 3, 2006 - Good Stuff? A Behind-the-Scenes Guide to the Things We Buy

--------Forwarded Message--------
Site of the Day for Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Good Stuff? A Behind-the-Scenes Guide to the Things We Buy

Today's site, from the Worldwatch Institute, offers information from an
environmental perspective, on a host of consumer products. Gentle
Subscribers who want substantive facts and not just advertising glitz, will
find a range of pertinent data available.

"Have you ever wondered where chocolate comes from, if antibacterial soap
is good for your family, or how to recycle an old computer? If you've had
these or other questions about the environmental and social impacts of the
products you buy and use, Good Stuff is for you. It contains many of the
tips, facts, and links you'll need to start making more informed purchases
that benefit your health and the environment." - from the website

Accessible on the site are the facts behind each product group -- from
appliances to soap -- the background on the product, brief global impact
details, as well as specific "success" achievements from around the world.
For example, the statistics on packaged beverage consumption and less than
stellar recycling efforts are staggering. The "Simple Things You Can Do"
section provides information on ways individuals can make a difference.
Links to additional information about each product are also available.
Although the complete guide is available in a downloadable PDF format, free
registration, including an e-mail address, is required.

March to the site for the background on many consumer items at:

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:


Tues., Oct. 3, 2006 - The Dollars & Sense of Hybrids

---------Forwarded Message--------
Site of the Day for Monday, June 5, 2006

The Dollars & Sense of Hybrids

If the above URL wraps in your e-mail client, enter it all on one line in
your browser or use this TinyURL:

Today's site, from Consumer Reports, provides facts and figures on hybrid
vehicles. Gentle Subscribers, concerned about the gas consumption of their
cars and rising fuel costs, may find this an interesting resource.

"Gas/electric hybrid vehicles can present a dilemma for car buyers. On one
hand, they are more fuel-efficient and produce lower emissions than
conventional, gasoline-only vehicles. ... But hybrids are typically priced
thousands of dollars higher than similar all-gas models. ... That's why
Consumer Reports investigated all of the major ownership costs and
financial benefits of these models. The study reveals two notable findings
..." - from the website

The site begins with an overview of hybrid vehicles, with particular model
benefits, in terms of gas savings and driving advantages. Additional
sections reveal specific dollar figures, the models achieving the highest
savings, the long term costs and pertinent information on state and federal
hybrid vehicle purchase credits. A brief section on how hybrid cars work,
along with valuable tips on how to lower gas consumption in general, are
also presented.

Cruise over to the site for pertinent information on hybrid vehicles at:

If the above URL wraps in your e-mail client, enter it all on one line in
your browser or use this TinyURL:
[NOTE: Subscription required However, full text available via EBSCO. – Phyllis ]

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:


Tues., Oct. 3, 2006 - Peanuts & Crackerjacks: The Economics of Pro Team Sports

Peanuts & Crackerjacks: The Economics of Pro Team Sports
From the site:
“Welcome to Peanuts & Crackerjacks, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's interactive baseball game that tests your knowledge of economics and pro sports trivia. Not a sports fan? No problem! Sports are the hook, but Peanuts & Crackerjacks is really about using economics to gain a better understanding of everyday life.” Includes a page of “Links to Other Sites”


Tues., Oct. 3, 2006 - Phyllis' Favorites from CJRLC Newsletter Oct. 2006

Phyllis' Favorites from the CJRLC Newsletter, Oct. 2006, Pg. 3

American Cultural History by decade
Research Guides

The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics

Cornell’s CTC Gateways: Arts &Social Sciences, Education, Math & Science

Cyberbee: Annotated Web Links

The Deserts in the American Southwest


Einstein Light

The Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation 11/19/1863

Making the Modern World

17th c. Colonial New England, with special emphasis on
The Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692

Statistical Abstract of the United States

Study Sites Search …the best of the web for students

Teachers’ Domain
(free registration required)

- Phyllis Anker

Monday, October 02, 2006


Mon., Oct. 2, 2006 - Visual Math Learning

Visual Math Learning
From the site:
“Visual Math Learning is a free interactive multimedia on-line tutorial for math students”.
“This program is designed to provide parents and classroom teachers with the means to better employ visual imagery. It is designed as a supplementary resource to help students in their mastery of mathematics.”


Mon., Oct. 2, 2006 - Algebasics

Found on:
NobleEd News Webzine


“Under the motto, "Show me how, now!" Algebasics is a fine online mathematics instructional resource that takes young and old alike through the basics of algebra. The breadth of the material is divided into sixteen sections, which begin with, well, "the basics", and proceed all the way to a section on applying algebra to real-world situations. Each section asks users to solve a number of problems so that they will gain mastery of each concept. The interface deployed here is quite user-friendly, as each problem is narrated so that users will better understand the process needed to complete each problem successfully. Overall, it's a well-designed introduction to this area of the mathematical universe, and one that is very easy to use.”


Mon., Oct. 2, 2006 - Graphing / Math Sites

Sites found in:
Tips for Teachers #313
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006

To view this week’s newsletter, visit the following web address:

Subject Matter > Mathematics
Includes links to sites on: Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Geometry, Fractals, Lesson Plans, Measurement, Money, Puzzles, Sites To Use With Students, Surveys, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Word Problems

Teaching Theme: Graphing


Mon., Oct. 2, 2006 - GoMath

--------Forwarded Message--------
Hi! It's Monday, May 15, 2006 and time for Math at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Today's featured website offers free virtual math tutoring online in the
subjects of pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry. The site says it's for
students in K-12 and their parents. That's interesting since these subjects
are usually delayed until middle school level and up. Perhaps the creators
and contributors to the site (or the "tutors") who have extensive teaching
experience and hold degrees in science or engineering from top universities,
think these subjects can be taught to eager students at any age. I'll leave
it to you and your students to decide...

When you get to the site you will see a menu that features:

*Algebra Solutions -- Here, you can enter a pre-algebra or algebra math
problem and click on “Submit” to receive an automated step-by-step solution.
Also offered are "Mini-Lessons" in everything from negative numbers and
square roots to the Pythagorean Theorem and The Law of Sines. Each
"Mini-Lesson" provides a quick review of the subject along with examples and
illustrations. Within the "Mini Lesson" pages you can click on "Worksheet"
for online practice -- or print out the worksheets for additional practice

*Geometry Solutions -- This section offers a fun calculator to determine the
area of geometric figures (everything from triangles and trapezoids to
circles, cubes, & cones) based on the information you enter. As explained at
the website, "...when you type in the angle, side, or the hypotenuse of a
right angle, Geometry Solutions will calculate the perimeter and area based
on the information you entered. The formulas used to calculate the perimeter
and area of each kind of geometric figure is also given." The designers
suggest that using the geometry calculator and formulas together will
strengthen a student's knowledge and abilities in geometry.

Don't miss the "special features" section next to the menu. It includes a
neat automatic graphing tool and some fun online math games.

This site offers user-friendly high tech tools to help teach mathematics
that are common in the fields of science and technology. Because they are
fun to use they may capture the interest of your whole family.

Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should ALWAYS preview the sites for suitable content.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Federally Registered Trademark.

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