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Sat., Nov. 5, 2005 - Check out these READ posters!

Found on:
Monday, July 04, 2005 2:10 AM
About Private Schools Newsletter

READ Posters
“Take a look at this page! What a terrific idea for 2005-2006! We have to set an example to our students. This poster project from the Eisenhower School in Wyckoff, New Jersey does that in a very personal, meaningful way....”


Sat., Nov. 5, 2005 - Oprah's Books / Oprah's Kids' Reading Lists

Oprah’s Books

Oprah’s Kids’ Reading Lists (by age group)
[NOTE: Previously posted. Updated URL. – Phyllis ]


Sat., Nov. 5, 2005 - Authors Online

Found in:
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 10:09:20 -0500
Subject: [Innovative-Teaching] ITN: Authors Online 2006

2005 Authors Online
Scroll down for links to:
Good General Resources
Primary Authors
Young Adult Authors
Secondary Authors


Sat., Nov. 5, 2005 - Pronouncing Dictionary of Authors' Names

Pronouncing Dictionary of Authors’ Names

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Fri., Nov. 4, 2005 - Virtual Fossil Museum

The Virtual Fossil Museum
Fossils Across Geological Time and Evolution
From the home page:
“Fossils across geological time presented in multiple contexts of geological history, the tree of life, paleobiology and evolution. The Virtual Fossil Museum is an educational resource providing an ever-growing extensive collection of fossil images.”


Fri., Nov. 4, 2005 - Beasts in Your Back Yard / Carnegie's Dinosaurs / Dinosaur Hall

Plug in your ZIP Code and see which dinosaurs roamed your
area millions of years ago.
Beasts in Your Back Yard

DinoGuide: Meet 13 of the dinosaurs at CMNH

Paleolab: Watch real fossils being prepared

Dinosaur Hall
From the site:
“In the Academy's dino hall, you can be transported back to the age of dinosaurs, watch paleontologists piece fossils together, go dig for fossils in the largest indoor dig site in the country, or step into our Time Machine that puts you among the towering T.rex and chicken-sized Compsognathus.”


Fri., Nov. 4, 2005 - Book of Insect Records 2005

The University of Florida Book of Insect Records
Includes records for Smallest Eggs, Largest Eggs, Longest Life Cycle, Fastest Flier, etc.


Fri., Nov. 4, 2005

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Ten Cool Sites: October/November 2005

Deafness in Disguise: Concealed Hearing Devices of the 19th and 20th Centuries - Deafness in Disguise presents images, illustrations, advertising pamphlets, trade catalogs, patents, rare books and other material pertaining to mechanical and electrical hearing devices from the 19th and 20th centuries. Of particular focus in this exhibit are hearing devices that were designed for concealment or camouflage within everyday items. By the Washington School of Medicine.

The Bioluminescence Web Page - A collection of beautiful photos and a few movies along with the science behind and current research about bioluminescence. By researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Virtual Dinosaur Dig - You get to use virtual tools to uncover dinosaur bones, pack them for shipment, assemble them correctly, and learn about the dinosaur that they came from. You'll need the free Flash player.

Science Magazine: 125 Questions: What Don’t we Know - A special, free news feature in Science explores 125 big questions that face scientific inquiry over the next quarter-century; accompanying the feature are several online extras including a reader's forum on the big questions.

What's that Bug? - You can send mug shots of mysterious insects and Bugman will identify them for you.

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Thurs., Nov. 3, 2005 - More Mythology Sites

More Mythology Sites
[NOTE: Some of these sites were previously posted. – Phyllis ]

The City of Troy
From the site:
“Navigate through these three links to uncover the mystery of Troy. The first section deal with the mythology related to the site and the history of the oral tradition….”

eThemes eMINTS
Various myths from different countries and cultures, emphasizing Greek myths and constellations. Includes links to sites with pictures and a museum tour. : An eTHEMES Resource
tiny url:

Odyssey Online
Scroll to bottom. Select: Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Africa, or Ancient Americas
Then click on Select: Mythology

Monsters and Creatures: Good for brief information on the monsters.

Theoi Project, a guide to Greek Mythology

Mr. Dowling

Greek Mythology Today

Ancient Greece

Bulfinch's Mythology

Greek Mythology Link

Perseus project; Tufts University

Mythological Monsters

Green Mythology

The Ancient Gods

Classical Mythology

Classical Mythology Online (Oxford University Press)

Introduction to Greek Mythology

Mythology or Religion
“Greek mythology, the religion and mythology of the ancient world, including Judaism and Christianity, as well as polytheistic or pagan religions.”

Mythology Web

200 - Religion & Mythology

Greek Mythology

Myths & Legends

Probert Encyclopaedia - Mythology
[NOTE: Home page previously posted.
Probert Encyclopaedia – Home – Phyllis ]

Universal Myths and Mysterious Places
Mythology Links


Thurs., Nov. 3, 2005 - Mythology, Folklore, Fairy Tales, & Legends

---------Forwarded Message--------
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 08:54:37 -0400
From: Joanne Pruett
Subject: [LM_NET] Greek Mythology Sites
Sender: School Library Media & Network Communications

Here is the hotlist that I have created for my middle school students to
use. We haven't used them since March so I don't know how many of the
links may be broken.

[NOTE: Sites not checked. Some were previously posted.
Permission granted to repost. – Phyllis ]



American Folklore

American Folklore and Tall Tales
[Shortened URL: ]

American Legends and Folk Tales

American Tall Tales

Indigenous People's Literature

The Moonlit Road


Grimm's Fairy Tales

Surlalune Fairy Tale Pages


Aesop's Fables

Aesop's Fables

Fairy Tales and Folk Tales
[Shortened URL: ]

Regional Folklore and Mythology


Arthurian Legends

King Arthur

King Arthur and the Holy Grail

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

King Arthur's Legends



Bilbo's World

Encyclopedia Mythica

God Checker

Greek and Roman Mythology

Greek Myths and Legends


Live the Myth



Mythology Guide

Mythology in Modern Society

Myths From Around the World

Myths Today


Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology

Timeless Myths

Universal Myths

Various Gods and Goddesses

Viking Religion

Who is Who in Mythology

Windows to the Universe

Winged Sandals

Women in Greek Myths


Native American Lore Index

Joanne R. Pruett
Library Media Specialist
Virginia Beach Middle School
600 25th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 437-4892, ext. 62431
Voice Mail: 72476


Thurs., Nov. 3, 2005 - Myths of the Constellations / Stars & Constellations

The Myths of the Constellations

An Etymological Dictionary of Classical Mythology
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]
Influences on Astronomy
Influences on Pop Culture

Timeless Myths
“the myths of the stars and the planets”

Windows to the Universe
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

The Constellations
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Peoria Astronomical Society - Constellations

The Constellations

Constellation Lore

Constellation List
“The Myths of the Stars: Most of the 88 constellations recognized by astronomers today are associated with Roman and Greek myths. Each of the constellation pages gives a brief of the classical mythology associated with that constellation.”



Thurs., Nov. 3, 2005 - Indigenous Peoples Literature / Cultural Astronomy / Web Guides by subject

Indigenous Peoples Literature
Quotes from the Home Page:

“An impressive archive of cultural material about the indigenous peoples of the world, ranging from literature and music to prayers and history. Viewers will find the complete texts of key documents like the Iroquois constitution and the original Hiawatha. The portrait of Columbus and his followers provides a marked contrast to Columbus Day celebrations.”

“This site is a treasure-trove of information for anyone interested in Native American traditions, history, art, and literature. Links to original full-text documents and image files are arranged by tribe as well as by geographical region. Links to sites covering indigenous peoples around the world are included.”

Bringing the Heavens to Earth: Cultural Astronomy
“Throughout human history people of all cultures have looked to the sky to improve their daily lives. People have used the sky to help them gather food, hunt game, plant and harvest food, tell time, navigate while traveling, plan cities, make myths and folklore, develop religions, write literature, and produce art.”

eCUIP Home page:
Each subject collection (Fine Arts, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies)
includes a web guide.
[NOTE: Other pages previously posted. - Phyllis ]

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Mon., Oct. 31, 2005 - ADMIN: Another short break

Dear Blog Readers,

I will be away for the next few days and may not have computer access.

Postings will resume when I return.

- Phyllis

Phyllis Anker


Mon., Oct. 31, 2005 - Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made

The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made
From the site:
“This list is drawn from the second edition of "The New York Times Guide to the Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made" (St. Martin's Griffin, $24.95), edited by Peter M. Nichols and published in 2004.”


Mon., Oct. 31, 2005

Found in:
Don's Patch Issue #2005-07-15

Absolute Astronomy
"General facts and statistical information about planets, moons,
constellations, stars, galaxies, and Messier objects."

[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


The Career Key
“…expert help with career choices -- career changes, career planning, job skills, and choosing a college major or educational program.” Available in English, Spanish, Korean and Chinese.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


From the site: “ is a nexus of information about the United States Congress. GovTrack follows the status of federal legislation and the activities of your senators and representatives.” “GovTrack has the details of all bills since the 106th Congress -- that is, since 1999. You can search for legislation, or browse by topic or committee.”


The Health Library at Stanford.
The Health Library's Selected Internet Resources contain more than ten thousand reviewed links to web sites that provide scientifically based health information.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Mon., Oct. 31, 2005 - Congressional Research Reports

Found in:
*** NEAT NEW STUFF, JULY 1, 2005

Open CRS Network: CRS Reports for the People
A searchable, consolidated archive of several large collections of Congressional Research Service reports, including that of the Federation of American Scientists. See also the collection held by the University of North Texas Library, , which is searchable and browsable by topic.

Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999-2005.


Mon., Oct. 31, 2005 - Supreme Court / Landmark Cases

Supreme Court of the United States
Includes an overview of the Supreme Court, Its Traditions and Procedures, and
its members. Additional information about the Supreme Court, the Judiciary,
and the Government will be found on the Websites listed at

Landmark Supreme Court Cases
“This site was developed to provide teachers with a full range of resources and activities to support the teaching of landmark Supreme Court cases, helping students explore the key issues of each case.”

The Supreme Court Historical Society
Sections include: About the Society ; History of the Court ; How the
Court Works ; Society Publications ; Learning Center ; Researching the Court
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

CourtTV: The Supreme Court – A Journey through Time
The Supreme Court – A Journey through Time offers three QuickTimeVR 360-
degree views of the courtrooms from 1810, 1860, and 1935 to the present.
A trivia quiz is also included.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Sun., Oct. 30, 2005 - West Point Bridge Design Contest

The 2006 West Point Bridge Design Contest
From the web site:
Who: U.S. students age 13 through grade 12 are eligible for prizes. Anyone else may enter our Open Competition.
When: The 2006 West Point Bridge Design Contest will begin on January 25, 2006.
“The purpose of the contest is to provide middle school and high school students with a realistic, engaging introduction to engineering.”
[NOTE: Earlier contests previously posted. – Phyllis ]


Sun., Oct. 30, 2005 - Teach Engineering (K-12)

Teach Engineering! Resources for K-12
Welcome to the world of K-12 engineering!
“Engineers have a hand in designing, creating or modifying nearly everything we touch, wear, eat, see and hear. Introducing engineering into the K-12 classroom connects science and math concepts to the everyday engineering that surrounds us. This teacher resource,, helps teachers enhance learning, excite students and stimulate interest in science and math through the use of hands-on engineering.”


Sun., Oct. 30, 2005

Found in:
The Scout Report
July 1, 2005
Volume 11, Number 26

Ancient Observatories: Chichen Itza [Macromedia Flash Player]

Located on a limestone plateau in the northern area of the Yucatan
peninsula, the dramatic ruins of Chichen Itza stand as a testimony to the
ingenuity of the Mayan civilization. Many visitors flock to the area to view
these structures, and now it is also possible to view them via this fine
exhibition created by the Exploratorium Museum. With substantial funding
from the McBean Family Foundation and NASA, this site explores the use of
these structures as ancient observatories. Visitors will want to begin by
looking through some historical essays on Chichen Itza, then proceed to
learn about the expert alignments of the structures that allowed Mayans to
observe different celestial bodies. The site also includes fun activities,
such as Mayan math exercises and a Mayan calendar. [KMG]

Virtual Museum and Archive of the SEC and Securities History [pdf,
RealPlayer, Windows Media Player]

On the surface, the subject may not seem terribly interesting, but the
importance of providing historical materials relating to the growth and
development of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is tremendously
important. Since 1999, the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical
Society has been collecting materials in this area, and for the past several
years it have included many of these materials on this website. On the site,
visitors can view a timeline of the SEC's history, peruse (and listen) to a
number of oral histories, and view crucial primary documents. The "Online
Programs" area is also worth a look, as it contains full broadcasts with
experts on such topics as "Developments in the Mutual Fund Industry" and
"Transformation of Wall Street". The site is rounded out by a photograph
archive, which can be browsed alphabetically. [KMG]

World Myths & Legends in Art
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Primarily for teachers and students (but fun for anyone), this website from
the Minneapolis Institute of Arts uses 26 works of art selected from its
collections to explore mythology from around the world. Each work of art has
a corresponding essay that includes key points; the story that inspired the
work of art; background, such as history, cultural context and style; and
suggested discussion questions. For example, the entry for a Navajo ketoh
includes a Navajo creation myth describing the adventures of the earliest
beings as they moved through the first four worlds; explains that while this
particular piece is decorative jewelry, the ketoh form is based on wrist
guards worn by archers to protect their forearms from the snap of their
bowstrings; and also provides background information on the Navajo, and
their arts and crafts. [DS]

Tacoma Narrows Bridge: Extreme History [RealPlayer, Quick Time]

Stretching across the southern portion of Puget Sound, the elegant Tacoma
Narrows bridge is considered one of the finest suspension bridges in the
United States. The current bridge is the second on the site, as it was
constructed in 1950 to serve as a replacement to the famous "Galloping
Gertie" bridge, which collapsed in a windstorm in the fall of 1940.
Currently, the Washington State Department of Transportation is building a
bridge to replace the existing structure, and it is anticipated that it will
be completed in 2007. This site offers a host of materials on all three
structures, including ample information on the construction of the bridges
and their aesthetic appeal. Along with these materials, the site also
provides a glossary of related terms, Weird Facts, and some information
about the dog "Tubby", who perished when "Galloping Gertie" collapsed on
that fateful fall day back in 1940. [KMG]
[NOTE: See Also: Bridge Resources - Phyllis ]

>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2005.


Sun., Oct. 30, 2005

Found in:
======== The NSDL Scout Report for Math, Engineering, and Technology ==
======== June 3, 2005 ===
======== Volume 4, Number 11 ======

Regional Technology in Education Consortia
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

The Regional Technology in Education Consortia (RTEC) program assists
states, local educational agencies, teachers, school library and media
personnel, administrators, and other educators to integrate technologies
into kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) classrooms, library media
centers, and other educational settings, including adult literacy centers.
The activities, technical assistance, and information they provide are
intended to promote the effective use of technology in education in the
region they serve, but they also work to foster regional cooperation and
resource sharing. Through this website they offer an impressive collection
of course/workshop materials, website links, videos, tools, publications,
and presentations, which are organized by category. The broad category areas
include: Planning & Evaluation, Professional Development, Teaching &
Learning, Integrating Technology, Technology Highlights, and Special Topics
such as access and equity. The materials are also grouped by educational
grade level classification such as adult education, elementary, higher
education, K-12, or secondary. Visitors can use a search function to search
the categories and resource type by keyword. [VF]

Association for Bridge Construction and Design: Bridge Design Tips

The Association for Bridge Construction and Design was formed in response to
"the bridge crisis" which leaves "only an extremely small percentage of
bridges throughout the nation" receiving the attention they need. The goal
of the Association is to educate bridge designers, constructors, federal,
state, and local officials, as well as the general public in the vital role
of safe bridges in our society; to improve the science of bridge design,
construction and reconstruction through a professional forum; to provide
technical information and assistance; and to educate and encourage public
and private authorities to use new and improved techniques for testing and
reconstruction. This section of the website provides a basic overview of
bridge construction along with related drawings and pictures. By reading
through the text and following the links, visitors are taken to a section
that discusses ways to calculate the forces in your trusses and then use
Java program to design trusses. Links to related articles and websites are
available for further reading on the subject of bridge design. Although the
website has not been updated recently, the resources are still relevant.

Roman Numerals
This website provides an overview of the Principles of Roman numerals as
well as a history of Roman numerals, which dates back to 1st millennium BC
when they were used by Romans to record numbers in stone, art and coins.
Some pictures in the gallery highlight the ways in which Roman Numerals are
used today, such as on watch and clock faces. The authors point out that
Roman numerals have a classic style and are less functional than the Arabic
(decimal) numbers ( 0 to 9 ) which were introduced into Europe about 900 AD
and adopted quickly because of their convenience and mathematical ease of
use. They also provide lists (including one of Roman Numerals 1 to 2016),
tables, and a converter that visitors can use to convert Roman numeral
numbers to decimal numbers. Another section provides resources for teachers
on lesson ides for teaching Roman Numerals. [VF]

>From The NSDL Scout Report for Math, Engineering, and Technology, Copyright
Internet Scout Project 1994-2005.

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