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Tues., Aug. 16, 2005 - From: Teachers@Work, April 2005

Found in:
Teachers@Work April 2005 Web Site Reviews
See: http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/www_April_2005.htm
for entire list of web site reviews

Eye Contact: Modern American Portrait Drawings
If you are looking at teaching or learning about portrait painting, and then this web site will provide you with a wide range of modern portrait techniques and approaches. The wide range of different media that covers a range of styles means that this would be an excellent resource to use when introducing the study of portrait drawings. Ideal for year levels 5-11 RRRRR
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

E_Text: English Language Resources
“This web site provides f*r*e*e access to a range of text which has been made publicly available.
[NOTE: Some titles from the The Etext Center http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/ previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Shades of Meaning
“Shades of Meaning is an excellent web site which each day provides background information on a particular word or phrase that is commonly used in the English language. You can also find here an excellent archive of the previous terms and words used and how they came into common use. Ideal for year levels 3-10 RRRR”

Mathematics Interactives
“This web site contains an excellent matrix that leads teachers and students to interactive Flash and Java based games and activities covering everything from geometry, money, problem solving, puzzles, graphing, measurements, fractions, probability . . . . Ideal for all year levels RRRRR”
[NOTE: Homework Help Sites for K-5
Homework Help Sites for 6-12
http://www.gpschools.org/ci/community/612homework.htm – Phyllis ]

Drama: Online Journal
“Drama magazine is published twice a year and contains a w*e*a*l*t*h of articles for and by drama educators and practitioners. Articles deal with a wide range of topics based around the use of drama in classrooms and how drama can be used to e*n*h*a*n*c*e and extend classroom activities across a wide range of subjects. Ideal for teachers RRRR”

Getting Up!
“This online Internet theatre magazine contains reviews, features and annotated listings of a wide variety of stage plays around the world. There are also some excellent feature and articles, some great quotes and plenty of ideas. Ideal for year levels 4-12 RRR”

Deeper Into Music
“This web site presents an in-depth coverage of various types of music that capture the imagination of music lovers. Themes include echoes of Africa, the history of vinyl, Reyjavik underground, Paris in the Twenties and reggae music. Ideal for year levels 9-12 RRR”

British Theatre: School & Youth Theatre
“The school and youth theatre section of the British theatre guide is based on one teachers experience of teaching drama over a period of 30 years. This site contains a wonderful collection of articles on the many aspects of theatre in schools, news items of interest to those involved in school and Youth Theatre as well as reviews of productions, and a collection of plays suitable for use in school and youth Theatre. Ideal for teachers RRRRR”

Drama in Education
“Developed to support teachers and encourage them to use drama in their classroom, this web site contains a wide range of lesson plans, the use of information mitigation technologies, drama in English program, links to research resources suggestions for plays and improv and much more. Ideal for teachers RRRR”

Music: How to . . .
“This is a fantastic resource for music teachers and students in that it brings together over 100 in-depth guides and features dealing with everything from how to set up a music studio, promote music through music media web sites, creating your own CD, downloading MP3’s, being a DJ, how to become a professional musician . . Ideal for year levels 5-12 RRRR”

Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry
Chemistry can assist geologists to determine the age of the earth, assist in predicting volcanic eruptions, observed atmospheric change over millions of years, documents the damage caused by acid rain and much more. This web site is an online hypertext book dealing with these issues and many others. Over 24 chapters this web site presents an understanding of our earth using applied chemistry. Ideal for year levels 10-12 RRRR

The Internet Light Bulb Book
“It is fairly well-known that Thomas Edison invented the first reasonably practical incandescent lamp but since that time the development of lighting has come on a long way. This online book investigates the basic principles of our light bulbs work and their development over the past 150 years. Ideal for year levels 4-10 RRR”

Chemistry Laboratory Applets
“Teachers will find the following applets available at this location: the periodic table, qualitative analysis of anions, qualitative analysis of cations, enthalpy and Hess’s law, kinetics plot, atomic spectra, spectral colours, electrons in a box and linear least squares. Ideal for year levels 7-12 RRRRR”
[NOTE: Home page http://www.dartmouth.edu/~chemlab/ previously posted. – Phyllis ]

DNA: The Double Helix
“One of the web sites in the Nobel p*r*i*z*e series, this excellent animated helix construction game allows students to assemble parts correctly in order to construct a successfully replicated DNA structure. Ideal for year levels 10-12 RRR”

Zippers & Velcro
“Some inventions just take a bit of time to catch on and the zipper is a good example. With a potential audience of 20 million people Whitcomb Jansen, the inventor, managed to sell just 20 at his first exhibition. World War I came to his aid and the army introduced the zipper to the rest of the world and the rest is history. Ideal for year levels 7-12 RRRRR”

The Triumph of Technology
“2005’s Reith lecture series focuses on the triumph of Technology across a wide range of environments, applications and society. Lecture 1: technology will determine the future of the human race; lecture 2: collaboration; lecture 3: innovation and management ; lecture 4: nanotechnology in and nanoscience; lecture 5: risk and responsibility. This year's lecture is delivered by the distinguished engineer Lord Broers. These lectures include excellent material that students can listen to and that can be downloaded from this web site. Ideal for year levels 10-12 RRRRR”

Leonardo's Studio
“In this interactive, Flash animated studio belonging to Leonardo da Vinci students can explore the environment where one of the world's greatest inventors and innovators carried out his work. Explore the flying machines that he created, his painting, his work on anatomy, life in Renaissance Italy and much more. Ideal for year levels 5-11 RRRRR”

Alternative Fuel Vehicles & High Efficiency Vehicles
California is pushing ahead with the development of alternative transportation fuels more than any other State or country around the world. With hybrid petrol/electric vehicles becoming commonplace as well as fuel cell technology developing high levels of efficiency, our dependence on oil and petroleum products is gradually beginning to lessen. This web site provides an excellent set of background papers dealing with climate change, green cities, hydrogen power, alternative fuels . . . Ideal for year levels 5-12 RRRR


Tues., Aug. 16, 2005 - An American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals

An American Ballroom Companion

“An American Ballroom Companion presents a collection of over two hundred social dance instruction manuals at the Library of Congress. Public dance halls, their regulation and place in the recreation of adolescents. Along with dance instruction manuals, this online presentation also includes a significant number of antidance manuals, histories, treatises on etiquette, and items from other conceptual categories. Many of the manuals also provide historical information on theatrical dance. All illuminate the manner in which people have joyfully expressed themselves as they dance for and with one another.”


Tues., Aug. 16, 2005 - String Stuff Page

Found on:
Date Sent: Saturday, May 07, 2005 5:37 PM
Subject: : Weekly Teacher Tip Newsletter Issue 256

The Stringstuff Page

From the web site:
“Welcome to The Stringstuff Page, where string teachers and students
will find everything they need, from information and helpful links to
free sheet music!”

Weekly Teacher Tip Newsletter


Tues., Aug. 16, 2005 -

Found in:
Don's Patch Issue #2005-05-01

for Blues fans.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

History of Bloomers.

"On this day in history" from Microsoft's Encarta.

This day In Music History
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Special feature: Vincent Van Gogh.

[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

[NOTE: Other artists and authors: http://www.serve.com/Lucius/GI.index.html – Phyllis ]

Manic Depression (also known as bipolar disorder) and Creativity
[Shortened URL: http://snipurl.com/ejsi]

The Works of Van Gogh: An Online Exhibition

Starry Night
[Shortened ULR: http://snipurl.com/ejsj]


Monday, August 15, 2005


Mon., Aug. 15, 2005 - U.S. Department of State Background Notes

Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs: Country Information
Information about the other countries in the Western Hemisphere.
Select the country from the list and you are taken to a link for its Background Notes.
Background Notes searchable by world region or by individual country
http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/ - previously posted.

Subscribe to Background Notes (as well as several other State Dept. publications)
via e-mail:


Mon., Aug. 15, 2005

Found on:
*** NEAT NEW STUFF, MAY 13, 2005

Animal Legal and Historical Web Center [Michigan State University College of Law]
The place to go for any legal question about animals -- dog bites, exotic pets, animal heirs, animal fighting, landlord liability, and lots more. You can also browse US laws and cases, individual state's laws and cases, and other countries' laws and treaties.

FirstGov.gov: US Government RSS Feeds
[NOTE: See Also: FirstGov Reference Center and General Government
Other pages from http://FirstGov.gov/ previously posted - Phyllis ]

Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999-2005.


Mon., Aug. 15, 2005

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
[NOTE: Previously posted. – Phyllis ]

From the web site:
“The Central Intelligence Agency publishes and updates the online directory of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments weekly. The directory is intended to be used primarily as a reference aid and includes as many governments of the world as is considered practical, some of them not officially recognized by the United States.”

Foreign Consular Offices in the United States

From the web site:
“This publication contains a complete and official listing of the foreign consular offices in the United States, and recognized consular officers. Compiled by the U.S. Department of State, with the full cooperation of the foreign missions in Washington, it is offered as a convenience to organizations and persons who must deal with consular government agencies, state tax officials, international trade organizations, chambers of commerce, and judicial authorities who have a continuing need for handy access to this type of information.”
[NOTE: Other pages from http://www.state.gov/previously posted. – Phyllis ]


Mon., Aug. 15, 2005 - Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

The National Freedom of Information Coalition's State and National FOI Resources
From the site:
“As part of the NFOIC's continued efforts to support citizen access to government information, the Freedom of Information Resource Web project provides a comprehensive guide to obtaining information guaranteed under state and federal open meetings and open records laws. Regularly updated and maintained, these pages contain descriptions and links for FOI publications, contacts, legislation and current events.”

FOI Interactive: From the ASNE’s Freedom of Information Committee
This .pdf interactive training package is from the American Society of Newspaper Editors.
From the site:
“It is designed to help journalists, citizens and public servants develop an appreciation for openness by asking them to deal life like access problems and to struggle with the answers.”

Access Reports
From the site:
“Access Reports provides the most comprehensive coverage available of access issues in the United States, Canada, and abroad.”

Freedom of Information Clearinghouse
From the site:
“This site contains links and resources to assist citizens in using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), as well as information and testimony on our involvement with Freedom of Information issues and cases.”

Department of Justice (DOJ): Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
From the site:
“Like all federal agencies, the Department of Justice (DOJ) generally is required under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to disclose records requested in writing by any person. However, agencies may withhold information pursuant to nine exemptions and three exclusions contained in the statute. The FOIA applies only to federal agencies and does not create a right of access to records held by Congress, the courts, or by state or local government agencies. Each state has its own public access laws that should be consulted for access to state and local records. Each federal agency is responsible for meeting its FOIA responsibilities for its own records. A list of Principal FOIA Contacts At Federal Agencies is available from this site. Likewise, each Department of Justice component is responsible for processing FOIA requests for the records that it maintains.”

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Sun., Aug. 14, 2005

Found in:
Librarians' Index to the Internet
NEW THIS WEEK for May 5, 2005

Audubon's Birds of America ----------------------------------------
"Online version of John James Audubon's Birds of America ... from
an 1840 'First Octavo Edition' of Audubon's complete seven volume
text." Includes Audubon's images and original text descriptions.
"Bird species can be found listed alphabetically, or categorized
by family. Audubon's drawings of some species' anatomical features
are also included in the 'figures' section." The online edition
includes a list of species that have become extinct since
Audubon's time and a list of state birds.

* Audubon, John James, 1785-1851
* Birds
* Birds in art
* Prints
* People
Created by: rs
[NOTE: Other pages from http://www.audubon.org/ previously posted. – Phyllis ]

The Numbers Game ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Discussion of this form of illegal lottery as played in Harlem in
the 1920s and 1930s. "The game is played by players betting on a
series of three numbers. ... A player would win if his/her numbers
matched a preset series of three numbers, which were found in
daily newspapers as the last three digits of either the NYSE
total, U.S. Treasury balance, or total bets at a selected
racetrack." From Court TV's Crime Library.

[Shortened URL: http://tinyurl.com/cx72d ]
* Lotteries
* Gambling
* Organized crime
Created by: mcb

[NOTE: See Also: The Roaring Twenties
[Shortened URL: http://tinyurl.com/ceqgu ]
- Phyllis ]

Use of the annotations from this list must be accompanied by:
Copyright 2005 by Librarians' Index to the Internet, LII.
Thank you for using Librarians' Index to the Internet!

Karen G. Schneider, kgs@lii.org
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Sun., Aug. 14, 2005 - The Holocaust

Teaching about the Holocaust: A Resource Book for Educators
“Teaching about the Holocaust: A Resource Book for Educators” provides guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust, a historical summary and chronology, and an annotated bibliography and videography on Holocaust-related topics. Can be viewed online or you can print sections or the entire resource book (133 pages). There are several other resources listed on this page.

The Holocaust: A Learning Site for Students
From the site:
“Welcome to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's The Holocaust: A Learning Site for Students. Organized by theme, this site uses text, historical photographs, maps, images of artifacts, and audio clips to provide an overview of the Holocaust. It is the first step in a growing resource for middle and secondary level students and teachers”

[NOTE: Other pages from http://www.ushmm.org/ previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Holocaust History Project
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

The Holocaust - Links
[NOTE: Sites not checked. Some are no longer active.
Some were previously posted. – Phyllis ]


Sun., Aug. 14, 2005 - Dear Miss Breed: Letters from Camp (Japanese Internment)

Japanese American National Museum
Dear Miss Breed: Letters from Camp

From the site:
“Miss Breed was the Children's Librarian at the San Diego Public Library
from 1929 to 1945.”


Sun., Aug. 14, 2005

Found on:
Date Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2005 2:53 PM
May 2005 Teaching History with Technology newsletter
Subject: THWT newsletter online

Some of the sites in this newsletter include:

Chamberlain & Hitler, 1938: What was Chamberlain Trying to Do? (High School)

Conquistadors Teaching Guide: Different Views of the World (Middle School)
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

American History and American Literature Timeline (High School, College)
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

CHGIS China Historical Geographic Information System (College)

BBC: Church and Reformation

Link to Learn Activities

For descriptions of these sites and others, go to:
Teaching History with Technology newsletter, May 2005

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