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Sat., April 21, 2007 - Jamestown / American Civil War: Sherman's March

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This Week's Educational Programming Update
Thu, 19 Apr 2007

Announcing a Special Website from The History Channel on Jamestown!

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown
colony. In commemoration of this anniversary, The History Channel has
created an original interactive website for educators and students to
explore the history and development of Jamestown. This site features
colorful artwork, animated maps and drawings, primary source
documents, and insights from historical experts. Visit the site and
experience this unique perspective on the history of Jamestown.

Website Available:

Special Presentation, Sherman's March
Sunday, April 22nd at 9PM/8c

Special Website Available:

In November of 1864, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman launched a
new kind of military campaign. Sherman's plan was to destroy the
Confederate South's infrastructure and finally bring an end to the
Civil War. Sherman's March traces the path of the general and his
troops as they blazed through the South, leaving tremendous
destruction in their wake. After torching much of the city of Atlanta,
Sherman and his army of over 60,000 men set off on a trail South, with
the ultimate goal of ravaging key Southern military strongholds.
Following a path known as the "March to the Sea" they achieved victory
in Savannah, Georgia before moving up the coast to seize key posts in
South and North Carolina. Sherman ordered his troops to burn crops,
confiscate supplies, destroy buildings, and rip up rail
tracks--anything that could be considered useful to the Confederates
was utterly pulverized in the process. Civilian homes were plundered
and destroyed during the march, leading to tremendous criticism of
this new form of battle Sherman dubbed "total warfare."

Sherman's March, a two hour special presentation, draws upon new
scholarship and uses innovative filming techniques to retell the story
of the enigmatic general and his military tactics. Using first-person
commentary from soldiers drawn from personal accounts and diaries,
this documentary helps bring the devastating effects of the march into
clearer view. A focus on several important aspects of this campaign,
including the role of ex-slaves and African American soldiers,
provides a rich and complex interpretation of Sherman's March. Leading
historians and experts provide the historical context and analyze the
significance of these events. Today, Sherman is considered to be one
of the foremost architects of modern warfare. Educators and their
students will find this program to be a revealing and gripping new
window through which to view the Civil War.

Curriculum Links:
Sherman's March would be useful for American History and American
Culture courses and would be an excellent companion for course units
on the Civil War. It is appropriate for high school students. Due to
intense scenes depicting violence and sensitive language, we recommend
that teachers view this program in its entirety before airing it to
students. This documentary fulfills several National Standards
guidelines as outlined by the National Council for History Education
including: (1) Patterns of Social and (2) Political Interaction,
Civilization, Cultural Diffusion and Innovation and Conflict and


Sat., April 21, 2007 - Elementary Kids' Site

Caesar Rodney's
Elementary Kids' Site
Sites listed by Grade Level (K-5) and by subjects, including art, music, explorers, rainforest, Native Americans, Elections, holidays, states, graphics (clip art), health, research and careers.


Sat., April 21, 2007 - State County Maps / Acid Rain and Our Nation's Capitol / Size of Our World

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10 February 2007 Earth Science Sites of the Week

STATE COUNTY MAPS, National Atlas, (suggested by Joseph Kerski, ESRI), "
From the site:
“You've probably discovered our printable maps. Hundreds of thousands of these page-sized maps are downloaded each month for use at home, in schools, and at the office. One of our most popular series of printable maps has included maps for each state that show county boundaries. Still, many of you have asked us to include "just a little more" information on these state-by-state county maps. So we're introducing a second set of them here. These are just as accurate and useful as our original county maps, but now we've added the locations of selected towns and cities as well as large water bodies."
Scroll down to Printable Maps List: Reference and Outline Maps of Individual States
[NOTE: Home page previously posted.
Link on home page for “preview the maps here” – Phyllis ]


ACID RAIN AND OUR NATION'S CAPITOL, USGS, "this booklet focuses on acid rain and its impact on our Nation's capital. Rain in Washington, D.C., has an average acidity of 4.2, about as acid as a carbonated drink and more than ten times as acid as clean, unpolluted rain. This booklet will define acid rain, explain what effects it has on marble and limestone buildings, and show, on a walking tour, some of the places in our Nation's capital where you can see the impact of acid precipitation."
[NOTE: Other publications from previously posted. - Phyllis ]

THE SIZE OF OUR WORLD, Keith A. McKain, Colonel Richardson High School, MD), this wonderful musical image tour will compare the size of stellar bodies in our solar system with the largest known stars.

Mark Francek
Professor of Geography
Central Michigan University


Sat., April 21, 2007 - Pollution Information / Mark Twain Quotes

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The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter # 441 2/8/2007

Pollution Information
Have you ever wondered just how clean (or polluted) your hometown
is? Scorecard.Org allows you to compare pollution levels in communities
and states, find out who the worst polluters around are, and search for
specific companies, locations, and chemicals.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Mark Twain Quotes

Mark Twain, aka Samuel Clemens, is the legendary author of classics such as
"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", "The Prince and the Pauper, and "The
Adventures of Tom Sawyer". In addition to being one of our country's most
prolific writers, Mr. Twain was also a highly regarded humorist and one of
America's greatest wits.

TwainQuotes.Com provides an intimate look into the man known as Mark Twain,
with extensive lists of quotations on a variety of topics, newspaper
articles, maxims, speeches, lectures and much more. Don't skip the
"Special Features" section, which contains more esoteric info about Twain,
including missing passages of his writing, and insights into the author's
personal life.

[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Friday, April 20, 2007


Fri., April 20, 2007 - BirdHouses 101

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BirdHouses 101: Detailed birdhouse specifications for over 50 North
American birds
If you're craving the return of spring and birds, now's a good time to
start making your yard a welcoming place for birds. Here's advice on
building or buying birdhouses, attracting birds, and protecting your
avian visitors, as well as info on bird watching equipment, books, etc.


Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999-2006.


Fri., April 20, 2007 - Elementary Globe: Earth Systems, Clouds, Soil, Water, Seasons

Blythe Bennett's Recommended Site of the Week

Elementary Globe

Elementary School

Storybooks and Science!

Introduce K-4 students to the study of Earth system science. Each GLOBE module contains a science-based storybook, classroom learning activities to complement the science content covered in each book, and teacher’s notes.
Modules: Earth Systems, Clouds, Soil, Water, and Seasons
Site last updated 4/17/07


Fri., April 20, 2007 - The Tudors - Henry VIII / The Romans in Britain

[NOTE: See Also: The Romans in Britain
From the site:
“an interactive site for 7-10 year olds about the Romans and especially the Romans in Britain.”
- Phyllis ]

--------Forwarded Message--------
It's Thursday, February 8, 2007 and time for History at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
Brims: The Tudors - Henry VIII

Age Range: 7-10 (aspects are interesting for older students and adults as

ClickSchooling list member Kari recommended today's website that offers a
simplified history of The Tudors and Henry the VIII. It is intended to be
amusing to attract children's interest.

When you get to the site you will see a welcome message and a picture menu
below it. (Notice the warning about the pictures on the "Wives" page.) Click
on a topic of interest such as:

*Who were the Tudors? -- Learn about the Tudor family who ruled England from
1485-1603. Discover Tudor inventions. Find out what was happening in other
parts of the world during Tudor times. Compare the stark differences in the
lives of the rich and poor in Tudor-ruled England. Find fascinating trivia
facts -- stuff ordinary books don't tell you.

*What Was Henry Like? -- Explore an outline of his life that includes
descriptions of the king as a handsome athlete, musician, and scholar who
was also terribly cruel.

*Why Did He Have Six Wives? -- King Henry VIII had six wives. He beheaded
two of them. While this site was designed for kids, this section should be
PREVIEWED BY PARENTS to determine suitability of content. If you roll your
cursor over the photos of his wives, the animation changes to show their
fate. Sensitivities vary among people. Some may find it gory -- so, check it
out BEFORE you show it to the children. If it passes your criteria, you can
read a brief biography of all 6 wives and see their pictures.

Once you have explored the site -- try the quiz! (It provides clues that
help you determine the correct answers.) Don't forget to click on "More
Info" to find some information on Roman Numerals, book recommendations and
links to other history websites.

Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should ALWAYS preview the sites for suitable content.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Federally Registered Trademark.


Fri., April 20, 2007 - From PBS Teachers Newsletter: April 22 - May 5, 2007

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PBS Teachers Newsletter: April 22 - May 5, 2007

Masterpiece Theater
Bleak House (part 1 of 6)
6-8 / 9-12
Sunday, April 22, 2007
9 - 11:00 pm
Bleak House (parts 2 and 3 of 6)
Sunday, April 29, 2007
9 - 11:00 pm

Charles Dickens' complex tale of young love, murder and the
quest for a mystery-man's identity unfolds in a sumptuous
adaptation by screenwriter Andrew Davies. (CC, Stereo, DVI, 1 year)

Who was Charles Dickens? Find out at the companion Web site.

Dogs That Changed the World 'The Rise of the Dog'
6-8 / 9-12
Sunday, April 22, 2007
8 - 9:00 pm
Dogs That Changed the World 'Dogs by Design'
Sunday, April 29, 2007
8 - 9:00 pm

From the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest St. Bernard, all dogs
claim the wolf as their ancestor. But how did the wolf become
the domesticated dog and how did the hundreds of breeds we know
today come to be so different? Tune in for this fascinating
picture of how dogs became an indispensable part of our own
history. (CC, Stereo, DVI, HDTV, 1 year)

Explore our interactive online map of ancient dog breeds.

Saved by the Sun
On-Air & Online
6-8 / 9-12
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
8 - 9:00 pm
In the face of steeply rising oil prices and political turmoil
in the Middle East, there's new urgency about finding a
solution to our uncertain energy future. Could it be time to
take solar energy seriously again? NOVA presents the latest
thinking from solar enthusiasts and skeptics as it investigates
these cutting-edge research developments. (CC, Stereo, DVI,
HDTV, 1 year)

Check out our online interactive feature "Inside a Solar Cell;"
familiarize yourself with the parts of a basic photovoltaic
cell and find out how it goes about harnessing the free energy
of the sun.
[NOTE: Teaching guide pasted below. – Phyllis ]


American Experience
Summer of Love
On-Air & Online
6-8 / 9-12
Monday, April 23, 2007
9 - 10:00 pm
In the summer of 1967, thousands of young people from across
the country flocked to San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district
to join in the hippie experience. Tune in to this episode of
"American Experience" and explore the 1960s counterculture
movement at its peak. (CC, Stereo, DVI, 1 year)

This program provides insights into social studies topics
including cultural movements and their impact on American
history, California and the lure of the West, the Sixties and
idealism and more. Use our online teacher's guide to get ideas
on how to use the film in your classroom.
[NOTE: Teaching guide pasted below. – Phyllis ]


American Experience
On-Air & Online
6-8 / 9-12
Monday, April 23, 2007
10:00 pm - 12:00 am
"RFK" is a tragedy in two acts. In part one, Robert Kennedy
devotes himself to his glamorous brother John. In part two,
after an assassin's bullet takes his brother's life, RFK is
bereft. Just as he has begun to discover his own identity and
move beyond the shadow of his brother, he, too, is
assassinated. (CC, Stereo, DVI, 1 year)

It's one of the tantalizing questions in American history: what
if Robert Kennedy had not been assassinated? At the companion
Web site, read several historians, journalists and colleagues'
varied ideas about what might have been.
[NOTE: Previously posted. Original broadcast 2004. – Phyllis ]


The Mormons (part 1 of 2)
Monday, April 30, 2007
9:00 - 11:00 pm
The Mormons (part 2 of 2)
Tuesday, May 1, 2007
9:00 - 11:00 pm

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of
America's fastest growing religions and its influence circles
the globe. This documentary brings together "Frontline" and
"American Experience" in their first co-production to provide a
searching portrait of this fascinating but often misunderstood
religion. (CC, Stereo, DVI, HDTV, 1 year)

Download our teacher's guide for suggestions on how to teach
the history of the Mormons.
(Available April 30, 2007)

[NOTE See additional information pasted below. – Phyllis ]

World Without Oil
6-8 / 9-12

On April 30, ITVS Interactive and PBS's Independent Lens will
launch "World Without Oil," a live interactive month-long
alternate reality event that explores what would happen when a
great economy built entirely on cheap oil begins to run short.
To assist middle and high school teachers who want to
incorporate the game into class activities, the creators have
put together some questions to promote discussion and provide
factual background.
(Available April 30, 2007)

Media Infusion
Dan McDowell and the Supremes
3-5 / 6-8 / 9-12

Dan writes about the importance of helping to develop students'
information literacy skills, so that they are able to identify
credible resources on the Web and approach issues from several
angles. Learn how WebQuests are great tools for tailoring
Web-based resources to teachers' unique curricula. Dan features
two WebQuests he's created, including one called "Civil Rights
and the Supreme Court," which incorporates resources from the
PBS Web site for "The Supreme Court."
[Available May, 2007]

Copyright 2007 PBS Online


---------Forwarded Message--------
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 14:56:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: [NOVA Teachers] Saved By the Sun airs Apr. 24

Hello Educators,

In next week's "Saved By the Sun," NOVA shines a light on how and why
people across America and the world are "going solar," using radiant
energy of the sun to power homes and businesses, and whether solar
power can ultimately help curb America's reliance on fossil fuels.
(Subjects covered: physics, energy, technology/engineering)

Karen Hartley
Teachers Editor
NOVA Web Site

* * * * * * * *

NOVA presents "Saved By the Sun"
Broadcast: Tuesday, April 24, 2007
(NOVA airs on PBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Check your local listings as
broadcast dates and times may vary. This program can be used up to
one year after it is recorded off the air.)

New Ways to Catch Rays
Take a look at six of the hottest new solar technologies in this
slide show. (Flash plug-in required; printable version
available.) (Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)

Ask the Expert
Send in your questions about solar technologies to solar energy
expert Steven Strong. Questions must be received by April 25.
Answers to selected questions will be posted on April 30. (Grades
3-5, 6-8, 9-12)

This Solar House
See how one couple transformed their 1960s tract house into a
zero-energy home and find out their costs and benefits. (Grades
6-8, 9-12)

Inside a Solar Cell
Find out how a basic photovoltaic cell turns the sun's energy
into electricity. (Flash plug-in required; printable and
downloadable versions available.) (Grades 6-8, 9-12)

Teacher's Guide
In this classroom activity, students follow a seven-step
invention process to design, build, and test a solar cooker that
will pasteurize water. (Grades 6-8, 9-12)

Program Transcript
The site includes a complete narration for this program.

Plus Watch a Preview and Links and Books.

--------Forwarded Message--------
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 14:04:57 -0400 (EDT)
News from American Experience

Monday, April 23 at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings)

It was the largest migration of young people in America's
history. In the summer of 1967, thousands flocked to San
Francisco's Haight Ashbury district to join in the hippie
experience, only to discover that what they had come for was
already disappearing.

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE presents SUMMER OF LOVE, a striking picture
of San Francisco during the summer of 1967 -- from the utopian
beginnings, when peace and love prevailed, to the chaos,
unsanitary conditions, and widespread drug use that ultimately
signaled the end. Academy Award-nominated filmmakers Gail Dolgin
and Vicente Franco examine the social and cultural forces that
sparked the mass migration.


The Year of the Hippie

They were called junior-grade Hipsters -- "hippies" for short.
This new group embraced a non-traditional lifestyle and moved
into the Haight Ashbury neighborhood in record numbers. Watch
videos from 1966 and 1967-- the year of the hippie.

Underground News

The Oracle published twelve issues from 1966 to 1968, chronicling
the world of the hippies. Learn more about it and see the
psychedelic artwork that made the paper a legend.

Online Poll

Would you have joined the throngs of young people who migrated to
San Francisco, in search of peace and free love? Take the online


Site found in:
The FRONTLINE Planner - March/April 2007
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007

Monday, April 30, 2007 [120 minutes] at 9 P.M. (check local listings)
Tuesday, May 1, 2007 [120 minutes] at 9 P.M. (check local listings)

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints is one of America's fastest growing religions, and its influence circles the globe. The church has eleven million members today and over half of them live outside the U.S. Yet the birth of Mormonism and its history is one of America's great neglected narratives. This four-hour documentary brings together FRONTLINE and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE in their first co-production to provide a searching portrait of this fascinating but often misunderstood religion. Produced by award-winning filmmaker Helen Whitney ("Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero," "John Paul II: The Millennial Pope"), the film will explore the richness, the complexities, and the controversies of the Mormons' story as told through interviews with leaders and members of the church, with leading writers and historians, and with supporters and critics of the Mormon faith.

FRONTLINE films can be taped and used as a classroom resource for up to one year after the original broadcast. Teacher Center materials featured on the FRONTLINE Web site ( ) can be photocopied for educational purposes. All other rights reserved.


Thursday, April 19, 2007


Thur., April 19, 2007 - Endangered Species / Ku Klux Klan Today

Sites found in:
Feb. 2-8, 2007

New Hot Topic Research Guide from Intute: Endangered species

…offers a selection of resources dealing with this topic at a global or more local level.
Shortened URL:

Source: Intute

The Ku Klux Klan Today: Extremism in America
Shortened URL:

In this report, ADL documents a noticeable spike in activity by Klan chapters across the country due to the successful exploitation of hot-button issues including immigration, gay marriage and urban crime.

Source: Anti-Defamation League (ADL)
DocuTicker Summary:

Gary Price
Editor, ResourceShelf
The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team
"Post via ResourceShelf"
for even more resources visit


Thur., April 19, 2007 - A House Divided: America in the Age of Lincoln

---------Forwarded Message--------
Site of the Day for Thursday, February 8, 2007

A House Divided: America in the Age of Lincoln

Today's site, from the Digital History project under the auspices of the
University of Houston, presents an exhibit examining the Civil War era.
Gentle Subscribers will discover an informative consideration of the issues
germane to this dark period in American history.

"A House Divided explores the institution of slavery, the fierce
sectionalism of free and slave economies in the rapidly expanding country,
and the destructive power of the Civil War. ... The text ... treats the
Civil War as both a bloody military confrontation and as a catalyst of
far-reaching changes in American life." - from the website

The site offers a portrait of Lincoln's America, and examines topics such
as slavery, the slavery debate and the Civil War itself. Beginning each
section with an overview of the subject, the exhibit continues with digital
images of the period, including primary source material, such as documents,
maps, illustrations and striking artifacts, accompanied by explanatory
notes. Additional reference information on the era may be found through the
resources section of the exhibit.

March to the site for a noteworthy presentation on the Civil War period at:
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:


Thur., April 19, 2007 - Building and Blogging

Site found in:
Thinkport Weekly, April 14 - 20, 2007

Recommended Site by Blythe Bennett, PBS

Building and Blogging!
High School
“Help your students learn ways to find and present information including market research, blogging and building a web page. Students will notice some different spellings for words (favourite for favorite) from this site from Scotland.”


Thur., April 19, 2007 - Google Librarian

Google Librarian
“ is the ultimate guide to Google made especially for Librarians and information professionals. This site was created to help you - the librarian - master the art of online searching and harness the infinite power of Google and its services. We provide you with tips, tricks, strategies, lesson plans, tutorials, and easy to understand explanations to make your Google experience the best. Visit the blog for the latest Google news.”

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Wed., April 18, 2007 - Center for American Women & Politics / Mohandas Gandhi

Sites found in:
Librarians' Internet Index
Websites you can trust!
NEW THIS WEEK, February 8, 2007
Read This Online :

Center for American Women and Politics
This site features fact sheets, research, and other resources about women in government and politics. Includes facts and findings about women candidates, current and historical women officeholders, female elected and appointed officials in each state, and the gender gap and voting behavior. Also provides many research papers on women in U.S. politics and material specific to New Jersey women and politics. From the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
LII Item:


Time Person of the Century Runner-Up: Mohandas Gandhi
Essays about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who was a Time Person of the Century Runner-up in 2000. Includes a story about Mahatma Gandhi's achievements, an appreciation by Nelson Mandela, a photo essay, and related links. From Time magazine.
LII Item:
[NOTE: Home page previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Librarians' Internet Index
Websites You Can Trust!
Copyright 2006 by Librarians' Internet Index.


Wed., April 18, 2007 - ConnectEng New Author Pages / William Carlos Williams / Cartoons About Poetry

Sites found in:
ConnectEng, Feb. 7, 2007
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]

What’s new at Web English Teacher?

Carol Ryrie Brink
Lesson ideas for Caddie Woodlawn

Sheila Burnford
Lesson ideas for The Incredible Journey

Olive Ann Burns
Lesson plans for Cold Sassy Tree

Fred Gipson
Lesson ideas for Old Yeller

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Lesson ideas for Shiloh.

William Carlos Williams
Lesson plans and teaching ideas for “This is just to say” and other poems.

Site to Check Out:

Cartoons about Poetry
An online assortment of cartoons from the New Yorker, 1931-2003. Each cartoon relates to poetry in some way.
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Carla Beard
Web English Teacher
This newsletter is copyright 2007, Web English Teacher.


Wed., April 18, 2007 - Longfellow's Life & Legacy / Poetry and Imagination

Longfellow National Historic Site
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]

“Longfellow's Life & Legacy” and “Poetry and the Imagination”
Shortened URL:
From the site:
“[T]wo downloadable packets offered by Longfellow National Historic Site for teachers' use. The packets are available to download as one large file, or in sections. Please click on the appropriate link below to download the desired document. Packets include biographical information on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, bibliographies for students and teachers, lesson plans, and a variety of primary source materials, including historic photographs, poems, and excerpts from family papers.”


Wed., April 18, 2007 - Longfellow & the Forging of American Identity

Longfellow & The Forging of American Identity
From the site:
“The curricular resources you will find on this page were developed by thirty teachers from Maine and Massachusetts who participated in an intensive two-year (2003-2004) study of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's life and poetry that was organized by the Maine Humanities Council. The program was designed to explore ways of bringing Longfellow's work back into the curriculum in a dynamic and meaningful way—in English, Social Studies, American Studies, Art, Music, and other subjects.”

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Tues., April 17, 2007 - Alfred Hitchcock

----------Forwarded Message--------
Site of the Day for Friday, January 26, 2007

Alfred Hitchcock - The Master of Suspense

Today's site, from Patricio Lopez-Guzman (accents omitted), offers an
engaging presentation on film legend Alfred Hitchcock. Gentle Subscribers
will discover not only biographical and movie material but examples of the
director's noted dry wit, too.

"If you're interested in the suspense meister this lovingly assembled spot
should be your first stop on the web. ... [Hitchcock quote] "When an actor
comes to me and wants to discuss his character, I say, 'It's in the
script.' If he says, 'But what's my motivation?, ' I say, 'Your salary.'"
- from the website

The site features an overview of Hitchcock's life, and a comprehensive
filmography, including cast lists, brief reviews and photos from his
movies. Highlighting the site is the list of cameos Hitchcock made in his
films, complete with photos of the scenes in which he appeared. Details
about the long-running, and highly rated television series, "Alfred
Hitchcock Presents", can be found in the FAQ. Rounding out the site are a
choice collection of essays and the not-to-be-missed "Wit and Wisdom"

Tread over to the site for an enjoyable survey of Hitchcock's career at:

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:


Tues., April 17, 2007 - Cyberbullying / Center for the Safe and Responsible Internet Use

Center for the Safe and Responsible Internet Use
From the site:
“The Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use has been established to provide outreach services addressing issues of the safe and responsible use of the Internet. Our goal is to provide guidance to parents, educators, librarians, policy-makers, and others regarding effective, empowerment strategies to assist young people in gaining the knowledge, skills, motivation, and self-control to use the Internet and other information technologies in a safe and responsible manner.”

[NOTE: See Also:
Cyber-Safe Kids, Cyber-Savvy Teens
From the site:
“Essential strategies to keep children and teens safe online.” - previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Tues., April 17, 2007 - Slavery in America

Site found in:
The World Almanac E-Newsletter
Volume 07, Number 02 — February 2007

Special Feature: Slavery in the Americas
Shortened URL:


Tues., April 17, 2007 - RACE: Are We So Different?

RACE: Are We So Different?
From the site:
“Looking through the eyes of history, science and lived experience, the RACE Project explains differences among people and reveals the reality – and unreality – of race. The story of race is complex and may challenge how we think about race and human variation, about the differences and similarities among people.

RACE: For Kids (10-13)

RACE: A Teacher’s Guide for Middle School
Shortened URL:

RACE: A Teacher’s Guide for High School
Shortened URL:

Source: American Anthropological Association.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Mon., April 16, 2007 - Contacting the Congress

Contacting the Congress: Online Directory for the 110th Congress
Site available in both English and Spanish
From the site:
“Contacting the Congress is a very up-to-date database of congressional contact information for the 110th Congress. As of April 06, 2007 there are 538 email addresses (of which 506 are Web-based email homepages), and 540 WWW homepages known for the 540 members of the 110th Congress. Traditional ground mail addresses are available for all current members of Congress.”
[NOTE: Previously posted. Site updated. - Phyllis ]


Mon., April 16, 2007 - U.S. Presidents

Sites found in:'s- Weekly Tips for Teachers Issue #344
Tips for Teachers #344- Presidents' Day Issue
Sat, 03 Feb 2007
Teacher Tip Newsletter from Teachnology is on-line.

To view this week’s newsletter, visit the following web address:

U.S. Presidents Teaching Theme

U.S. Presidents
Shortened URL:
Annotated links to 13 sites.


Mon., April 16, 2007 - History of the Netherlands

History of the Netherlands
From the site:
“This website, which was created by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, contains a brief account of the history of the Netherlands. Users can search for information under 55 different dates and eight separate themes. For the first seven themes, the dates have been carefully chosen to cover key periods in Dutch history. For theme eight (the most recent period) each year is treated separately.”


Mon., April 16, 2007 - History on Trial

History on Trial
“History on Trial: inquires into controversies over the representation of history.”
The Pocahontas Archive
The Literature of Justification
Reel American History
The Enola Gay Controversy
The Vietnam Wall Controversy

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