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Sat., July 2, 2005 - EconoClass / Global Nomads Group

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SBC Blue Web'n Weekly Updates Blue Webn' Update March 21, 2005
The EconoClass offers great interactive activities for teaching high school economics. Includes games and simulations, case studies, debate topics, and brain teasers.

Grade Level: High School
Content Area: History & Social Studies (Economics)
[Dewey #330]
Application type: Information Resources, Activities

Global Nomads Group

"Founded in 1998, the Global Nomads Group (GNG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to heightening children's understanding and appreciation for the world and its people. Using interactive technologies such as videoconferencing, GNG brings young people together face-to-face to meet across cultural and national boundaries to discuss their differences & similarities, and the world issues that affect them."Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
Content Area: Community Interest (Current Events/News), Community Interest (Government/Politics), Education (Distance Learning), History & Social Studies (Cultures), History & Social Studies (Current Events)
[Dewey #000]
Application type: Activities, Projects


Blue Web'n Weekly Updates are available online at


Sat., July 2, 2005 - Search Engine for Brand Names

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ResearchBuzz #327 -- March 10, 2005

** A Search Engine for Brand Names
Wondering about the "official" site for a brand or product? Sometimes when trying to find such a thing online less is more. Such is the case with VisioBrand, a search engine/directory for only "official" brand sites. It's available at .

The enables you to search or browse for 15,000 "official" Web sites. Categories in the directory include Celebrities, Sports, Services, Pets, and Personal. I went and looked at Personal, which had subcategories including Smoking, Baby Products, and Sunglasses/Eyewear. Listings in the directory include company name, link to a page cache, and a link to the site (framed by VisioBrand -- ick.)

There were some odd omissions here. I drilled down to the lighters category and saw no mention of Zippo. So don't expect this to be a complete list.

I searched for another brand name, in this case Volvo. I got three name matches in the search results: Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Group, and Volvo Trucks. The search results provide more information, including corporate and career information as well as a detailed list of pages found.

ResearchBuzz is copyright 2005 Tara Calishain. All rights reserved.


Sat., July 2, 2005 - World History

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Date Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 4:15 PM
Subject: Education World Site Reviews Vol. 9 Issue 14

Sites to See: World History
World History sites offer students, teachers, and the general public a wealth of resources for teaching and learning about world history. Included are primary documents, lesson plans, multimedia exhibits, Webcasts, teaching strategies, and more. Included: Ten practical world history resources for students and teachers.
[NOTE: Sites not checked. Some were previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Education World®


Sat., July 2, 2005 - Ancient Mesopotamia

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Sent : Wednesday, March 9, 2005 4:09 PM
Subject : [LIFE of Florida] History: Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia: This History, Our History

See also Teacher Resource Center :

Ancient Mesopotamia: This History, Our History is made possible from funding by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. This online resource will feature significant artifacts from the Mesopotamian collection of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. The Oriental Institute is partnering with Chicago Web Docent and eCUIP, The Digital Library to develop curriculum based interactives, a learning collection of digitized artifacts, and an online professional development course for K—12 educators nationwide. Educators from diverse neighborhoods of the city of Chicago will assist us with varied aspects of the development, evaluation and testing of the project. We anticipate that This History, Our History will become a model teaching and learning tool for use in classrooms across the nation.

Learning is For Everyone, Inc.

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Fri., July 1, 2005

Taken From:
======== The NSDL Scout Report for the Physical Sciences ======
===== March 18, 2005 ======
===== Volume 4, Number 6 ======

Top 20 Activities in Chemistry [Java]

At this website, Quia furnishes 20 interactive activities to educate students about chemistry. Students can play matching, word, and concentration games to learn the names and formulas of binary ionic compounds, element symbols, common names of chemicals, and other basic chemistry concepts. The website also offers a quiz about chemical bonds, a chemistry Jeopardy game, a Battleship game about balancing equations, and much more. While users can subscribe to customize the activities, the freea ctivities supplied at the website offer amusing ways to learn about chemistry. [RME]
[NOTE: [NOTE: Other pages from Quia previously posted. Some activities
require paid registration. - Phyllis ]

The NASA Sci Files [Macromedia Flash Player]

The NASA Sci Files website "is designed to enhance and enrich the teaching of mathematics, science, geography, and technology in grades three through five." Educators can find the television broadcast schedule, past episodes for free, and innumerable in-class and at-home activities. Students can solve NASA problems, find animations and videos, discover experiments they can do at home, and much more. Parents can find out why and how they can become involved in exciting their children about science and mathematics.With so many entertaining activities, children are sure to become excited about science. [RME]

Physics: Mechanics Overview [Java]

The Batesville High School Physics Department offers a tutorial about mechanics, the study of motion. The materials are divided into two main topics: Kinematics and Dynamics. The website offers a review of the concepts and discussions of the applications, packed with many animations to help individuals grasp the difficult concepts. Students can find numerous practice quizzes dealing with physics concepts such as speed, free fall, projectiles, and kinetic energy. Educators can find simple laboratory experiments as well as links to outside physics resources. [RME]

Valdosta State University's Virtual Museum of Fossils [gif]

Valdosta State University's Virtual Museum of Fossils offers information on
animals since the Precambrian era. The website offers two navigation
options. In the Find an Animal section, users can view fossils by clicking
on different areas of the geologic timescales for Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes,
Invertebrates, and Vertebrates. In the Choose a Time section, students can
learn about the major characteristics of each era. For each period, this
link also offers a map of the world, the characteristics of the landscape at
the time, and pictures of fossils of the animals that lived during the
period. While the Take a Tour link is still under construction, the
abundance of information covering the geologic past makes the site worth the
visit. [RME]

The Why Files: Virtual Science Comes Alive [jpeg, Java]

At this Why Files website, students can learn about meteorology and physics
through four interactive games. Students can adjust the funnel width and the
pressure difference to observe how these factors affect the destruction
caused by a tornado. At the Play with Lightning link, users can examine how
distance affects the dangers of lightening and the loudness of the thunder.
The Hit a Homerun game allows visitors view the path of a baseball at
different altitudes, speeds, and angles. The website also illustrates how
temperature affects the shape of snowflakes. [RME]
[NOTE: Other pages from posted. – Phyllis ]

>From The NSDL Scout Report for the Physical Sciences, Copyright InternetScout Project 1994-2005.


Fri., July 1, 2005 - Breaking Through: Physics at Berkeley

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Site of the Day for Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Breaking Through: A Century of Physics at Berkeley

Today's site, from the University of California at Berkeley, celebrates the triumphs of the institution's renowned physics lab. Gentle Subscribers will discover some of the world-altering breakthroughs which owed their existence to Berkeley's physicists.

"[T]he story of physics at Berkeley, 1868 -1968, -- as compelling a tale as there is in the history of science. Consider the initial setting -- a frontier university with ambitions as high as the sky -- and consider the results -- scientists who made a machine to smash the atom, built a bomb that ended World War II, fought to limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and won 7 Nobel Prizes in 19 years. ... This exhibit, then, recounts parts of this history as revealed in the archives and collections of The Bancroft Library ..." - from the website.

The site features historical photos, including images of the rural setting of the campus in the late nineteenth century, a history of the first faculty and curriculum and digital images of turn-of-the-century artefacts.The section on "The Language of the Atom" spotlights the move to research in this field, while the move to "Big Science" in mid century ushered in a new era. Sprinkled with names of the famous, such as Robert Oppenheimer and Richard Feynman, the site also offers letters, lecture notes and videoclips. [Oppenheimer biography: ]

Slip over to the site to explore the development and influence of physics at Berkeley at:

A.M. Holm


Fri., July 1, 2005 - Research Overviews: Science & Math

Taken From:
USA Today Web Guide Hot Sites
03/10/2005 - Updated 11:46 AM ET

NSF: Sea Vent Viewer
If you’ve ever wondered what lies at the very bottom of the ocean but aren’t able to hold your breath long enough to find out, consider taking a virtual swim through the National Science Foundation’s Sea Vent Viewer. The interactive, Flash-based feature lets you navigate the seafloor, checking out the various creatures that call it their home. Everything from hydrothermal vents to a human-occupied submersible is covered in detail. — MB
[NOTE: More Research Overviews (Math, Astronomy, Biology Chemistry, Physics, and others) - Phyllis ]

Copyright 2005 USA TODAY


Fri., July 1, 2005 - Global Warming

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Site of the Day for Wednesday, March 9, 2005

The Fact of Global Warming
[NOTE: Other pages from the previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Today's site, from the folks at the WhyFiles, offers a look at the latest
data dealing with global warming. Gentle Subscribers will find this to be
another of the typically informative and well-done presentations they have
come to expect from this organization working out of the University of

"Slowly, the globe confronts global warming. Quickly, the globe warms. But
can we trust computerized climate models? What's happening to the oceans
and the ice? Could warming damage your lungs?" - from the website

The presentation opens with a brief look at the Kyoto protocol and the
mounting evidence of climate changes which have already occurred, followed
by an examination of various computer climate models accompanied by a raft
of graphs. Additional sections explore the disappearance of glacier ice
with revealing photos of ice field changes, the significance of melting
land-based ice, and the implications for human health of increased levels
of ozone in the lower atmosphere over longer periods of time. The exhibit
concludes with an excellent bibliography for further reading.

Stride over to the site for a thought-provoking consideration of global
climate change at:

A.M. Holm

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Thurs., June 30, 2005 - NADA Guides

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Today's Cool Site of the Day for 6/30/2005:! has launched an online side-by-side comparison tool,
giving car buyers the ability to compare up to four new or used cars
simultaneously online. With this new service, shoppers can compare new
against new, new against used or used against used for makes and
models dating back to 1998. The service provides a detailed
side-by-side chart that allows shoppers the opportunity to compare all
types of important vehicle information, including powertrain data,
vehicle dimensions, chassis data, wheel and tire information and more.


Thurs., June 30, 2005 - Confessions of a Car Salesman

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Site of the Day for Monday, March 28, 2005

Confessions of a Car Salesman

Today's site, from the noted car buying information source, is
a gripping account of an "undercover" investigation by journalist Chandler
Phillips, on the less than subtle techniques of selling cars. Gentle
Subscribers may find this probe into how car dealerships work riveting and

"What really goes on in the back rooms of car dealerships across America?
.. What does the car salesman do when he leaves you sitting in a sales
office and goes to talk with his boss? ... What are the tricks salespeople
use to increase their profit and how can consumers protect themselves from
overpaying? ... [W]e came up with the idea of hiring an investigative
reporter to work in the industry and experience, firsthand, the life of a
car salesman. ... We invite you to read the ... account of Phillips'
day-to-day experience on the car lots. Doing so will broaden your
understanding of the dealership sales process. It will also cast a new
light on the role of the car salesman. And, finally, it will help you get a
better deal -- and avoid hidden charges -- the next time you go to buy or
lease a new car." - from the website

The article recounts Phillips' experiences in the car sales industry from
his inside positions at both high pressure and "no haggle" dealerships.
From his attempts to get a job, to the training he received, to the
techniques he was taught to to close a deal, Phillips walks the consumer
through the steps it takes to make a sale from the salesman's perspective.
More than a primer on how to sell a car, this investigation exposes the
practices of how many dealerships manipulate customers into paying a higher
than necessary price for their new cars. Revealing the pressure car
salesmen themselves are under to manipulate buyers, the story discloses
details on finance charges, excessive lease payments, inflated car prices
and how the dealership itself is the winner on most car sales; and how to
avoid being a victim of these practices.

Wheel over to the site for the inside view on selling cars at:

A.M. Holm


Thurs., June 30, 2005 - Consumer Guide Automotive Site

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Date Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 1:53 PM
Subject: Popular Consumer Guide Automotive Site Relaunchess

Popular Consumer Guide Automotive Site Relaunches
Full Story:
Direct to site:

Consumer Guide Automotive, a leading provider
of consumer-oriented automotive information,
today unveiled the newest version of its
award-winning Web site,
The enhanced Web site provides consumers with
the tools they need to make their car buying
experience efficient and rewarding, while
ensuring they receive the best value for the money.
URLwire -
URLwire helps quality content get reviewed,
written about and linked all over the web.


Thurs., June 30, 2005 - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

The Institute conducts and publishes research on a wide range of highway safety issues. Choose from the drop-down list to go to an index of all the documents available on our site about a specific topic.
Or to access quick-reference fact sheets by topic, choose from the list of documents.
Q&As: Answers to a variety of frequently asked questions such as:
Q&A: Alcohol: General
Q&A: Teenagers: Underage Drinking


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Wed., June 29, 2005 - The Math Lab

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Date Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 9:00 AM
Subject: [Surfnetkids Newsletter]

The Math Lab

Copyright © 2005 by, Inc


Wed., June 29, 2005 - Countries of the World / Math Lessons

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Date Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 12:14 AM
Subject: Education World Site Reviews Vol. 9 Issue 11

Sites to See: Countries of the World
Find the answers to all your questions about the countries of the world.
[NOTE: Most of the sites listed here were previously posted. – Phyllis ]


Math Solutions: Index of Classroom Lessons
Good free selection of lessons on a publisher site.



Math solutions online, a division of Marilyn Burns Education Associates, is a commercial site but offers free lesson plans K-8 for use by classroom teachers. It also offers materials for purchase that can help you improve math instruction.

The free lesson plans are indexed on the main page and categorized by grade level. All of the plans are in .pdf format making it easy to print and use them in the classroom

This site provides several well-developed free lesson plans for teachers to supplement their math curriculum. The lessons are grouped by grade level K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and 6-8, for easy access and cover skills from counting, shapes and subtraction in first grade to multiplying fractions, angles, ratio and proportion for eighth graders. Each of the lesson plans are related to a for purchase publication with similar lessons. Many of the lessons are related to literature books and include actual teaching scenarios that would be especially helpful to beginning teachers. Included are lessons from books that are now out of print.

Education World®


Wed., June 29, 2005 - Math and Music

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Hi! It's Monday, March 14, 2005 and time for Math at ClickSchooling!
Recommended Website: Music Through The Curriculum

Phil Tulga is a professionalmusician and music instructor. He has developed educational programs that weave music through the curriculum in almost every subject. He presents those programs to students in public and private schools in Sacramento,California and is available for private groups and organizations as well. As a complement to his music programs, Phil has developed a series of FREE, interactive music activities that are available at his website in math, science, reading comprehension and much more.

When you get to the site you will see a menu that includes:

*MATH AND MUSIC -- Phil has taken popular math manipulatives and enhanced them with rhythm and music. You'll find:-

Unifix Cube Drum Machine -- This shows students how famous composers have used repeating patterns to create music. Students can make their own rhythm or drum patterns with popular

Unifix cubes.-Musical Fraction Bars -- Mathematicians like Pythagoras discovered that musical pitches are derived from fractions. In this activity, students compose and play their own songs using Musical Fraction Bars. Not only that, you'll find instructions for how to build a homemade musical instrument thatis based on these fractions.

-Pattern Block Rock -- Song melodies are patterns of short and long sounds. In this activity, students compose and play their own rhythmic songs using geometric shapes.

-Fraction Pie Rhythms -- This activity shows how musical note durations are organized into fractions, e.g., two half notes equal one whole note. Compose and play your own rhythms using pie fractions instead of standard musical notation.

-Morse Code Music -- Listen to Phil as he plays patterns on his telephone using short and long sounds. These patterns are very much like International Morse Code - a method of encoding each letter and number into short and long sounds called dots and dashes. In this activity, you can compose and play your own rhythmic patterns using International Morse Code. After math, you'll find additional activities including:

*HOMEMADE INSTRUMENTS -- Find directions for making your own panpipes, water bottle xylophone, tubular Glockenspiel, and an origami popper!

*MATH, SCIENCE AND SOUND ACTIVITIES -- Explore 12 different musical activities to learn about sound waves, frequencies, and even find out what frequencies animals can hear.

*READING COMPREHENSION -- Unbelievable as it may seem, Phil uses musical sound to teach sequences to improve reading skills, and he teaches inferences with riddles, picture puzzle predictions, and uses "Peter and theWolf" to teach musical themes and storyline components complete with storymaps!

*READING FLUENCY -- Get Phil's tips for parents on how to encourage a love of reading in your child. Then, use the innovative "Cucumber Pickle Machine" to show your kids how to make rhythmic meters by combining two and three syllable words!

*PATTERN ACTIVITIES -- You won't believe this! Musical sequencing with Fibonacci numbers and Pi! Not only that, play "Name That Tune" or learn about music and the "Mozart Effect."

This site gets a ClickSchooling Award for the best use of technology in helping kids learn!

Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2005,
All Rights Reserved


Wed., June 29, 2005 - Number Server

Taken From:
ResearchBuzz #326 -- March 3, 2005

Reference Engine for Numbers

I don't know how to describe this, so I'll going to call it a reference engine for numbers. Its official name is Number Server, and you can find it at .

It's simple; search for a number. The search result will give you the number's sine, cosine, tangent, Natural logarithm, square root, total squared, total cubed, and other information. Some of those numbers are linked so you can search for them as well.

At the bottom there are links to the previous and next number in the sequence, as well as a Google pointer to a search for number you specified. Information is also available in text or XML format.

There's a little bit of documentation available at . I suspect I am not enough of a math nerd to appreciate this.

==========================================================ResearchBuzz is copyright 2005 Tara Calishain. All rights reserved.

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Tues., June 28, 2005 - Math Sites / Links to Curriculum Areas

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Date Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2005 8:23 PM
From: Rod Oickle
To: Super-Sites-for-Teachers
Subject: RE: [Super-Sites] math..

Try this one –

[NOTE: Home Page has other curriculum area links
"Our Page": A "revised" site devoted to providing practical internet resources for teachers. - Phyllis ]


s_affeld wrote:
Hi! I need some help finding good sites for math. Our main focus next year will be to improve our math scores and I need some ideas that will help all the children in the school.


Tues., June 28, 2005

Taken From:
SBC Blue Web'n Weekly Updates
Blue Webn' Update: Week of March 28, 2005

Columbia Education Center Lesson Plans
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Columbia Education Center has arranged with Microsoft to list some of their lesson plans on the new Encarta Lesson Collection. These lesson plans were created by teachers for use in their own classrooms. Also, you will find math and science lessons, resources, programs, and activities at Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. Also included is a large collection of links to other Internet-Based Lesson Plans and Resources. There are resources available here for both teachers and students.

Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School
Content Area: Arts (Literature), Education, History & Social Studies, Mathematics, Science
[Dewey #370]
Application type: Lesson Plans, Information Resources, Activities


Tech Teachers' Digital Filing Cabinet

Tech Teachers is the on-line home of Meg Ormiston and associates whose goal is to connect technology to curriculum to transform teaching and learning. Each professional development project is focused on improving instruction to directly boost student achievement. This resource has numerous links to Curriculum Resources and Integrating Technology.

Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Adult/Professional
Content Area: Education (Curriculum), Education (Information/Media Literacy ), Education [Dewey #370]
Application type: Information Resources

Blue Web'n Weekly Updates are available online at


Tues., June 28, 2005 - Schrock's Theme of the Month

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Date Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 2:45 PM
S.O.S.: Help for Busy Teachers
Sites of the School Days
a weekly update to
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators on

Site 25
Theme of the Month
..I have launched a new feature called "Theme of the Month" on Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators. Each month I will choose a theme and include a small video from Discovery Education's United Streaming and selected Web links to support the topic. I hope you enjoy it!

Visit this and previous Sites-of-the-School Days by going to
and clicking on an entry!


Tues., June 28, 2005 - EnglishInk

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Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 11:26:35 -0600From: "Brisco, Shonda" Sender: School Library Media & Network Communications


All LM_NET postings are protected by copyright law.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Mon., June 27, 2005

Subject: [Surfnetkids Newsletter] Harriet Tubman

America's Library: Harriet Tubman
Published by the Library of Congress, America's Library is written for upper elementary and middle school students. Harriet Tubman's story is told with four articles about her childhood and her work as a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Other American heroes are listed in categories such as Activists & Reformers, Leaders & Statesmen Adventurers & Explorers.
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Harriet Tubman Biography
In 2003, historian Kate Clifford Larson wrote the first non-juvenile Tubman biography published in nine decades. This site (for high-school students and adults) contains excerpts and photos from Larson's book "Bound For The Promised Land: Harriet Tubman, Portrait of an American Hero." It's a great resource for report writers who want to beyond the basic material available in encyclopedias and at other sites.

Spectrum Biographies: Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman's "parents were from the Ashanti tribe of West Africa, and they worked as slaves on the Brodas plantation. In addition to producing lumber, Edward Brodas raised slaves to rent and sell. Life was difficult on the plantation, and Harriet was hired out as a laborer by the age of five. Harriet did not like to work indoors, and she was routinely beaten by her masters." This one-page bio is perfect for middle school and high school students. Eighty more biographies can be found by following the home page link at the top of the page.
[NOTE: Other biographies previously posted from - Phyllis ]

Harriet Tubman

Copyright © 2005 by, Inc.


Mon., June 27, 2005

Taken From:
Date Sent: Friday, March 25, 2005 5:00 PM

16 Indian Innovations: From Popcorn to Parkas
[Shortened URL: ]
“Imagine our world without chocolate or chewing gum, syringes, rubber balls, or copper tubing. Native peoples invented precursors to all these and made huge strides in medicine and agriculture.”

Isometric Drawing Tool from Illuminations
The activity features several shape and color selections and various tools for producing dynamic 2D or 3D edges, faces and cubes. Ideal for geometry or drawing classes, this interactive resource is a fun, creativity-inspiring diversion for all ages and skill levels.

© 2005 MCI Foundation. All Rights Reserved.


Mon., June 27, 2005

Taken From:
ENC Weekly Update for Math and Science Teachers (03/17/2005)
Hunting for a particular topic, invention, or biography, or just curious about what the calendar offers? Scroll through the listing. [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Classroom Calendar Has Biography of a Mathematical Genius,1819,194,00.shtm
Emmy Noether (1882-1935)
This biography includes a mathematical explanation of her work in ring theory as well as a description of her relationships with other famous scientists.
[NOTE: More short biographies of mathematicians – Phyllis ]

Emmy Noether (1882-1935)
This short biography, from the Association for Women in Mathematics, features quotes from her (male) colleagues describing the influence of her work.
[NOTE: Additional biographies
Links for biographies of Women in Mathematics and Science – Phyllis ]

Women in Science
(ENC #017197) Here you will find biographies of 16 female scientists, including Noether. The biographies provide insights into the struggles that each woman faced while becoming a premier scientist.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Emmy Amalie Noether
This site provides a more detailed biography of Noether, and offers links to other sources of information. The site also features nine pictures of Noether and an interactive map of the Germany that shows the towns in which famous mathematicians were born.
[NOTE: Other pages from
previously posted. – Phyllis ]

The Mother of Abstract Algebra
This text, written by an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo (in Canada), focuses on the strength of character Noether showed in the face of adversity. At the end, the author mentions how inspired she has been just by learning about Noether's life.
[NOTE: See Also: Women in Math (scroll down)

Alexander Graham Bell's life as the inventor of the telephone as well as the beginnings of the communications world as we now know it are presented in Bell's Telephone Patent,1819,33,00.shtm

More About Bell
This biographical sketch tells about Bell's life before the telephone and describes his career after the formation of the Bell Company, now AT&T. [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

The Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers at the Library of Congress, 1862-1939
Enter this Library of Congress site, and you will be rewarded by a wealth of information on Bell, his inventions, and his life.

Chronology of Alexander Graham Bell
There's more to Bell than the telephone! This site presents other important facets of his interesting career.

The Telephone Story
Excellent pictures highlight the evolution of the telephone.


Mon., June 27, 2005 - Alexander Graham Bell

Taken From:
Riverdeep's Classroom Flyer, Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
From Riverdeep:

The Year was 1847 . . .and inventor Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He and his family moved to Canada, hoping for a better climate and relief from tuberculosis. He later attended Boston University, becoming a professor there and meeting his future wife, Mabel Hubbard. Her wedding gift was the majority of stock in the newly formed Bell Telephone Company. Bell became an American citizen, and also helped to found the National Geographic Society. Visit the site below for an online exhibit of Bell's Telephone:
[NOTE: Other pages previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Brenda Barron, Editor
(c) 2005 Riverdeep. All rights reserved.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Sun., June 26, 2005 - Cryptid Zoo / Watching America

Taken From:
USA Today Web Guide Hot Sites
03/25/2005 - Updated 05:58 AM ET

The Cryptid Zoo
What do Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster have in common with gorillas and coelacanths? Once upon a time, people doubted that the last two walked the earth (or, in the case of the coelacanth, swam the seas). Even if you have your doubts about the existence of hidden hairy hominids or sea serpents, cryptozoology makes for a great deal of mentally satisfying what-ifs. Explore the candidates and legends thereof on this site. —HSS

Watching America
One of the marvelous things about the Web is that you can read news coverage from all around the world. So why don’t you? This site compiles coverage of what we might consider “American news” as seen in international publications. Of course it’s fascinating to see how we’re portrayed and what our friends and enemies think of us, but it’s at least as interesting to note which stories seem minor here in the States, but get major play beyond our borders. — HSS

Copyright 2005 USA TODAY


Sun., June 26, 2005 - History Now, June 2005 - American National Holidays

Taken From:
Date: Tue, 15 June 2005
Subject: History Now, June 2005

History Now – Issue Four – June 2005
American National Holidays

The Institute is pleased to present the second issue of
an exciting new online journal for history teachers and students, now
available on the Web at
[NOTE: Earlier issues previously posted. – Phyllis ]

As you prepare for summer vacation, read up on the history of some of America's national holidays. This issue of HISTORY NOW features articles by a group of noted scholars providing a closer look at the origins and the significance of Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


Sun., June 26, 2005

Taken From:
TeachersFirst Update - June 13, 2005

Cell Cycle and Mitosis Grades 6 to 12 University of Arizona
This online tutorial walks students through DNA basics, the cell cycle, and the process of mitosis. Each step of cell division is introduced with a brief description and illustration. Includes a short animation of mitosis, review quiz, and vocabulary list.
[NOTE: Other pages from The Biology Project ( ) previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Idiom Analysis Test Grades 8 to 12 Hoadworks, Inc.
Practice knowledge of common idioms with this fill-in-the-blank test. Key words in each idiomatic phrase have been replaced by their initial letters. Challenge your students to correctly complete each expression. An answer key is included.


Mapping Your Future Grades 8 to 12
[NOTE: Home Page previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Students can explore future career options with this helpful resource, organized by grade level. Ten hyperlinked steps offer guidance in analyzing skills and interests, making the most of high school, selecting a college, dealing with the admissions process, and handling the financial demands of higher education. To ensure that your students get the most out of this site, add some focus questions to the online investigation.


Survive Dickens' London Grades 8 to 12 BBC
[Click on picture to start ]
Take an amazing interactive journey through the streets of 19th century London and interact with some of Charles Dickens' most beloved characters while facing many tasks and choices along the way. Visit Warren's Blacking Factory and learn about the plight of many children in Victorian England, offer assistance to young Oliver Twist, meet Samuel Pickwick, and take a ghostly tour of the city with Jacob Marley. Keep you eyes open for a chance to earn some extra shillings - they may come in handy - but watch out for those unsavory characters you may meet along the way. Your goal is to complete the journey and arrive safely in Dickens' study. An excellent site to pair with a study of one of Dickens' novels.
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Revisiting Watergate Grades 7 to 12 Washington Post
The unmasking of "deep throat," the shadowy informant in the Watergate saga, has prompted a new wave of interest in the sandal that changed American government forever. This retrospective from the Washington Post provides not only a current summary, but a review of the original coverage, from the newspaper that broke the story.
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Sun., June 26, 2005 - Watergate Mystery Man / Fallacy Files

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PBS Teacher Previews: June 12-18, 2005

Online NewsHour EXTRA
"Watergate Mystery Man Comes Forward"
Middle / High School

Check out this online publication for students from the
"NewsHour;" this week "EXTRA" reports on Mark Felt -- the
anonymous source who helped expose the Watergate scandal that
brought down President Nixon.

Fallacy Files
High School

Fallacies are types of mistaken reasoning and Aristotle
described them in two ways: linguistic or non-linguistic or
those which do or do not depend on language. This collection of
fallacies can be browsed alphabetically or by type in the
taxonomy, where you'll find subfallacies within major headings.
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