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Sat., June 16, 2007 - LyricWiki

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April 5, 2007



From the site:
“LyricWiki is a free site which is a single source where anyone can go to get reliable lyrics for any song from any artist without being hammered by invasive ads. Music is a large part of many people’s lives, and we feel there should be a place where people can go to just look up the lyrics to songs. No hassles.”

“LyricWiki is the most comprehensive site ever created for lyrics. Through automated scripts, public domain lyrics were found across the internet and reliable results were mined and formatted to provide the base of more than 200,000 songs that started the site off.”

From the review:
“Everybody likes music. We may not all like the same music, and we may prefer different types of music at different times and in different places. It’s always a popular topic of discussion, and music lyrics are a rich source of meaningful quotations. But when you go out onto the Net and look for lyrics, many of the sites that provide them also bombard you with pop-up ads, spyware and other obnoxious web fungus. Which is why we like LyricWiki.”

For complete review:
Shortened URL:

Gary Price
Editor, ResourceShelf
The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team
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Sat., June 16, 2007 - Baroque Music and Composers

Wonderful World of Baroque Music
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Baroque Music Defined
From the site:
“What is the essence of baroque music? Baroque music expresses order, the fundamental order of the universe. Yet it is always lively and tuneful. Music reflects the mood of the times, then as now as always. Follow the development of music from the earliest times to the present day, with baroque music in historical context.”

Baroque Composers and Musicians

Site also includes Baroque Composers' Portrait Gallery and a Baroque Music Sampler (2 hours)

[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Sat., June 16, 2007 - Sites to See: Teaching and Learning with Music

Sites to See
Teaching and learning with music.
From the site:
“Music sites offer kids information about composers, conductors, and musical instruments, while providing them with opportunities to see, hear, play, and compose their own music. Included: Nearly three-dozen tuneful sites.”
[NOTE: Previously posted. Links updated 03/01/2007 - Phyllis ]


Sat., June 16, 2007 - Smithsonian Global Sound / The Music in Poetry

Smithsonian Global Sound
From the site:
“Smithsonian Global Sound is an international network of music audio archives and an educational resource that delivers the world’s diverse cultural expressions in an informative way via digital media.

The Music in Poetry
From the site:
“The Music in Poetry - Grades K - 12
This issue of Smithsonian in Your Classroom, a publication of the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies, introduces students to English poetic ballads and the poetry of Langston Hughes using music, spoken word, and video found on Global Sound. Full-length streaming tracks to accompany the lesson plans are available here:

More Lesson Plans and Activities

Friday, June 15, 2007


Fri., June 15, 2007 - Van Gogh Museum / Vincent van Gogh Gallery

Van Gogh Museum
Shortened URL:
Site contains an overview (audio-enhanced slideshow) and Van Gogh’s Life by periods
Language: select Change Drop-down menu

[SEE ALSO: The Vincent van Gogh Gallery - previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Fri., June 15, 2007 - DinoDictionary
From the site:
“Dinosaurs from A-Z is your resource for hunting dinosaurs. With profiles of over 300 known dinosaurs, immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge about the giants that roamed the earth so long ago!... Listen to the pronunciation of over 300 dinosaur names by simply clicking on the phonetic spelling of the name.”
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Fri., June 15, 2007 - FRONTLINE: "The Mormons" Teacher's Guide

Site found in:
Subject: The FRONTLINE Planner - June 2007
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 11:56:40 -0400 (EDT)

Original Airdate April 30 & May 1, 2007
[240 Minutes]

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of America's fastest growing religions, and its influence circles the globe. The church has more than 12 million members today and over half of them live outside the United States. Yet the birth of Mormonism and its history is one of America's great neglected narratives. This four-hour documentary brings together FRONTLINE and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE in their first co-production to provide a searching portrait of this fascinating but often misunderstood religion.

Teach "The Mormons" by exploring the historical and contemporary aspects of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For classes in Religion, History, Civics, Geography, Current Event, and Language Studies:

PART I of "The Mormons" teacher's guide provides insights into social studies topics including religious movements and their impact on American history, westward migration and the American frontier, the second "Great Awakening," the role of religion in American democracy and more. Access timelines, maps, and special features now available at:

PART II of "The Mormons" teacher's guide asks: Do Americans Vote for or Veto Religion? Students will learn about the constitutionality of religious tests for office and they will consider whether the electorate imposes an "unofficial" religious requirement to hold office. Students will also evaluate their own comfort level about the role of religion in U.S. elections. Now Available:


Fri., June 15, 2007 - Van Gogh / Picasso / NOVA: Bone DIggers / Hunt for Nazi Scientists

Sites found in:
PBS Teachers Newsletter: June 17- 23, 2007

Simon Schama's Power Of Art
Van Gogh
On-Air & Online
Monday, June 18, 2007
9 - 10:00 pm
Internationally acclaimed scholar and writer Simon Schama tells
the dramatic stories behind eight cutting-edge masterpieces --
eight artist troublemakers in deep trouble, eight stories of
disaster and triumph and eight events that ultimately changed
the way the world looks at art. The first episode looks at how
painting swept Van Gogh to the edge of madness. (CC, Stereo, 1

Learn more about the art and the artists at the companion Web
(Available June 18, 2007)


Simon Schama's Power Of Art
On-Air & Online
Monday, June 18, 2007
10 - 11:00 pm
The moment for Picasso when art collided with politics and his
choice to defy the fascism of WWII, led to the enduring power
of "Guernica." (CC, Stereo, 1 year)

Learn more about Picasso's "Guernica" at the companion Web site.
(Available June 18, 2007)

Bone Diggers
On-Air & Online
Tuesday, June 19, 2007
8 - 9:00 pm
NOVA takes you to the stark Australian outback in search of the
elusive bones of one of the world's most bizarre prehistoric
creatures -- a giant predatory marsupial called Thylacoleo.
(CC, Stereo, DVI, 1 year)

Log on to the companion Web site to explore what the marsupial
lion's skeleton reveals about how it lived.
[NOTE: See teaching guide pasted below. – Phyllis ]


Secrets of the Dead
The Hunt for Nazi Scientists
On-Air & Online
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
8 - 9:00 pm
This episode explores the silent race between the Allies to
capture Germany's top scientists during the waning days of
World War II. (CC, Stereo, 1 year)

Go beyond the realm of World War II and use our interactive
online timeline to track von Braun's career before and after
the war.


Copyright 2007 PBS Online

---------Forwarded Message--------
Next on NOVA: "Bone Diggers"

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 at 8 p.m.
Check your local listings as dates and times may vary.

NOVA takes viewers to the stark Australian outback in search of the
elusive bones of one of the world's most bizarre prehistoric
creatures -- a giant predatory marsupial called Thylacoleo.
Australia's leading paleontologists endure extreme weather,
treacherous drops into a deep cavern, and the threat of fossil
poachers as they launch a daring expedition to find the rare

Here's what you'll find on the companion Web site:

Evolution Down Under
How did Australia come to be marsupial heaven?

The Extinction Enigma
Who or what killed off Australia's biggest creatures 45,000
years ago?

Anatomy of Thylacoleo
Explore what the marsupial lion's skeleton reveals about how it

Australia's Vanished Beasts
A 25-foot lizard. A carnivorous kangaroo. See these and other
extinct animals.

Also, Links & Books, the Teacher's Guide, the program transcript,
and more:

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Wed., June 13, 2007 - Lazy Readers' Book Club

Lazy Readers' Book Club
From the site:
“My mission is to increase interest in reading by providing cool, short book recommendations for all ages. From interest comes devotion.

As teachers, parents or whatever state we find ourselves in, we often cannot find time to read for fun, and I think it is important that our children see us reading for pleasure. Therefore, each month I provide book recommendations that are quick and easy to read for personal pleasure. I try not to include any books over 250 pages, and I always include books written for a variety of ages (don't be shy about reading kids' books, though; they are my favorites because they generally have shorter chapters, bigger print and colorful pictures).

I hope you find a few moments to enjoy these quick reads in May:

The different reading levels are classified as follows:
Adult Young Adult Children”

Subscribe: Mailing List
From the site:
“Once a month, we send an e-mail update to our subscribers, containing our current short book recommendations. There is no advertising, and we never share our mailing list with anyone. Ever.”


Wed., June 13, 2007 - Classical Authors Directory

Classical Authors Directory
[NOTE: Previously posted. Not recently updated. - Phyllis ]


Wed., June 13, 2007 - Dramorama / Google Lit Trips / School Time Games / Horror Genre

Sites found in:
ConnectEng, the newsletter of Web English Teacher
March 18, 2007


Sites to Check Out:

This site's owner writes, "The goal is to give away as much practical information as possible."
Whatever your level of participation in drama, there is something here for you.

Google Lit Trips
Bring literature to life using Google Earth technology. Follow the wanderings of Odysseus, the journey of Elie Wiesel from his home to the Nazi concentration camps, the travels of Candide, more. Each map is a free download and comes with screen shots and other support materials. You need Google Earth ( ) installed on your computer in order to take advantage of this site.

School Time Games
The games at this site are designed for elementary students and have lots of value in developing word recognition and fluency. They include word searches and two varieties of Hangman. My favorite is Hangaroo – choose the wrong letter, and the kangaroo develops an attitude!

Teaching the Horror Genre
Online texts, lesson plans, WebQuests, and suggestions for writing horror. From Goosebumps to Poe and Stephen King – it’s all here.


Carla Beard
Web English Teacher
This newsletter is copyright 2007, Web English Teacher.


Wed., June 13, 2007 - from Librarians' Internet Index NEW THIS WEEK, March 29, 2007

Sites found in:

Librarians' Internet Index
Websites you can trust!
NEW THIS WEEK, March 29, 2007
Read This Online :

The Drachen Foundation
This organization is "devoted to the increase and diffusion of knowledge of kites worldwide." The "About Kites" section of the website features kite basics (types of kites and how and in what winds they fly), discussion of kite building materials, and kite history resources that describe "the Eastern and Western origins of kites, and highlight significant events during kiting's long history." Also includes reports from research projects, description of archive collections, and related material.
LII Item:


William Faulkner: The First Hundred Years
Companion to a 1997 exhibit about the life and works of this author, who was born in 1897. Features annotated images of photos, movie posters, and books. The "Major Novels" section includes overviews of novels such as "Absalom, Absalom!," "As I Lay Dying," and "The Sound and the Fury." From the Special Collections Library, University of Michigan.
Shortened URL:
LII Item:


World History for Us All
This website provides "a comprehensive model curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools." Features an overview of the integrative approach to world history, lesson plans arranged by "Big Eras," a glossary, and links to related websites. Some portions in development. A project of San Diego State University in cooperation with the National Center for History in the Schools at the University of California, Los Angeles.
LII Item:


Political Assassination: The Violent Side of American Political Life
This essay discusses the history and timing of political assassinations and assassination attempts in the U.S. The site notes that nine presidents have been the objects of assassination attempts, as have been one president-elect, three presidential candidates, eight governors, and many other political figures. "No other country with a population of over 50 million has had as high a number of political assassinations or attempted assassinations." From the University of Houston.
LII Item:
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Librarians' Internet Index
Websites You Can Trust!
Copyright 2007 by Librarians' Internet Index.

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Tues., June 12, 2007 - Asian Pacific Americans / World War I / The Battle of the Bulge

Sites found in:
Library of Congress Learning Page Newsletter: June 6, 2007

Asian Pacific Americans Community Center
Help your students understand Asian Pacific Heritage through the resources of the Asian Pacific Americans Community Center. Don't miss the Primary Source Set on Japanese American internment during WW II ( )
[NOTE: Other pages from Community Center previously posted. -Phyllis ]

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month (May)
The content celebrates nationally observed heritage months, but many teach these topics year-round.
This Library-wide Web portal offers links to video selections, sound files, Library collections, and teaching materials pertaining to Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.

World War I: The Great War
This new presentation from the Veterans History Project offers the experience of World War I through the voices, images, and personal effects of those who were there. Students can examine written accounts (letters, diaries, and memoirs) and photographs that will breathe life into a study of this long-ago event.
[NOTE: Previous releases posted. – Phyllis ]

The Battle of the Bulge - Interactive Essay
This unique presentation uses U.S. Army situation maps to illustrate this famous WWII battle. Your students will enjoy the interactivity and the historical expertise shared by Library of Congress experts.

The Library of Congress Educational Outreach Staff


Tues., June 12, 2007 - Internet History Sourcebooks / NPR: Free Transcripts: NPR's Mideast Coverage

Sites found in:
INFOMINE Email Alert Service
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007

[NOTE: All the Internet History Sourcebooks ( )
were previously posted. Most were updated in 2006, and 2007. – Phyllis ]
Internet Women's History Sourcebook
Record Id: 667011
Created: 2007-03-28 00:44:42
Categories: liberal

Resources in Women's Studies, providing annotated links to primary
sources and other websites related to women and women's history in
various cultures and time periods.

Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
Record Id: 667010
Created: 2007-03-27 23:30:42
Categories: liberal

Annotated subject guide to Jewish history resources available online.
Offers links to websites on the peoples of ancient Israel, Judaism, the
Middle Ages, Jewish communities, diaspora, anti-semitism, the Holocaust,
and the modern state of Israel.

Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
Record Id: 667009
Created: 2007-03-27 23:22:42
Categories: liberal

Guide to East Asian history websites; religious traditions, China,
Japan, Korea, Western influence, World War II, the Vietnam War, and
modern history.

Internet African History Sourcebook
Record Id: 667008
Created: 2007-03-27 21:39:42
Categories: liberal

Guide to African history resources online. Topics include human origins,
Egypt, ancient African societies, Greek and Roman Africa, Islam,
Christianity, slavery, European imperialism, and modern Africa.

Internet Indian History Sourcebook
Record Id: 667007
Created: 2007-03-27 21:39:42
Categories: liberal

Subject guide to Indian history sources available on the web, with links
to primary documents and electronic resources in chronological and
topical sections.

NPR : Free Transcripts : NPR's Mideast Coverage
Record Id: 667006
Created: 2007-03-27 14:16:42
Categories: govpub,liberal

NPR offers a database of reports (transcripts and audio) about the
Middle East. The archive contains relevant programs since May 2002,
which can be browsed by date. Site also features NPR special reports and
perspectives on the modern history of the Middle East.


Tues., June 12, 2007 - AncientWeb: The Ancient World's Greatest Civilizations

--------Forwarded Message--------
Hi! It's Thursday, March 29, 2007 and time for Ancient History at

Recommended Website: The Ancient World's Great Civilizations

ClickSchooling list member Olena recommended today's website that provides
information about ancient cultures, specifically designed with students and
teachers in mind.

When you get to the site you will see some featured ancient cultures in the
center of the homepage. Click on the links, and you'll find that some open
to pages providing a brief overview of a particular ancient culture, while
others open to new websites containing an array of multi-media content
including interactive maps and flash animations. Use the menu on the left
side of the home page to access all of the ancient cultures featured at this
site including those of:


Again, this site provides a simple overview of some cultures, and more
in-depth info on others. Even the links leading to pages with less content
serve as great introductions that could springboard your child to further
independent investigation. You will also find recommended educational
resources (books, DVDs, etc.) for sale -- but you are not obligated to
purchase a thing.

Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should ALWAYS preview the sites for suitable content.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Federally Registered Trademark.


Tues., June 12, 2007 - Regents Exam Prep Center

Regents Exam Prep Center (Gr. 9-12)
Site includes Reviews, study guides, online resources and sample tests for
Math A, Math B, Global History, U.S. History, Earth Science
Living Environment, Chemistry and Physics

Monday, June 11, 2007


Mon., June 11, 2007 - Particle Adventure

--------Forwarded Message--------
Hi! It's Tuesday, March 27, 2007, and time for Science at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
Particle Adventure
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Age Range: 10 and up (approximate)

A big "THANK YOU" goes out to ClickSchooling list member, Mindi Warren for
recommending this website that offers an award-winning interactive tour of
quarks, neutrinos, antimatter, extra dimensions, dark matter, accelerators,
and particle detectors.

Sponsored by the Particle Data Group of Lawrence Berkeley National
Laboratory, it is available in an impressive array of languages including
Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, German, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch,
Chinese, Slovenska, and Norsk!

Click the "Start Here" button to begin the adventure. Once you begin, the
menu appears in the left column, and you can jump to any topic of interest.
The best way to make sure you don't miss anything is to proceed sequentially
by using the arrows at the top right of each page.

Lively illustrations and good-natured humor keep you smiling as you learn
fascinating and amazing facts about physics and the microscopic wonders of
the world in which we live, plus a section on unsolved mysteries and several
sections explaining how scientists have learned what we know so far. Learn
what Einstein tried, but failed, to find! Because each page contains only a
short segment of text, this is highly readable and accessible even if you
have no physics background at all.

Make sure pop-ups are enabled on your browser, so you can take advantage of
all the fun little trivia questions and other special tidbits that come up,
including "a particle physicist's idea of a good pun" in the section on
"What Is The World Made Of?"

In the lower part of the main page, you can also find links to more particle
physics exploration for high schoolers, classroom activities (quiz yourself
on what you have learned from this site!), a two-page summary of particles
and their history, and a glossary of relevant terms. Older students can find
some really advanced topics here! Younger children will enjoy the
introductory page of "The Fireworks of Particles." :)

And at the top of the page, "See all the excitement at!"
takes you to a cute animation of quarks dancing to some toe-tapping
accordion music. Make sure your speakers are on! There are also links here
for further exploration of this topic, including posters about contemporary
physics (frontier physics).

MaryAnna Cashmore
Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should ALWAYS preview the sites for suitable content.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Federally Registered Trademark.


Mon., June 11, 2007 - Life Sciences / New Genetics / Solar Eclipse / Space Weather / Virtual Science Courseware

Sites found in:
Teaching Resource
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007

New resources at FREE, the website that makes
teaching resources from federal agencies easier to find:
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence


Life Sciences
presents activities, animations, and lessons on cells,
diversity of life, ecology, evolution, heredity and genetics,
and the human body. Topics include cell division, embryos,
energy, genes, traits of life, muscles, eyes, optical
illusions, depth perception, mutant fruit flies, frogs,
extremophiles, bacterial terrarium, mold, yeast, and more.
(Exploratorium, National Science Foundation)
Shortened URL:

[NOTE: Exploratorium: The Learning Resource Collection Digital Library - previously posted. - Phyllis ]


The New Genetics
explains the process by which all living things pass genes to
their offspring. Discover how genes serve as "instruction
books" for making molecules (such as RNA and proteins) that
perform the chemical reactions in our bodies. Learn how genes
influence health and disease. Find out how studies of
evolution drive medical research and how computers are
advancing genetics in the 21st century. (National Institutes
of Health)


Solar Eclipse
explains what to look for during a solar eclipse, how to
create a pinhole projector (for safely viewing an eclipse),
why eclipses happen, a world map of future eclipses, and
archives of webcasts of past eclipses in Greece (2004), the
U.S. (2002), and more. (Exploratorium, National Aeronautics
and Space Administration)
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Space Weather Research Explorer
looks at how the sun creates a changing set of conditions in
space. Learn about coronal holes, solar flares, coronal mass
ejections, solar wind, magnetosphere, and auroras. See
photos, graphs, and live data. Make your own space weather
predictions. (Exploratorium, Multiple Agencies)


Virtual Courseware
demonstrates fundamental concepts related to earthquakes and
global warming. Learn how to find the epicenter of an
earthquake, how to determine richter magnitude, and how rocks
are dated. Interactive tutorials explain the carbon cycle,
water cycle, greenhouse effects, seasons, Milankovitch cycles,
and albedo. Animations, inquiry-based activities, and
assessments are provided. (California State University, Los
Angeles, National Science Foundation)
[NOTE: Some modules from this site previously posted. - Phyllis ]


view an archive of past messages


Mon., June 11, 2007 - From ResourceShelf, March 16-22, 2007

Sites found in:
ResourceShelf Newsletter
March 16-22, 2007

Copyright resources on the Web: Sites to keep you current
C&RL News, March 2007
Vol. 68, No. 3
Shortened URL:

An excellent selection of resources compiled and annotated by David Hodgins, the head of access services at Methodist University.


Abolition of slavery (UK)
New portal offers insight into slavery 200 years ago
The online exhibition has been created to serve as an informative resource for schoolchildren, budding amateur historians and complete novices interested in the history surrounding the bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act. The Act was passed on 25 March 1807, 26 years before the Emancipation Act (1833) which led to the gradual abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire.

Direct to Web Site

Source: National Archives, United Kingdom


Recently Updated Country Profiles from Nuclear Threat Initiative, Center for Nonproliferation Studies
These country profiles provide insight into why countries pursue nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and missile programs, how they develop their programs, and why they may choose to stop developing such weapons.


Selected Internet Resources --
Includes section on Just for Fun (& Education!)
Source: Science Reference Services, Library of Congress

Selected Internet Resources in Science and Technology
[NOTE: Previously posted. – Phyllis ]


Timelines: Iraq Timeline (1920-Present)
by Borgna Brunner and Beth Rowen
First entry is 1920 (Iraq comes under British mandate after the fall of the Ottoman empire in 1918) and was last updated on Feb. 27, 2007 (U.S. officials say they will participate in high-level talks with Iran and Syria at an upcoming meeting about Iraq). From 2002 through 2007, entries are listed by date. Prior to 2002, entries listed by year.

See Also: Iraq Primer
Gary Price
Editor, ResourceShelf
The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team
"Post via ResourceShelf"
for even more resources visit


Mon., June 11, 2007 - Analemma

--------Forwarded Message--------
Site of the Day for Wednesday, March 21, 2007

[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Today's site, with a nod to yesterday's event of the vernal equinox -- the
first day spring -- offers an expansive presentation on the concept of the
analemma, from Bob Urschel. Gentle Subscribers, who may not have
encountered this term, will discover a detailed explanation of how and why
the analemma occurs.

"If you could record the position of the sun in the sky at the same time
every day, let's say sometime around noon and subtracting one hour if you
are observing daylight saving time, you would notice that the sun takes a
rather strange path. You might notice that at certain times throughout the
year the sun's position not only varies higher and lower (North and South)
as you would expect with the change of the seasons, but also slightly east
and west. This figure-8 path that the sun makes in the sky is called the
analemma." - from the website

With an abundance of vivid diagrams, charts and animated quicktime movies,
the site explains the analemma in a step-by-step fashion. The presentation
explores the primary factors of the analemma -- the earth's elliptical
orbit and the varying rates of speed during the course of that orbit around
the sun because of the ellipsis; and the significance and effect of the
tilt of the earth's axis. For those with a decided scientific inclination,
the math behind these astronomical conditions has been provided. Additional
material notes the analemmas on other planets in the solar system as well.

Swing over to the site for an in depth exhibit on the analemma at:

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Sun., June 10, 2007 - River to Rail

River to Rail
From the site:
“The Rise and Fall of River and Rail Transportation in Madison, Indiana.
From early riverboats to Indiana’s first railroad, Madison was uniquely caught up in the age of steam. She rode the waves and rails of prosperity that steam had brought, then experienced loss at steam’s demise. Join us for the amazing story of Madison in the age of steam.” Explore the effect of steamboats and railroads on the development of the Mid-West.
In addition to the information, there are over 200 historic photos.


Sun., June 10, 2007 - Jamestown Rediscovery / Historic Jamestowne

Jamestown Rediscovery
From the site:
“Jamestown Rediscovery is investigating the remains of 1607-1698 Jamestown”

Jamestown History

A Timeline of Events and References
Leading up to and through the founding of Jamestown


Historic Jamestowne

Site includes Lesson Plans, Interactive Exercises, and Historic Briefs.


[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Sun., June 10, 2007 - How Stuff Works: Fireworks / PBS: A Capitol Fourth

How Stuff Works: Fireworks
From the site:
“Firecrackers have been around for hundreds of years.”


A Capitol Fourth (July 4, 2006)
Includes a page on the History of the Fourth, as well as pages on John Philip Sousa and on the National Mall.


Sun., June 10, 2007 - John Paul Jones

---------Forwarded Message-------- (from last summer)
Hi! It's Thursday, July 6, 2006 and time for Social Sciences at

Today is the birthday of the Father of the American Navy, John Paul Jones.
Here are some websites with biographical information about this American
Revolutionary War hero...

Recommended Websites:

Naval Historical Center: John Paul Jones
[NOTE: Other pages from - previously posted. - Phyllis ]

This website offers the most comprehensive biography of Jones' life --
including an interesting biography by James Fenimore Cooper (author of "The
Last of the Mohicans")! There is a timeline of the events in Jones' life
and naval service along with information about his legacy. Did he really
say, "I have not yet begun to fight?" Go to this site and find out.

The American Revolution Home Page: John Paul Jones
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]

This website provides an overview of the life and naval accomplishments of
John Paul Jones -- and more importantly, it contains pictures of paintings,
sculptures, and illustrations that depict John Paul Jones.

The Ships of the American Revolution: The Bonhomme Richard
[NOTE: Could not connect today. – Phyllis]
This website features information on the ship Jones' commanded, The Bonhomme
Richard. You can read a history of the ship and see illustrations of it as
well -- including a diagram and explanation of each section of the ship.
You'll even learn the fascinating origin of the name of the ship.

John Paul Jones Museum

This is the website of the John Paul Jones Museum in Scotland. Read his
biography and see pictures of the cottage where Jones was born.

Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should ALWAYS preview the sites for suitable content.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Federally Registered Trademark.

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