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Thurs., Dec. 10, 2009 - Genealogy: From Footnote: WWII and Holocaust Records Free Until End of December

From: Family Tree Magazine Newsletter: Genealogy Insider

Monday, December 07, 2009

Footnote's WWII Records and Holocaust Records Free Through December

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WWII Records

Holocaust Records


Thurs., Dec. 10, 2009 - Public Agenda: "With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them"

Date: Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 11:44 AM

Subject: Public Agenda Alert: New Research on Why So Many Don't Finish College

With Their Whole Lives Ahead Of Them

From the site:

“Most young adults who started college and didn't finish say they left because they needed to work more to make ends meet, according to Public Agenda's latest survey, With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them. Juggling work, school and family proved to be the biggest challenge to these students.

“This is one of the key questions bedeviling higher education: why so many college students drop out. Some 2.8 million students enroll in some form of higher education each fall, but federal statistics show fewer than half of all college students graduate within six years.” <<>>


Thurs., Dec. 10, 2009 - PBS: Design Squad

Date: Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 10:07 AM
Subject: New PBS Teacher Guide: Design Squad

Order your free Teacher's Guide from PBS' engineering reality competition series, Design Squad!

Developed for middle school science and technology educators, Design Squad's latest guide blends hands-on engineering challenges with 3 core science concepts:

Force - students build their own blimps
Electricity - students design electronic games
Sound - students make and play instruments

The challenges use low cost, readily available materials and are linked to national science and technology standards.

Order your free copy of the Design Squad Teacher's Guide here.

Once you complete the online sign up form, you will receive an e-mail message from with a link to confirm your order. You'll receive your guide within a few weeks. While you're waiting, you can view the Teacher's Guide in pdf format here:


Parents & Educators > Getting Started

From the site:

“Here's where you'll find everything you need to know about the Design Squad program and Web site. Plus you can find tons of fun engineering activities you can do at home, in the classroom or with any group of kids. Use the links below to explore these areas.”


Thurs., Dec. 10, 2009 - PBS: "Your America" Guide / NATURE: Shark Mountain / Killer Flu

Sites found in:

PBS Teachers Newsletter: December 13-19, 2009

NOW on PBS Releases Free Classroom Activity Guides for "Your America"

The Emmy Award-winning news magazine NOW on PBS is offering free teacher and student guides as a companion to the critically-acclaimed book Your America: Democracy's Local Heroes..Your America makes teaching civics accessible and fun through the inspiring stories of real Americans who defeated the odds and made change happen. The "Your America" Student Guide can make teaching civics accessible and fun through the inspiring stories of real Americans who defeated the odds and made change happen.


Shark Mountain
On-Air & Online
Gr. 9-12
Sunday, December 13, 2009
8 - 9:00 pm

In the waters around Cocos Island, a tiny Pacific outpost that
was once a favorite haunt of pirates, "Nature's" cameras
observe some of the most surprising and baffling shark behavior
ever captured on film. (CC, Stereo, HD, 1 year)


Secrets of the Dead
Killer Flu
On-Air & Online
Gr. 6-8 / 9-12
Monday, December 14, 2009
10 - 11:00 pm

Since the original broadcast of this program, scientist Jeffrey
Taubenberger and his team have successfully created a genetic
sequencing of the 1918 flu virus, resurrected the virus itself
to study its effects on lung tissue and announced a striking
similarity between the 1918 virus and the H5N1 avian flu virus.
The updated episode includes new material and interviews with
Taubenberger that reflect new findings. (CC, Stereo, HD, 1 year)

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Copyright 2008 PBS Online

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Wed., Dec. 9, 2009 - Storyboarding (from Scotland's Information Literacy site)


Shortened URL:

From the site:

“A storyboard looks a bit like a picture story or comic strip. It's something that film makers and animators use to plan the scenes in a film or animation. It's something that you can use too when you want to plan a video or presentation.”

Part of the Information Literacy site from Scotland:

The Information Literacy website is an online service to support the development of information skills.”

Updated on: 18 November 2009


Wed., Dec. 9, 2009 - Ice Age Art

Suggested by a reader:

The Ice Age Art: An exhibition of Ice Age Art and Symbol

“There is a wonderful slide show and interactive puzzle game that even the academic kids find fun and challenging.”

From the site:

“As far back in time as 30,000 years ago, human beings were creating images of their world, for reasons that seem magical and mysterious. They painted animals on cave walls, they incised patterns into bones, and they carved human and animal figures out of horn and stone. Though the artists and their communities have receded into the mists of remote time, their works remain to entice us into a search to learn more about our ancient parents.”

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Wed., Dec. 9, 2009 - Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur

From the site:

“Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) was one of the greatest biologists of the nineteenth century. He is credited with the discovery of the germ theory, using heat to kill germs in food products (a process now called pasteurization ), debunking the long held theory of spontaneous generation, and the development of early vaccines to prevent the spread of diseases.”

Page includes 9 links to related sites (5 annotated, 4 Honorable Mentions)


Wed., Dec. 9, 2009 - How Meerkats Work

--------Forwarded Message--------

Site of the Day for Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How Meerkats Work

Today's site, from HowStuffWorks and written by Maria Colenso, provides an
informative exhibit about those endearing animals made famous by a number of
popular movies and currently being featured in Canada as the celebrity animals in a
cellphone company's advertising campaign. Gentle Subscribers may enjoy this
presentation on the behavior of these interesting animals.

"If you've seen Disney's 'The Lion King' or Animal Planet's 'Meerkat Manor,' you're
familiar with the celebrity meerkats. And whether your favorite is the animated
Timon or one of the reality TV families (Whiskers clan, or otherwise), it's hard
not to fall for these small, social mammals. But just like Hollywood celebrities,
it's best to appreciate meerkats from a distance. According to a law called the
Lacey Act, any wildlife (wild mammals, birds and fish) that isn't native to the
U.S. can't be brought here. Meerkats live in the Kalahari Desert, ... which makes
it illegal to keep them as pets in the U.S. without specific permits and licenses."
- from the website

The exhibit offers information on meerkat habitat and diet, their interesting
social customs and their special characteristics which allow them to survive in the
inhospitable environment of an African desert. A number of videos, excerpts from
Animal Planet's "Meerkat Manor" are available, including one showing a meerkat
battle and retreat between two groups competing over territory. Not to be missed is
the photo gallery with winsome images of meerkats, accompanied by informative
notes. There's even a little quiz. Additional meerkat resources are available at
the end of the exhibit.

Scoot over to the site for a look at these engaging "kats" at:

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:

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Tues., Dec. 8, 2009 -

The World's Largest Pearl Information Source


Tues., Dec. 8, 2009 - MyBytes


From the site:

“MyBytes is all about your creative ideas: expressing them, showing them to the world, and protecting them. When you create something, you have the right to receive credit for your idea, and have a say in how others use it.

“To help you see how this works for musicians, filmmakers, video game programmers and other creative people, we've built the MyBytes Music Mixer and Showcase. Plus, you'll find interviews with creative professionals and students, stories of how creative rights affect you, and more.”

Sponsored by Microsoft

For Teachers link takes you to
Digital Citizenship and Creative Content


Tues., Dec. 8, 2009 - Digital Citizenship and Creative Content: free program and teacher's guide

Digital Citizenship and Creative Content

From the site:

“Students interact with music, movies, software, and other digital content every day. Do they understand the rules that dictate the ethical use of these digital files, and do they understand why these issues are relevant?

“The Digital Citizenship and Creative Content program is a free, turnkey instructional program. The goal is to create an awareness of the rights connected with creative content. Because only through education can students gain an understanding of the relevance of and a personal respect for creative rights and grow to become good digital citizens.”


Tues., Dec. 8, 2009 - PBS: DNA


Episode 1: The Secret of Life

Other Episodes:
2. Playing God
3. Human Race
4. Curing Cancer
5. Pandora’s Box

From the site:

“The discovery of the double helix structure of DNA is to science what the Mona Lisa is to painting. It’s been called the single biggest discovery of all time. But it wasn’t just stumbled upon – it was a race.”

Take a tour of the history of DNA, including images, illustrations and video clips from
the series. Check out a 3D model of the double helix, with the ability to rotate and zoom. Plus, learn more about the chemical components of DNA. Site includes Timeline and Glossary.

For Teachers

Links to more DNA Resources

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Mon., Dec. 7, 2009 - Show: A New Way to Look at the World (with maps)

SHOW: A New Way to Look at the World (with Maps)

From the site:
“See how the United States reposition on the map based on your choice of subjects. Authoritative data. Easy access.

See also:



Mon., Dec. 7, 2009 - All About Cities

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Site of the Day for Monday, December 15, 2008

All About Cities

Today's site, from Dr. Wendy Waters, a specialist in urban economic trends,
examines the structure and nature of cities. Gentle Subscribers will discover an
informative consideration of the environment which is home to the great majority of
North Americans.

"Cities are fascinating. This blog explores the economy, society, communities,
people, businesses, organizations, infrastructure, civil society and government of
cities -- and the tensions and connections between them." - from the website

The blog delves into themes such as urban technologies, trends, and history; along
with ecological issues, development conflicts and downtown. Among recent articles
are those questioning whether bicycle friendliness can help a city's economic
development and whether three bedroom condos should be the next trend in downtown
real estate. With sprawl, transportation and diversity key factors of any city,
this presentation provides an insightful commentary on the issues confronting most
North American urban environments.

Step over to the site for an interesting and ongoing presentation on the city at:
A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:


Mon., Dec. 7, 2009 - Temperature Converter

Temperature Converter

Online converter: fill in the input box in the first column and click on the 'equal' sign !

_____ Celsius (°C) = ______ Fahrenheit (°F)

_____ Fahrenheit (°F) = ______ Celsius (°C)

Site includes a link to a YouTube video: Measuring Temperature


Mon., Dec. 7, 2009 - Lessons from the Bay / Climate Clues Through Flowers / Math Problems in Space Science / Blue Man Group: Earth to Humanity

Sites found in:

December 13, 2008 "Earth Science Sites of the Week"


LESSONS FROM THE BAY, Virginia Department of Education (Aleve Van Done) This is a great resource that I have used in my class many times. I like the lesson where students construct parts of a river, pollution and all, and then connect them. I've had them do it, but didn't tell them the outcome. Then I bring in some garbage and have each section of the river read what they contribute, then pass it on to the next section.

The whole curriculum is here:


CLIMATE CLUES THROUGH FLOWERS, (suggested by Liz Colvard, Science Information and Education Office, USGS), if you thought flowers were for special occasions, think again! Plants and flowers are also indicators for changes in climate. Through Project Budburst, volunteers are helping track climate change by observing and recording the timing of flowers and other plants. U.S. students, gardeners and other citizens are entering their observations into an online database that, over time, will give researchers a more detailed picture of global climate change.


EXTRA-CREDIT PROBLEMS IN SPACE SCIENCE, NASA (Bill Dicks) Grades 7-9 these activities comprise a series of 20 practical math applications in space science. Students looking for additional challenges in math and physical science are encouraged to use these as potential extra credit problems. The problems are authentic glimpses of modern engineering issues that arise in designing satellites to work in space. Each word problem has background information providing insight into the basic phenomena of the sun-Earth system, specifically space weather. The one-page assignments are accompanied by one-page teacher guides with answer keys. It is available at:

Shortened URL:

[NOTE: Other pages from previously
posted. – Phyllis ]


BLUE MAN GROUP, (Susan & Len Sharp) And for those of you who like entertainment in your may wish to share this with your students in celebration of the next Earth Day...The Blue Man Group's YouTube musical message to spread the awareness of global warming:
Blue Man Group: Earth To Humanity


Mark Francek
Central Michigan University
Resource Page:

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Sun., Dec. 6, 2009 - Biology Questions and Answers

Biology Questions and Answers - Biology questions and answers - Grades 7 to 12

Site found on TeachersFirst:

Use this online biology study guide to find the answers to more than 1800 questions on a variety of topics. Read through the questions from beginning to end in order to completely understand the material as it is arranged in order to completely understand the concepts. Click on a variety of topics including "Biochemistry," "Zoology," "Ecology," and "Diseases" among others. Click "Search Answers" and enter your question to find items that can answer your search.

Entire review and suggestions for using this site “In the Classroom”:


Sun., Dec. 6, 2009 - Forest Life

Forest Life - UPM - Grades 2 to 12

Site found on TeachersFirst:

Visit and listen to a forest and its wildlife without going outside. Listen to narrated portions or click on areas in the forest to learn about inhabitants. You can even zoom in to learn more about specific topics. As you move through the screens, you will understand the meaning of sustainable forestry. Click on the map at the bottom to choose between various topics such as mature forests, bioenergy, and wetlands. Click on Sustainable Forestry to learn about topics related to the economic, environmental, and social uses of forests. The site creator, UPM, is a “…forest industry company. UPM consists of three Business Groups: Energy and Pulp, Paper, and Engineered Materials.”

Entire review and suggestions for using this site “In the Classroom”:

(2008 Webby Award Winner)


Sun., Dec. 6, 2009 - Visual Elements Periodic Table

Visual Elements Periodic Table - - Grades 7 to 12
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Site found on TeachersFirst:

Click on any of the colorful icons to learn more about any of the elements of the periodic table. Hover over an icon to see the symbol, name, and atomic number pop up to the side. View information for each element, including the discoverer, where found, description and information, animations, and chemical data.

Entire review and suggestions for using this site “In the Classroom”:


Sun., Dec. 6, 2009 - GovFresh / / Write Your Resume - Career Zone

Sites found in:

NEAT NEW STUFF, June 5, 2009


GovFresh - US Government 2.0

" a live feed of official news from U.S. Government Twitter, YouTube, RSS, Facebook, Flickr accounts and more, all in one place." Browse by branch of government or government agency. Also check out its blog for info about new feeds and updated info about GovFresh itself.


This site is home to "the only officially-recognized, national, comprehensive, inter-agency database of information about all Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service and National Park Service wilderness areas."


Write Your Resume - CareerZone

This resource from the NY Department of Labor allows people to simply fill in the blanks to create a resume - a boon to jobseekers with limited computer skills.

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