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Sat., Apr. 29, 2006 - Their Circular Life

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The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter # 383 12/29/05

Their Circular Life

You will definitely want to visit this website, which is a conceptual
mixture of mindful meditation and Flash design. "Their Circular Life; An
Exploration About Human Behavior" is an extremely cool project that aims to
remind us to slow down our harried lives, to stop, listen, and observe the
daily circle of life.

Choose from one of the five locations (our favorite is Venezia), and
'control your life' at your own pace. Simply drag the triangle around and
watch as the sights and sounds of a 24-hour cycle of everyday urban life
unfold before you, at your own pace. This is an original and fascinating
experience that allows us to pause and look within ourselves for what is
really important in this life.

A complete archive of previous Cool Tricks can be viewed at


Sat., Apr. 29, 2006 - Teaching Literature / Teaching History

The Winter 2006 Teaching History With Technology Newsletter is
Scroll down for newsletter
[NOTE: Other editions of the newsletter previously posted. - Phyllis ]
Contains links to sites with annotations.


Teaching Literature & Writing with Technology Newsletter
Winter 2006
[NOTE: Other editions of the newsletter previously posted. - Phyllis ]
Contains links to literature resources and lesson plans.


Sat., Apr. 29, 2006 - Creative Writing

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Weekly Teacher Tip Newsletter #290- Creative Writing Issue
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 19:00:17 -0500

Creative Writing Sites
[Shortened URL: ]

Creative Writing Theme

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Sat., Apr. 29, 2006 - English-to-American Dictionary

The English-to-American Dictionary
From the site:
“As a Scot who has spent some time in the USA on holiday lately, I have discovered a bewildering array of words which are in common use on our side of the pond and invariably mean nothing at all or something exceedingly rude on the other side. I once noted down about fifteen of them and that afternoon formulated them into this dictionary. Since then the dictionary has thrived (well, lived) on contributions from readers and is steadily growing into a decent reference.”

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Fri., Apr. 28, 2006 - Fashion in Colors / Going Down the Crooked Road

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The Scout Report
January 13, 2006
Volume 12, Number 2
Fashion in Colors [Macromedia Flash Player]

Fashion in Colors creates a new way to explore the history of costume - by
color. Historic garments are displayed along with fashions designed by over
a dozen twentieth century designers, including Coco Chanel, Christian Dior,
Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Junya Watanabe. For example, the blue
grouping includes an English brocaded taffeta dress from the mid-18th
century; a late 19th century day dress dyed mauve, the first synthetic
aniline dye color; a Balenciaga cocktail dress from 1959; and a pleated
polyester organdy dress designed by Watanabe/Comme des Garcons in 2000.
Yellow, red, black, multi-color and white all provide similar groupings.
Visitors may also browse by designer, or take a virtual tour of the
galleries by color. [DS]

Going Down The Crooked Road [Macromedia Flash Player]

The Crooked Road runs through the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in
Virginia and has a storied place in the history of country music and
Appalachian culture. This past summer, Ralph Berrier Jr. and Kyle Green of
The Roanoke Times set out to document the music and musicians of the area,
stopping in such small towns as Floyd, Ferrum, Galax, and Clintwood. Along
the way, they documented their experiences through extensive reportage and
photography, all of which is included on this nice multimedia feature.
Visitors can view videos taken along their journey, learn about how a
bluegrass tune is constructed, and listen to audio vignettes of each stop
they made. The site also includes a fine recipe for a local favorite, Great
Smoky Mountains’ grilled veggies, and number of podcasts for portable
listening enjoyment. [KMG]

>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2006.


Fri., Apr. 28, 2006 - Society & Religion / Web Resources: Music

Sites found in:
Dec. 30, 2005 – Jan. 5, 2006
Resource of the Week, Thursday, January 5, 2006
Society and Religion--Resource Round-Up
“The resources listed here are research-worthy and largely without agenda.”
For the complete listing of resources, go to the
Direct LINK to This ResourceShelf Post:
[Shortened URL: ]

+ Divining America: Religion and the National Culture (National Humanities Center):
"Divining America: Religion and the National Culture is designed to help teachers of American history bring their students to a greater understanding of the role religion has played in the development of the United States. It is based on the fact that American history and religion intersect importantly at various points--the Puritan migration to New England, for example, abolition, or the Civil Rights Movement. Divining America will illuminate these intersections, for to understand such events fully, students must acquire some appreciation of their religious dimensions."

+ Encyclopedia of Religion and Society:
"We have tried to assemble entries, both lengthy and brief, that survey as broadly as possible the different theoretical traditions and research styles that have emerged over the century. Although more heavily oriented toward North America, the scope is global, and an effort has been made to address the major traditions of world religious experience. We also have attempted to provide a historical reference tool particularly with regard to the major professional societies in the social scientific study of religion: the Association for the Sociology of Religion, the Religious Research Association, the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, and the Société Internationale de Sociologie des Religions--and as much as possible the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry and Research Committee 22 (sociology of religion) of the International Sociological Association. Entries are also provided for the sections of the major professional organizations, the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association. This resource is intended to aid each of these organizations in historical retrieval, and we hope that subsequent editions of this work may increase the detail that can be provided." From the Hartford Institute for Religion Research.

+ Virtual Religion Index:
"This Virtual Religion Index is a tool for students with little time. It analyzes & highlights important content of religion-related websites to speed research. Hyperlinks are provided not only to home pages but to major directories & documents within."


Web Resources--Music
Source: C&RL News
Web Resources: Music
[Shortened URL:]
A survey of some quality resources compiled by Valery King, a reference and government information librarian at Oregon State University.

The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team
"Post via ResourceShelf"
for even more resources visit


Fri., Apr. 28, 2006 - Virtual Vaudeville

Virtual Vaudeville
From the site:
“Virtual Vaudeville transports you back to the nineteenth century on your PC. Watch a 3D simulation of a complete act by legendary vaudeville comedian Frank Bush and observe the reactions of the historical spectators. Take an interactive 3D tour of an extravagant Victorian theater.” From the University of Georgia.


Fri., Apr. 28, 2006 - The Vanishing Lions

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PBS Teacher Previews: April 30-May 6, 2006

"The Vanishing Lions"
Elementary / Middle / High School
Sunday, April 30, 2006
8 - 9:00 pm
As Africa's largest predator, the lion should have nothing to
fear. In fact, the king of the savannah faces an uncertain
future, with numbers down to less than 30,000. Tune in as lion
experts, farmers and Masai herdsmen try to figure out why. (CC,
Stereo, DVI, 1 year)

Log on to the companion Web site to find out what could be
endangering the king of beasts.
(Available April 27, 2006)


Copyright 2006 PBS Online.

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Wed., Apr. 26, 2006 - Library Instruction Wiki

Oregon Library Instruction Wiki,
“Welcome to the Oregon Library Instruction Wiki, a collaboratively developed resource for librarians involved with or interested in instruction. All librarians and others interested in library instruction are welcome and encouraged to contribute.”


Wed., Apr. 26, 2006 - Student ABC: Bibliography Builder

Student ABC: Free Bibliography Builder & Citation Reference
From the site:
“StudentABC delivers a full range of bibliography tools for APA, MLA & Chicago style citations. We aim to be the simplest bibliography tool on the web. We take care of as much data collection and formatting as we can; and equip students, teachers and librarians with the resources needed to write great bibliographies.”


Wed., Apr. 26,2006 - Evaluating Information Found on the Internet

Evaluating Information Found on the Internet
From the site:
“The World Wide Web offers information and data from all over the world. Because so much information is available, and because that information can appear to be fairly “anonymous”, it is necessary to develop skills to evaluate what you find. When you use a research or academic library, the books, journals and other resources have already been evaluated by scholars, publishers and librarians. Every resource you find has been evaluated in one way or another before you ever see it. When you are using the World Wide Web, none of this applies. There are no filters. Because anyone can write a Web page, documents of the widest range of quality, written by authors of the widest range of authority, are available on an even playing field. Excellent resources reside along side the most dubious. The Internet epitomizes the concept of Caveat lector: Let the reader beware. This document discusses the criteria by which scholars in most fields evaluate print information, and shows how the same criteria can be used to assess information found on the Internet.”


Wed., Apr. 26, 2006 - Evaluating Whether Site Info is Valid

Found on:
Subject: Internet: Evaluating Whether Site Info Is Valid
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 00:03:24 -0500

TODAY'S eTIP(TM): Evaluating Whether Site Info Is Valid

“Most newspaper articles, at least, are fact-checked by editors,
but any fool can post anything on the Internet and be certain
that somewhere another fool will read and believe it. You owe it
to the people who will make use of research you do on the
Internet to make certain you get the facts straight.

You can start by examining the Web site itself. A sloppy Web site
with grammatical errors and many misspellings is automatically
suspect. Next, consider the motive of the people who constructed
the Web site. Many sites have a commercial motive. Others are
pushing a political agenda.

News about technology and political news, for example, gets stale
quickly. Online articles should be marked with the date of
publication in plain display.. A Web page with a number of dead
links - hyperlinks that lead nowhere - is most
assuredly out of date and doesn't deserve your attention.”

Copyright 2006, Wiley. All Rights Reserved.

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Tues., Apr. 25, 2006 - Connexions

From the site:
“Connexions is an environment for collaboratively developing, freely sharing, and rapidly publishing scholarly content on the Web. Our Content Commons contains educational materials for everyone — from children to college students to professionals — organized in small modules that are easily connected into larger courses. All content is free to use and reuse under the Creative Commons "attribution" license.”

Searchable by Title, Author or Keyword


Tues., Apr. 25, 2006 - Kid Wings (Birds) / Flight Experiments

Kid Wings Home Page:
From the site:
“This site was designed to teach young and old about the wonders of birds.”
Site includes interactive resources on:
-Owl Pellet Dissection
-Bird Skulls
-Bird Topography

Flight Experiments

[NOTE: The page on Owl Pellet Dissection was previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Tues., Apr. 25, 2006 - The AirShow (Aviation History)

The AirShow
From the site:
“Most of the information contained here relates to the Golden Age of Aviation. This was the period from the end of World War I to the beginning of World War II. Barnstorming, air racing, flying circuses, and Lindbergh's Atlantic crossing were all part of this exciting period in aviation history.”

Links page


Tues., Apr. 25, 2006 - Lindbergh Trial

Site found in:
Librarians' Internet Index
Websites you can trust!

NEW THIS WEEK, January 5, 2006
Read This Online :
Lindbergh Trial
Background information and articles about the 1932 "kidnapping and murder of the son of world-famous aviator Charles Lindbergh and the subsequent trial." Features a trial timeline, biographies, news articles, photos, a serial cartoon strip that retold the story of the crime, and other information about the Lindbergh case. From the Hunterdon County Democrat, a newspaper covering the county where the Lindbergh trial took place in 1935.
LII Item:

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Karen G. Schneider,
LII New This Week Listowner, and
Director, Librarians' Internet Index
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Mon., Apr. 24, 2006 - (SAT, ACT, GRE Test Prep)
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]
From the site:
“'s online test preparation courses are totally free! By creating an account you can access a customized course that includes user-friendly tutorials, practice sessions that dynamically adapt to each student's ability level, a vocabulary builder, and more...” Prep for the ACT, SAT and GRE tests. Site also offers a Vocabulary Builder.


Mon., Apr. 24, 2006 - Teaching About Money

Sites found in:
Weekly Teacher Tip Newsletter Issue 291- Teaching About Money Issue
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 13:43:42 -0500

Theme: Teaching About Money

Subject Matter > Mathematics > Money
Scroll down for list of sites


Mon., Apr. 24, 2006 - MathFactCafe / K-5 Worksheets / Daily Trivia

Math Fact Cafe
From the site:
“Founded in 2000, Math Fact Cafe provides math fact sheets and flashcards for parents and teachers. The focus of our site is on the elementary grades, K-5. Our site allows visitors to access hundreds of pre-generated math sheets or create custom sheets to meet a child's specific needs. In addition, interactive flashcards allow visitors to review flashcard problems with the choice of simple card flipping or mandatory input (visitor must enter answers and is graded on correct answers).”

Daily Trivia


Mon., Apr. 24, 2006 - Interactive Arithmetic

Free Interactive Arithmetic
This course includes the common topics of arithmetic:
Whole Numbers
Ratio and Proportion
The instruction is complete with all topics thoroughly explained and numerous examples. Nevertheless, the presentation is for those beyond elementary school age.

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Sun., Apr. 23, 2006 - ArtLex / Knots / Today in History

Sites found in:

Don's Patch Issue #2006-01-15 from

ArtLex Art Dictionary
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Real Knots

The Art of Tying Knots
From the site:
“All the knots are animated and hence move by themselves, showing you how they are constructed.”


A few variations on the theme of events which
transpired on this, or a specified, date.
[NOTE: Sites not checked. Some were previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Archives for this ezine are available online here:


Sun., Apr. 23, 2006 - The Mind of Leonardo

The Mind of Leonardo
From the site:
“Although Leonardo is commonly known as a “universal genius”, the exhibitions dedicated to him have almost always focused on some specific area of his activity: art, anatomy, technology, studies on water, on flight, and so on.

The Mind of Leonardo offers its visitors a different point of view, inviting them to explore the genius’ very mode of thinking and his unitary conception of knowledge as the effort to assimilate, through bold theoretical syntheses and inventive experiments, the laws that govern all of the wondrous operations of man and nature.

This approach gives rise to a different image, one that helps to dissolve the aura of mystery in which the myth of Leonardo has often been shrouded: a mind tenaciously endeavoring to decipher the rational processes that animate the phenomena of the physical world as well as the “motions of thought”, driven by the desire to achieve a perfect imitation of nature in drawing and painting.”


Sun., Apr. 23, 2006 - Himalayas: An Aesthetic Adventure

--------Forwarded Message--------
Site of the Day for Thursday, January 12, 2006

Himalayas: An Aesthetic Adventure
[Shortened URL: ]
Teacher’s Guide

Today's site, from the Freer and Sackler Galleries of the Smithsonian
Institute, presents a sampling of objets d'art from a noteworthy exhibition
on the art of the Himalayas. Gentle Subscribers will find a selection of
artistic works representing sacred Buddhist concepts.

The online exhibit features nine significant pieces drawn from the 8th to
the 16th century which formed part the original presentation. Each is
accompanied by an explanatory text of the artwork and its place in Buddhist
religion. A "want to learn more?" notation offers a mouseover focusing on
salient elements of the art, enlarging it and providing additional

Journey to the site to view these highlights of the exhibition at:
[Shortened URL: ]
Teacher’s Guide

[NOTE: Complete list of Online Exhibitions
Some of these exhibitions were previously posted. - Phyllis ]

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:


Sun., Apr. 23, 2006 - What is a Print? / MoMA Online Exhibits

What is a Print?
From the site:
“Artists have used printmaking to create some of their most profound and compelling works of art, yet the basic printmaking techniques remain a mystery to most people. This interactive project provides animated demonstrations of the four main printmaking processes—woodcut, etching, lithography, and screenprint. It also includes images of more than forty prints from the Museum's collection in order to demonstrate the range of effects that are associated with each technique.”

[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

MoMA: Index of Online Exhibits

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