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Sat., Sept. 8, 2007 - Pirates of the Caribbean in Fact and Fiction

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Site of the Day for Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean, in Fact and Fiction
[NOTE: Previously posted. Site updated. - Phyllis ]

Today's site, from librarian and hobbyist W. Tobias Gibson, provides a
treasure chest of information about everyone's favorite historical group,
those flamboyant buccaneers. Gentle Subscribers will discover a
well-written and wide-ranging account of these swashbuckling figures.

"Pirates of the Caribbean offers an historical look at Piracy. It should
not be confused with Disney's theme park attractions or movie. What you
will find is information on piracy based on historical accounts and popular
myths. Pirates of the Caribbean is the longest lived web page devoted to
Piracy existing on the internet, dating back to 1994." - from the website

The site offers a history of piracy from the romanticized figures of the
18th century to the modern day criminals who attack at sea. Among the
highlights of the presentation are the sections covering the pirate's code,
life on board ship, weaponry, rum and pets, as well as a section devoted to
the various types of punishment meted out to crew and prisoners. Additional
information includes articles on pirate medicine, the Jolly Roger, myths
and monsters, and a "Pyrates Who's Who". Over 400 terms can be found in the
Pirate Lexicon section, a specialized glossary of historical seafaring
terms, from "avast" to "Zeerover", while the "Pirate FAQ" explores such
riveting topics as eye patches and peg legs.

Sail over to the site for a trove of information about pirates of legend
and fact at:
[NOTE: Previously posted. Site updated. - Phyllis ]

A.M. Holm
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Sat., Sept. 8, 2007 - Blackbeard: Terror at Sea

Blackbeard: Terror at Sea
Shortened URL:
National Geographic Channel’s online interactive about Blackbeard includes a section devoted to myth versus reality as well as behind-the-scenes videos, historical information, and a game.


Sat., Sept. 8, 2007 - Talk Like a Pirate Day - September 19

Found in:
Librarians' Index to the Internet
NEW THIS WEEK for September 15, 2005

Talk Like A Pirate Day, September 19 --------------------------------------------
"Talking like a pirate is fun. It's really that simple. It adds a
zest, a swagger, to your every day conversation." This humorous
site celebrates a day of pirate talk with pirate lingo (such as
"Arrr!" and "Ahoy!"), a pirate advice column, a newsletter,
puzzles, a "pirate personality profile," Web links, and other
silliness. (Caution: The "Top Ten Pirate Pick-up Lines" are a tad
* Pirates
* Special days
* LII classic content
Created by: jh

Use of the annotations from this list must be accompanied by:
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Thank you for using Librarians' Index to the Internet!

Karen G. Schneider,
New This Week Listowner, and Director, Librarians' Index to the Internet
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Copyright 2005, Librarians' Internet Index.


Sat., Sept. 8, 2007 - Jean Lafitte: Gentleman Pirate of New Orleans

Jean Lafitte: Gentleman Pirate of New Orleans
From the site:
“He has been called "The Corsair," "The Buccaneer," "The King of Barataria," "The Terror of the Gulf," "The Hero of New Orleans". At three separate times, U.S. presidents have condemned, exonerated and again condemned his actions. He is known for his piracy in the Gulf of Mexico, and lauded for his heroism in the Battle of New Orleans. Each personae seems to balance the other. He hated being called "pirate," for, as he saw it, he was a "privateer" serving an economic purpose in an economically frugal time in a new country that needed to economize. When he at last sailed away from American shores, he felt betrayed by a country that didn’t understand the difference.

He was Jean Lafitte.”
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Fri., Sept. 7, 2007 - Learning Style Inventory

Learning Style Inventory
From the site:
“To gain a better understanding of yourself as a learner, you need to evaluate the way you prefer to learn or process information. By doing so, you will be able to develop strategies which will enhance your learning potential.”
The three styles of learning (auditory, visual, and tactile) are described.


Fri., Sept. 7, 2007 - Abiator's Online Learning Styles Inventory & Descriptions

Abiator's Online Learning Styles Inventory
From the site:
“The Learning Styles tests, Analytical/Global Thinker Test, and the Multiple Intelligences Assessment available on this site are intended to help you come to a better understanding of yourself as a learner by highlighting the ways you prefer to learn or process information.

It is hoped that by doing so you be able to develop strategies which will enhance your learning potential.

The tests/assessments I have designed have no time limits. Just try to answer each question as honestly as you can.

In addition to the tests/assessments, I have also included information about Learning Styles, 3 main perceptual modalities, and Global/Analytical thinking, and I will soon add information relating to Multiple Intelligences.”

There is information available for learners and for teachers. Just check the menu bar on the left of your screen.


Fri., Sept. 7, 2007 - AMEX: Remember September 11 with AMERICAN EXPERIENCE

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Subject: Remember September 11 with AMERICAN EXPERIENCE
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 20:37:47 -0400 (EDT)
News from American Experience

In this issue:
- New York: The Center of the World

Next Tuesday will mark the sixth anniversary of the September 11
attacks on the World Trade Center, an event that has forever
changed our nation, and our world. Visit AMERICAN EXPERIENCE
Online for a look back at the rise and fall of the World Trade
Center -- from its conception in the post-World War II economic
boom, through its controversial construction in the 1960s and
1970s, to its tragic demise in the fall of 2001 and extraordinary
response of the city in its aftermath.

Browse a gallery of World Trade Center photographs taken over
decades by Donald Lokuta and Camilo Jose Vergara.

Interview Outtakes
Historians, journalists, artists, engineers and others talk about
America and the postwar economy, downtown Manhattan, building the
World Trade Center, and more.

Online Forum
Experts answer your questions about the Trade Center, Manhattan's
urban development, and New York's role at the center of the
postwar economic order. Panelists include historians Niall
Ferguson and Mike Wallace, Skyscraper Museum director Carol
Willis, and filmmaker Ric Burns.


Fri., Sept. 7, 2007 - PBS: NATURE: Land of the Falling Lakes / NOVA: Building on Ground Zero

Sites found in:
PBS Teachers Newsletter: September 9 - 15, 2007

Land of the Falling Lakes
On-Air & Online
6-8 / 9-12
Sunday, September 9, 2007
8 - 9:00 pm
"Nature" takes viewers to the exotic forest of Plitvice Lakes
National Park and World Heritage Site, the oldest national park
in Europe, situated in the Dinaric Mountains of Croatia. (CC,
Stereo, DVI, 1 year)

Discover interactive maps as well as how water turns into stone.


Building on Ground Zero
On-Air & Online
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
8 - 9:00 pm
NOVA looks back at the events of 9/11 and reviews the major
investigations into the collapse of the World Trade Center.
What has been learned in order to improve the construction and
security of our most important structures, present and future?
How does the U.S. rate compare to other countries? What are the
challenges facing architects, engineers and builders, and the
obstacles preventing the adoption of new building codes? (CC,
Stereo, DVI, 1 year)

Download our teachers' guide with classroom activities for this
[NOTE: Previously posted. See guide pasted below - Phyllis ]


Copyright 2007 PBS Online
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Subject: [NOVA] "Building on Ground Zero"
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 14:35:38 -0400 (EDT)


Tuesday, September 11 at 8 p.m.
Check your local listings as dates and times may vary.

Following up its Emmy Award-winning documentary, "Why the Towers
Fell," NOVA probes the conclusions of the government's engineering
investigation into the World Trade Center's collapse on 9/11, with
analysis of the devastating attack and how subsequent knowledge
gained will shape skyscrapers of the future. "Building on Ground
Zero" features candid interviews with leading construction and safety
experts, investigators, architects, and engineers -- including Leslie
Robertson, lead structural engineer of the original World Trade
Center and Shanghai's new World Financial Center, and Jake Pauls,
occupants advocate and evacuation specialist. From the hallways of
the newly erected World Trade Center 7 in New York, to China, where
the world's tallest building is midway to completion, NOVA explores
the complex challenges of building tall buildings in the wake of

Here's what you'll find online:

Impact to Collapse
Watch an expert-narrated slide show of the Twin Towers' final

Towers of Innovation
A host of engineering marvels distinguished the World
Trade Center.

A Survivor's Story
Hear one man's extraordinary tale of escape from the South Tower.

The Tallest Tower
The engineer describes Shanghai's advanced skyscraper.

Outfitting Firefighters
Equip two firemen with the gear needed for a high-rise response.

The Structure of Metal
In this interactive, explore metal at the atomic level.
Also, a video preview, a podcast, Links & Books, the program
transcript, and the teacher's guide:

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Thurs., Sept. 6, 2007 - Sound Junction / We All Use Math Everyday

Sites found in:
The Scout Report
May 18, 2007
Volume 13, Number 19

The Scout Report on the Web:
Current issue:
This issue:


Sound Junction [Macromedia Flash Player, Shock Wave]

It’s hard to learn about music without listening to it closely, and this
multimedia website created by a group of organizations in Britain (including
the Royal Academy of Music), provides a surfeit of music from all genres.
Through interactive games, musical excerpts, interviews, and other such
devices, the SoundJunction site is a great way for anyone to learn about
music. A good place to start is the “What can I do on SoundJunction?”
overview feature, which walks users through the layout of the site. After
that, visitors may wish to look at the left-hand side of the homepage and
click on through such areas as “Explore Music”, “How Music Works”, “Music in
Context”, and “Composing and remixing”. For budding Beethovens, there is the
“Composer Tool”, which allows users to create their own music. Music
educators and those who are just generally curious will find that this site
merits numerous return visits, and it may prove to be quite habit-forming,
in the best possible sense of the phrase. [KMG]


We All Use Math Everyday [pdf]

Whether we find ourselves counting change at the grocery store or figuring
out how much the price of gas has gone up in the past several weeks, it is
certainly true that we all use math everyday. The National Council of
Teachers of Mathematics, in collaboration with Texas Instruments, has
created this site to bring together a number of resources for mathematics
educators and those with a growing interest in fractions, exponents, and
other such matters. Each activity has a fun title, and while there isn’t a
search engine, visitors will find it interesting to look through the
different activities for something that meets their needs. [KMG]


>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2007.


Thurs., Sept. 6, 2007 - Melting Ice, Rising Seas: Is Anybody Ready?

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Site of the Day for Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Melting Ice, Rising Seas: Is Anybody Ready?

Today's site, an abbreviated report from the Why Files folks, presents the
latest scientific data on polar ice and its relationship to sea levels.
Gentle Subscribers will find the usual Why Files authoritative
consideration of current scientific research on this pressing topic.

"Ice is nice: Report offers no certainty on sea level rise ... Greenland's
icecap holds enough water to raise sea level by 7 meters. Some studies show
it sliding faster into the sea. Should we worry? New report says "We don't
know." Comforting?" - from the website

The presentation reviews the latest scientific findings on the state of
polar icecaps in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions, coupled with the
inclusion of colorful, clarifying diagrams and photos. A particularly
riveting aspect of the report focuses on the relationship of polar ice
shelves and the glaciers they appear to to bolster. Noting the need for
much more data collection, the article outlines the scientific concern over
the far-reaching consequences of ice melt, including the impact on fresh
water supplies in continental North America. An excellent bibliography
provides additional resources on the topic.

Wade over to the site for an informative exhibit on the current level of
scientific understanding on polar ice melt at:

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:


Thurs., Sept. 6, 2007 - Gun Laws, Gun Control and Gun Rights

Site found in:
INFOMINE Email Alert Service
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007

Gun Laws, Gun Control and Gun Rights : JURIST
Record Id: 667703
Created: 2007-04-23 12:08:42
Categories: govpub

Resources on gun laws and gun control issues; court cases, legislation,
the Second Amendment, case law, and reports. Also offers links to
government agencies, advocacy groups, gun manufacturers, international
law sources, and media coverage.
[NOTE: Previously posted. Updated URL - Phyllis ]


Thurs., Sept. 6, 2007 - Sites from Librarians' Internet Index NEW THIS WEEK, May 17, 2007

Sites found in:
Librarians' Internet Index
Websites you can trust!
NEW THIS WEEK, May 17, 2007
Read This Online :


Digital Roman Forum
Maps and panoramic and detailed views of a digital model of the Roman Forum as it appeared in late antiquity (June 21, 400 A.D). Also includes modern views of the sites, "documentation for the archaeological evidence and theories utilized to create the model" (such as texts from Ovid and Plutarch), and basic information about the individual features. From the Cultural Virtual Reality Laboratory (CVRLab), University of California, Los Angeles.
LII Item:


History of Nursing Resource Guide
Compilation of links to websites about the history of nursing. Topics include African American nurses, men in nursing, nurse biographies, individuals, nursing organizations, Florence Nightingale, nursing uniforms and caps, and museums. From librarian Jodi Koste of the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Libraries.
LII Item:


Rolling Stone: The Immortals: The First Fifty
Collection of tribute articles "to those who created rock & roll, written by their peers and heirs." Includes articles such as Elvis Costello on the Beatles (number 1), Robbie Robertson on Bob Dylan (number 2), and Bono on Elvis Presley (number 3). Articles include links to related material, such as photos and album reviews. From Rolling Stone magazine.
Shortened URL:
LII Item:

Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)
This mission of this group over 200 mayors from a majority of U.S. states is "preventing criminals from illegally obtaining guns and preventing those who do get them from using them." The website features a list of members, details about litigation, news, descriptions of coalition events and activities, and updates about federal, state, and local legislation.
LII Item:


Climate Connections
This yearlong exploration of climate change throughout the world provides news and features about energy, fuel efficiency, carbon emissions, effects of climate change on plants and animals, activism, and other environmental topics. Also includes video clips, podcasts, images, and an interactive map showing coverage and conditions around the globe. From National Public Radio (NPR) and National Geographic.
LII Item:
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]


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Librarians' Internet Index
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Wed., Sept. 5, 2007 - Discovery Atlas: China, Italy, Brazil, Australia

Discovery Channel: Discovery Atlas
From the site:
“Discovery Channel presents DISCOVERY ATLAS, the global television event that promises to inspire viewers through captivating photography, the highest quality production values, the latest in high-definition technology and compelling stories that strike at the heart of a country and its people.”
Stirring images and music from the cultures of
China, Italy, Brazil, and Australia greet users on Discovery
Channel’s Discovery Atlas website, but the
educational tools the site offers are even better…
Video clips, photos, and games showcase the
culture and geography of China, Italy, Brazil, and Australia.”
A 2007 Webby Award Nominee


Wed., Sept. 5, 2007 - Sports Research / Jamestown / / Child Labor Rules / U.S. National Parks

Sites found in:

May 11-17, 2007


New Webliography: Sports Research
Shortened URL:

This article focuses on key Web sites for sports research at national and international levels. As the list of sports is extensive, some sports are not represented. Sports research has become a significant activity at colleges and universities. An examination of baseball and steroids, for example, produces articles published in the Journal of Legal Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, Lancet, American Journal of Sports Medicine, Physician & Sports Medicine, Sport in Society, and The Economist. Baseball, in particular, has been a topic of serious research in academe, possibly as a result of the extensive data and information available for the 19th and 20th centuries. Research in other sports has also become serious and rigorous.

Compiled and written by Donald G. Frank a Professor at Portland State University.

Source: C&RL News


Digitized Documents: Jamestown Settlement 400th anniversary
Several primary documents are available online at no charge.

13 May 2007 is the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. Read about the founding of Jamestown and download key documents free of charge.

Source: National Archives, UK


Statistics and More:
Description via globalEDGE

This site contains a collection of links to a wide array of information about country background information, world rankings, data and statistics, research, and more.

Categories include:
+ Country Background Info

+ Country Data and Statistics

+ Country Rankings

+ Country Research and Analysis

+ Country Risk Newsletters

+ Country Risk Ratings



The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Child Labor Rules Advisor
From the site:
“The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Child Labor Rules Advisor helps employers, young workers, and their teachers and parents understand federal child labor rules, which govern the employment of youth under 18 years of age.”


Searchable E-book: U.S. National Parks List
Search a database of over 400 National Parks from the National Parks Service. The U.S. National Park Service cares for and protects national parks. People from all around the world visit national parks. There are nearly 400 natural, cultural and recreational sites across the nation. This eBook provides name, location, contact information and a short description for over 400 National Parks, monuments, historical sites, and more. The text is extremely useful in a searchable eBook.

Source: askSam

Gary Price
Editor, ResourceShelf
The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team
"Post via ResourceShelf"
for even more resources visit


Wed., Sept. 5, 2007 - Brockport High School Physical Education Curriculum

Brockport High School Physical Education Web Site

Select: Curriculum from menu on the left
From the site:
“Each of the curriculum icons below are linked more in-depth curriculum information.”

Other content includes: Review Sheets, Fitness Tools, Links, and Teacher Resources.


Wed., Sept. 5, 2007 - Take Your Students By Storm! / Sport Science

Sites found in:
5 May 2007 Earth Science Sites of the Week

Take your students by storm!, SEACOOS, (Suggested by Elizabeth Rogers
Joyner, COSEE-SE), "Take your students by storm by using the SEACOOS
virtual hurricane classroom - featuring an "eye"-catching poster,
hurricane information and activity websites, a hurricane glossary, and
classroom activities."
[Shortened URL:

SPORTS SCIENCE, Exploratorium, the site (suggested by Scientific
American 2005 Web Awards, "offers a series of delightful and beautifully
designed microsites devoted to revealing the science behind our favorite
sports. You'll try your hand at hitting a virtual 90-mph baseball pitch,
calculate the aerodynamic drag necessary to keep you cycling at constant
velocity and even watch a video of professional skateboarders performing
daredevil tricks--with each kickflip and nolie explained by an
Exploratorium staff physicist. Don't miss the Q and A section, which
reveals the answers to such constant queries as "Why do I feel sore the
day after exercising?" and "How high can I jump?"
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Mark Francek
Professor of Geography
Central Michigan University

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Tues., Sept. 4, 2007 - INFOMINE Email Alert Service, Thu, 03 May 2007

Sites found in:
INFOMINE Email Alert Service
Date: Thu, 03 May 2007

18th Century Entertainment Ephemera
Shortened URL:
Record Id: 667903
Created: 2007-05-03 00:28:42
Categories: arts,liberal

Digital library of ephemera from 18th century English theatres,
circuses, exhibitions and museums. Includes images of such materials as
newscuttings, prints, playbills, tickets, and advertisements.

Healthy People 2010
Record Id: 667899
Created: 2007-05-02 11:35:42
Categories: govpub

"Healthy People 2010 provides a framework for prevention for the Nation.
It is a statement of national health objectives designed to identify the
most significant preventable threats to health and to establish national
goals to reduce these threats. " Website connects to health promotion
and disease prevention information as well as information about the
Health People 2010 initiative.

Consumer Reports WebWatch
Record Id: 667894
Created: 2007-05-01 22:06:42
Categories: busecon,liberal

Reports on internet topics of relevance to consumers: online fraud,
credibility of websites, e-commerce, privacy, journalism, online
advertising, and non-profit sites.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Immigration History Research Center
Record Id: 667800
Created: 2007-04-30 15:21:42
Categories: culture,liberal

Research center, archival finding aids, family history resources, and
digital image database on migration studies, with a focus on immigration
to the United States. Contents:
-- Research Collections: search archives, books, periodicals (browse by
ethnic group), family history, and web links
-- COLLAGE: immigration and ethnicity database, with images and

Weed Identification
Record Id: 667798
Created: 2007-04-30 11:57:42
Categories: bioag

Weed identification tool. Select various characteristics (leaf type,
flower, growth, life cycle) to return a list of matching weeds with

American Writers
Video Archive: 1600-1975
Record Id: 667795
Created: 2007-04-29 22:12:42
Categories: liberal

Video archive of the American Writers documentary series from C-SPAN.
The series illustrates American history from 1600 through the 1970s by
exploring the works of American writers. Lesson plans and other teaching
resources are provided.

American Writers: Journey Through History (1600-1920s)
American Writers II: The 20th Century

[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]
UVa-HSL : Historical Collections : 19th Century Medical Caricature
Shortened URL:
Record Id: 667794
Created: 2007-04-27 12:23:42
Categories: arts,bioag

Nineteenth-century medical caricatures from England and France are
featured in this exhibit. Bibliography and website links also offered.

[SEE ALSO: Home Page: Historical Collections Online Exhibits
NOTE: Walter Reed & Typhoid Fever Exhibit previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Drawing Power : Motor City Ad Art in the Age of Muscle and Chrome
Record Id: 667790
Created: 2007-04-27 01:32:42
Categories: arts

Exhibit featuring examples of automobile advertising and illustration in
Detroit from the pre-WWII period to the early 1980s.

Global Distribution of Poverty
Record Id: 667784
Created: 2007-04-26 11:38:42
Categories: liberal,maps

View more than 300 maps of various countries and poverty indicators, or
download "Where the Poor Are: An Atlas of Poverty" in PDF. Site also
features global, national, and subnational datasets: malnutrition,
infant mortality rates, inequality, basic needs, and food security.

Pictorial Americana : Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division
Record Id: 667783
Created: 2007-04-26 09:17:42
Categories: govpub,liberal

Images from the selections of 1955 publication "Pictorial Americana: A
Select List of Photographic Negatives in the Prints and Photographs
Division of the Library of Congress" are available on this Library of
Congress website. Includes lithographs, photographs, etchings and
engravings of historical events; topics in American life, society, and
culture; and views. Browse or search by historical event, subject, or
state. Images may be viewed online (JPEG) or downloaded as uncompressed
TIFF files. Digitization is ongoing.

Biz Info Library
Record Id: 667715
Created: 2007-04-26 00:32:42
Categories: busecon

Library of articles on starting and running a business, featuring topics
such as customer service, financial management, human resources,
international business, marketing, and planning. Free registration is
required to view full-text articles; anyone can browse, search, and view
article abstracts.


Tues., Sept. 4, 2007 - 2007 Immigration Legislation

Immigration Legislation
Site provides articles, links, and streaming video
clips detailing the most recent federal legislative
proposals on the issue of immigration.
The Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and
Immigration Reform Act of 2007 (S. 1639)


Tues., Sept. 4, 2007 - Dreams in the Golden Country: American Immigration Unit

Dreams in the Golden Country
From the site:
“Unit Overview:
This unit for grades 3–5 (adaptable for higher or lower grades) introduces students to American immigration, touching on various immigration paths and time periods, but primarily centered around Ellis Island and the major immigration waves of the late 19th to early 20th century. The lessons teach about what it means to pick up one’s entire life and come to a new, foreign home; how immigrants brought many cultures, religions, languages, foods, and rituals that have added to American life; what kind of important artistic, scientific, and social contributions immigrants have made to America; what life was like in a tenement building on New York City’s Lower East Side; and how photography played a vital part in capturing the immigrant experience.”


Tues., Sept. 4, 2007 - Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage!
Sept. 15 - Oct. 15
Site features biographies, a photo gallery, and
streaming video clips of influential Hispanic
figures and events, as well as an interactive
trivia game.

SEE ALSO: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage - previously posted. - Phyllis

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Mon., Sept. 3, 2007 - September 11th Remembered / Remembering 9/11: Five Years Later

Site found in:
Librarians' Internet Index
Websites you can trust!

NEW THIS WEEK, August 31, 2006
Read This Online :


September 11th Remembered
Dozens of cartoonists are represented in this poignant "collection of the best cartoons drawn in the aftermath of the attacks" on September 11, 2001. From Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoon Index.
LII Item:

Karen G. Schneider,
LII New This Week Listowner, and
Director, Librarians' Internet Index
Websites You Can Trust!
Copyright 2006 by Librarians' Internet Index.


Remembering 9-11: Five Years Later
Shortened URL:


Mon., Sept. 3, 2007 - Raising Our Kids: Patriot's Day: Remembering Sept. 11, 2001

Raising Our Kids:
Patriot’s Day: Remembering September 11, 2001
Includes lesson plans, talking to children about terrorism, and other 9-11 links.


Mon., Sept. 3, 2007 - Background Materials on Teaching 9/11

---------Forwarded Message--------
From: Alan Luxenberg
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 15:40:05 -0400
Subject: Background Materials on Teaching 9/11


In conjunction with our upcoming webcasts on "What Students Need to Know about 9/11 and the War on Terrorism," we have assembled background materials for your use in the classroom, including a guide to key terms and key resources, a chronology of terrorist attacks, a map of attacks, and reports, essays, and videos from our earlier conferences on
related subjects. You can access these at:

On this web page, if you click on the items listed under "Past events on related subjects," you will find links to essays, videos, and lesson plans from our previous history institutes.

This web page also includes information on how to register for the webcasts, which are designed specifically for your classes and will allow for students to ask questions online in real time. If you are already registered for the webcast, then the registration page will give you directions for viewing the webcast.

Even if your class cannot view the webcast, we will be happy to take questions by email from your students.

In preparation for these webcasts, we appreciated the feedback and suggestions we received from teachers across the country, and we hope you find both the webcasts and the associated materials useful. And please do let us know how your classroom sessions on this subject work out.

Alan Luxenberg
Director, Marvin Wachman Fund for International Education
A project of the Foreign Policy Research Institute
1528 Walnut Street, Suite 610
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Tel. 215 732 3774, ext. 105
Fax 215 732 4401
On the Web:

"To defend a country, you need an army; to defend a free society,
you need schools." -- Jonathan Sacks


Mon., Sept. 3, 2007 - Sonic Memorial 9/11

Site found in:
The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter #442 2/15/07

The Sonic Memorial

The horrific events of September 11th, 2001 ensured that the public’s
collective memory of the World Trade Center will always be associated with
heartache and tragedy. The Sonic Memorial Project is a non-profit online
archive and audio installation that aims to not just honor the fallen of
9/11, but also to pay tribute to the rich history of these two beautiful
buildings that were known simply as the Twin Towers.

Browse the growing “cross-media collaboration” of audio recordings provided
by hundreds of artists, producers, historians, and archivists that solemnly
honors the conception, history, evolution, and unspeakable destruction of
the World Trade Center. Visitors will hear the “audio traces” of the Twin
Towers, a truly amazing collection of sounds from a variety of sources
including an interview with the piano player from Windows on the World,
weddings held atop the Towers over the years, voicemail messages from
former Trade Center employees, and much more. Don’t skip the “Stories”
section, which contains hundreds of testimonies and personal stories
relating to World Trade Center, from people all around the world.

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