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Sun., Dec. 23, 2007 - Weird Science Awards

The Weird Science Awards
Shortened URL:
From the site:
“Here's how the Weird Science Awards work: You'll find a list of 31 stories below, organized chronologically. Feel free to review the nominees, then head over to and vote for the weirdest.”


Sun., Dec. 23, 2007 - PBS: Seeing in the Dark (astronomy)

Seeing in the Dark
Although this site is a companion to the film aired on PBS, it contains several pages of resources and links that can be used independently.

Astronomy Topics

Websites to Explore


For Teachers


Sun., Dec. 23, 2007 - Online Guide to Traditional Games

The Online Guide to Traditional Games
From the site:
“This website provides history, useful links and current information about traditional games from around the world.”


Sun., Dec. 23, 2007 - Plan Events Online / 50+ Sites for Book Lovers / BookBytes / Nursery Rhymes / Quilting / Unshelved Book Club

Sites found in:

35+ Ways To Find and Plan Events Online, and
50+ Sites for Book Lovers,
These two recent "toolboxes," which are a regular site feature,
illustrate why is worth visiting regularly or subscribing
to. It is a pity that they overlooked my own BookBytes site, though
< >.

The Children's Nursery and Its Traditions
Links to complete texts of nursery classics: Mother Goose, the Grimm and
Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales, Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, etc.

Planet Patchwork - the Ultimate Address in Quilting
Includes a quilt gallery, a Beginning Quilters Resource Page, reviews of
books and videos, product reviews of tools and software, info on
international techniques, info on quilting discussion groups, and more.

Unshelved Book Club
Links to all the Unshelved Sunday strips in which Dewey booktalks titles
that appeal to young adults.

Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
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