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Fri., Mar. 3, 2006 - The Boys of Iwo Jima

The Boys of Iwo Jima

"A Tale of Six Boys"

Each year my video production company is hired to go to Washington, D.C. with the eighth grade class from Clinton, Wisconsin where I grew up, to videotape their trip. I greatly enjoy visiting our nation's capitol, and each year I take some special memories back with me. This fall's trip was especially memorable.

On the last night of our trip, we stopped at the Iwo Jima memorial. This memorial is the largest bronze statue in the world and depicts one of the most famous photographs in history-that of the six brave men raising the American flag at the top of Mount Surabachi on the Island of Iwo Jima, Japan during WW II. Over one hundred students and chaperones piled off the buses and headed towards the memorial. I noticed a solitary figure at the base of the statue, and as I got closer he asked, "What's your name and where are you guys from?

I told him that my name was Michael Powers and that we were from Clinton, Wisconsin.

"Hey, I'm a Cheesehead, too! Come gather around Cheeseheads, and I will tell you a story."

James Bradley just happened to be in Washington, D.C. to speak at the memorial the following day. He was there that night to say good-night to his dad, who had previously passed away, but whose image is part of the statue. He was just about to leave when he saw the buses pull up. I videotaped him as he spoke to us, and received his permission to share what he said from my videotape. It is one thing to tour the incredible monuments filled with history in Washington, D.C. but it is quite another to get the kind of insight we received that night. When all had gathered around he reverently began to speak. Here are his words from that night:

"My name is James Bradley and I'm from Antigo, Wisconsin. My dad is on that statue, and I just wrote a book called Flags of Our Fathers which is #5 on the New York Times Best Seller list right now. It is the story of the six boys you see behind me. Six boys raised the flag. The first guy putting the pole in the ground is Harlon Block. Harlon was an all-state football player. He enlisted in the Marine Corps with all the senior members of his football team. They were off to play another type of game, a game called "War." But it didn't turn out to be a game. Harlon, at the age of twenty-one, died with his intestines in his hands. I don't say that to gross you out; I say that because there are generals who stand in front of this statue and talk about the glory of war. You guys need to know that most of the boys in Iwo Jima were seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen years old.

(He pointed to the statue)


For complete transcription, see


Fri., Mar. 3, 2006 - Women's History Month Web Guide

Women's History Month web guide


Fri., Mar. 3, 2006 - Bill of Rights

Site found in:
Subject: [Surfnetkids Newsletter] Bill of Rights ... Pls Fwd
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 08:00:00 -0500

Bill of Rights Institute

The Bill of Rights Institute is an educational nonprofit organization
dedicated to helping high school history teachers enhance their students'
understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens, as well as
providing an awareness of the historical and intellectual origins of the
U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Institute provides educational
resources available for classroom use.
[NOTE: Previously posted from The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2002. - Updated URL - Phyllis ]
From the site: “The mission of the Bill of Rights Institute is to educate young people about the words and ideas of America's Founders, the liberties guaranteed in our Founding documents, and how our Founding principles affect and shape a free society.”

For additional site reviews and Honorable Mentions
visit Surfnetkids: Bill of Rights


Fri., Mar. 3, 2006 - Americans and the Constitution

Found in:
Public Agenda Alert -- March 2, 2006
Subject: Public Agenda Alert - Facts, Values and the Constitution

“More Americans can name the characters in The Simpsons or
the judges on American Idol than can name the five rights
covered by the First Amendment, according to a survey
released this week by the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum.”
Read the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum survey:
Select link at top for press releases

“Based on Public Agenda's research, we're not surprised bythe disappointing results. And of course, people ought to have a bettergrasp of the Constitution. Ironically, the public thinks so,too. When we examined this issue in our "Knowing It By Heart"survey in 2002, we found two-thirds who said it was "absolutelyessential" for ordinary Americans to understand theirconstitutional rights, even though just as many admittedthey were only "generally familiar" with the Constitution.”

Find out more about "Knowing It By Heart: Americans Considerthe Constitution and Its Meaning":

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Thurs., Mar. 2, 2006 - Literature Web Explorations

Literature Web Explorations
[Shortened URL: ]
Scroll down lists for authors of fiction, drama or poetry, or for an alphabetical list of all authors covered. The entries include lengthy biographies, bibliographies, Web links and critical overviews. This site can be used independently, although it was designed to accompany “Literature, An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama,” Third Compact Edition, by X.J. Kennedy & Dana Gioia,


Thurs., Mar. 2, 2006

Sites found in:
ConnectEng, the newsletter of Web English Teacher
November 21, 2005

New Pages @ Web English Teacher:

William Bradford

Jan Brett

Janell Cannon

Louise Erdrich

Bill Martin, Jr.

Sites to Check Out:

331 Most Common Verbs in English
From accept to write, the most common verbs for ESL teachers and

Across Five Aprils
This is a site about the American Civil War, not about Irene Hunt's book
by the same name. Teachers and students may find valuable resources

English Grammar
This site offers extensive support for sentence diagramming.

Everything ESL
Links to 37 content-based ESL lesson plans for beginning through
intermediate students.

Expository Writing
This 72-page handout (no, that's not a typo) guides students through a
variety of skills necessary for a successful paper. Adobe Acrobat Reader or
compatible application needed for access.


Carla Beard
Web English Teacher

This newsletter is copyright 2005, Web English Teacher.


Thurs., Mar. 2, 2006 - Mark Twain

Sites found in:
Date Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 8:00 AM
Subject: [Surfnetkids Newsletter] Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Lists links to five sites with descriptions and four additional links as “Honorable Mentions”


Thurs., Mar. 2, 2006 - Children's Picture Books
From the site:
“At ChildrensPictureBooks.Info, we love children's picture books. They are window on the world for youngsters allowing them to explore new ideas, new places, and new things. A favorite picture book will be read and re-read providing emotional satisfaction and rhythm to a child's life. As you explore our pages, you'll find information about children's picture books of all kinds, how to select the perfect picture book for your child or grandchild, and a wealth of suggestions.”

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Wed., Mar. 1, 2006 - U.S. History

Sites found in:
Subject: HLN Newsletter: Pre-Industrial American History
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 23:41:42 -0500 (EST)

Mapping the American Revolution and Its Era
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]
From the site:
“The American Revolution and Its Era: Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies, 1750-1789 represents an important historical record of the mapping of North America and the Caribbean.”
Collection Connections

Discovery, Exploration, Colonies, & Revolution
Includes sections on:
Timelines & Maps / Primary Documents, Discovery & Exploration, Native Americans & Columbian Exchange, Early Colonists, Settlements, Daily Life & 13 Colonies, The Puritans & Religion in Early America, French & Indian War / Salem Witch Trials, Labor, Economy & Slavery in Early America, Declaration of Independence, American Revolution, Franklin, Washington, Adams & Jefferson, Articles of Confederation, The Constitution & Federalism, The Early Republic & Misc. Sites.
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Generations of American History
Includes Colonial, Revolutionary, Civil War, World War, and Present Cycles.
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. – Phyllis ]

Gold Rush Sesquicentennial
Compilation of stories and related material to honor the sesquicentennial of the discovery of gold in northern California in 1848. Includes information about how gold was discovered, maps about how miners traveled to California by land and sea, details about life in mining camps, some types of people during the Gold Rush era (such as Latinos, black miners, Chinese workers, and women), the legacy of the Gold Rush, and more. From The Sacramento Bee.
Copyright 2005 by Librarians' Index to the Internet, LII.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Newsletter Archives

Copyright Home School Learning Network, 2004. All Rights Reserved.


Wed., Mar. 1, 2006 - James River Plantations

James River Plantations:

Colonization of the Virginia Tidewater region

The Gentry

The Architecture

[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Wed., Mar. 1, 2006 - Marco Polo / Captain Cook / Lewis & Clark

Found in:
Date Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2005 11:44 PM
Subject: HLN Newsletter Week of 11-07-05: Exploring the Explorers

HLN Home > Newsletter Archives >


Marco Polo and Korcula - the birthplace of Marco Polo.
Marco Polo Homepage. Includes a full-text book on Marco Polo and Korcula.


Captain Cook Voyages of Discovery
From the site:
“In the latter half of the 18th Century his exploration of the South Pacific resulted in the discovery of a great many places, societies, plants and animals.”


Lewis and Clark: The Maps of Exploration 1507-1814
From the site:
“Lewis and Clark: The Maps of Exploration 1507-1814 examines the planning of the Lewis and Clark Expedition” Thomas Jefferson “personally planned the successful expedition led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark from 1804 to 1806.”

To the Western Oceans: Planning the Lewis & Clark Expedition

Lewis and Clark Resources

Copyright Home School Learning Network, 2004. All Rights Reserved.


Wed., Mar. 1, 2006 - Daniel Boone

Found in:
Date Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 8:00 AM
Subject: [Surfnetkids Newsletter] Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone: The Extraordinary Life of a Common Man
Links to Other Boone Sites

Margy Miles is a Boone descendant and a "lifelong fan of the Pioneer of Kentucky." She has created a very complete Boone site for the McCreary Pioneers Cemetery Preservation Society of Kentucky that focuses on genealogy, but has plenty of good stuff for school reports. My favorite pages are A Little About Boone, Marriage, and Life Timeline. For those doing further research, her Links page is excellent.

For more sites on Daniel Boone:

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Tues., Feb. 28, 2006 -

Site found in:
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 19:50:02 -0500's Weekly Tips for Teachers Issue #284

To view this week’s newsletter, visit the following web address:
From the site:
“Especially don't miss our Stacks pages ( ) with literature, links and resources in all academic disciplines, organized by the Dewey Decimal System.” Books are listed first, followed by Web Resources

© 2005 Teachnology, Inc. All rights reserved


Tues., Feb. 28, 2006 - Top 100 Educational Web Sites of 2005's Top 100 Educational Web Sites of the year;
Our Best List Ever!
Selected By:
From the site:
"Whether you are homeschooling full time or helping your children after school, the sites listed below are going to be an incredible resource for you. We asked our 7,000 Product Testers which web sites they found the most useful, both for homeschooling and for after school help. Their top picks are:..."


Tues., Feb. 28, 2006 - Best Free Reference Web Sites 2005

Best Free Reference Web Sites 2005
Seventh Annual List
American Library Association.
RUSA Machine-Assisted Reference Section (MARS)
[Shortened URL: ]
[NOTE: Lists from other years previously posted. – Phyllis ]


Tues., Feb. 28, 2006 - Electronic Library

The Electronic Library
Subject List;o=alpha
Theme List;o=alpha
From the site:
“The primary goal for this site is to provide links to World Wide Web resources…Links found on this site are organized by subject and theme.”

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Mon., Feb. 27, 2006 - Wisconsin Forestry

---------Forwarded Message--------
Hi! It's Tuesday, November 29, 2005 and time for Science at

Recommended Website:
Wisconsin Forestry: Kids Corner

Once again, I have ClickSchooler MaryAnna, to thank for today's
website recommendation. :)

The state of Wisconsin offers this site all about sustainable
forestry. It highlights the flora and fauna in Wisconsin forests --
but much of the info translates to forests everywhere. The education
resources (for students of all ages) are remarkable. When you get to
the site you will see a brief introduction followed by a menu of
activities that include:

*In Grandpa's Woods -- A full length, interactive picture book to
read online teaches the basics of sustainable forestry as it
highlights wildlife. Use your cursor to discover one forest fact
and one quiz question hidden in the illustrations on the book's
pages. While the story seems to be written for early elementary
students, the facts and quiz questions may surprise and stump
students in middle school and up!

*Tree Crafts -- Get complete instructions on how to make 8 different
crafts using materials from trees. Just in time for holiday gifts --
learn to make a stick fish, a tree "cookie" picture frame, a
bookmark, a craft stick puzzle, a tree pin, and more. The projects
are designed for preschool through middle school students.

*Forestry Song -- Print out the lyrics and sheet music to a song
about forests. Watch a video clip of the motions to the chorus of
the song demonstrated by the songwriter, Stuart Stotts. Fun!

*100 Years of Forestry Poster Game -- This is so cool! You can print
out (for FREE) a game board and game pieces to play this trivia game
that challenges players' knowledge of forest animals, insects,
plants, forest management, forest history, forest benefits, and much
more. Wisconsin residents can sign up to receive a free poster
gameboard that will be delivered by US mail. Everyone else can
download and print it from a free pdf file.

Once you've thoroughly explored the Kids Corner -- use the menu on
the left side of your screen to explore the rest of this site about
Wisconsin forestry.

Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2005, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should also preview the sites for suitable content, and then review the sites together with their children.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Registered Trademark and may not be used without written permission of Diane Flynn Keith.

Planning a family road trip? For FREE educational car games visit:


Mon., Feb. 27, 2006 - History of Forestry / Lambiek Comiclopedia

Found in:

The American Woods
Digital images, in several resolutions, of "radial, tangential, and cross-sections of 350 North American woods from the 14-volume rare book The American Woods." Browsable by common name, scientific name, and volume.
[NOTE: See Also: History of Forestry - Phyllis ]

Lambiek Comiclopedia of Artists
"an illustrated compendium of over 7,000 international comic artists with biographies and artwork examples." That's published comic artists only; those whose work is only available online are not included here. Despite that limitation, it's a great site to explore. [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999-2005.


Mon., Feb. 27, 2006 - From Don's Patch, Nov. 15, 2005

Sites found in:
Don's Patch Issue #2005-11-15 from

Albert Einstein Archives.
[NOTE: Includes Einstein for Kids and Links to other
Resources on Einstein. - previously posted. - Phyllis ]

A few thoughts on trees.
[NOTE: Sites not checked. – Phyllis ]]

Calculator City / Reference City
Calculators for all purposes, reference materials, web tools andother cool stuff.

Nazi and East German Propaganda
Propaganda was central to Nazi Germany and the German
Democratic Republic. [NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Gilbert and Sullivan Archive
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

The Hiphop Archive
From the site:
“Since the early 1970s, Hiphop has become the most influential artistic, educational and social movement for youth and young adults.”

U.S. Historical Documents Archive

The Quote Garden
[NOTE: Some pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]

The Thomas Gray Archive
From the site:
“The Thomas Gray Archive is an interactive hypermedia repository for the study of the life and works of English poet Thomas Gray (1716-1771). It consists of two major sections, the Primary Texts section and the Materials section.”
[NOTE: The Materials section includes criticism. – Phyllis ]

The Nuclear Files
From the site:
“From nuclear proliferation to nuclear testing, from Hiroshima to North Korea, Nuclear Files offers the A to Z on nuclear issues. By providing access to primary source documents, historical and background information, and analysis, Nuclear Files is an excellent educational resource that explores the political, legal and ethical challenges of the Nuclear Age. Nuclear Files connects educators from various disciplines, offering a resource section with study guides and sample syllabi for various courses. The site features a timeline of the history of the Nuclear Age, as well as the latest developments in nuclear issues worldwide. Nuclear Files also includes primary source documents, data and graphs, biographies of key individuals, as well as a media gallery with photos, video and audio clips.” [NOTE: Includes section on the History of Nuclear Weapons - Phyllis ]

The Nuclear Weapon Archive: A Guide to Nuclear Weapons
[NOTE: Site not recently updated. – Phyllis ]

Plants With Attitude
From the site:
“Members of the genus Nepenthes are plants inhabiting the rainforests and grasslands of a broad area of the Old World. More specifically, they are carnivorous vines, equipped with specialized leaves which catch and digest a variety of animal and insect prey to supply themselves with nitrogen and other elements lacking in their soil. Some of the larger species have even been documented consuming tree frogs, lizards, and in rare cases, rodents. For this reason, we think of them as Plants With Attitude!”

Ancient and modern Maya culture.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Archives for this ezine are available online here:

The current issue is also available on my website.


Mon., Feb. 27, 2006 - Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary

The Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary
From the site:
“The Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary is a private, non-profit alliance established to mark the three-hundred-year anniversary of Benjamin Franklin’s birth (1706-2006) with a celebration dedicated to educating the public about Franklin’s enduring legacy and inspiring renewed appreciation of the values he embodied.

An Interactive Online Exhibition
From the site:
“Benjamin Franklin is one of the most remarkable and influential Americans of any generation. In this online exhibition, created in honor of Franklin’s 300th birthday, we invite you to experience the adventures of an extraordinary man.”
[Available in English, French and Spanish.]

Download the 60-page Teacher’s Guide (.pdf)
Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World
From the site:
“The Teacher’s Guide materials are designed for three educational levels (K – 4, 5-8, and 9-12), allowing teachers to select and customize the materials according to specific student needs and learning styles.”

Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World
Exhibition in Philadelphia
December 15, 2005 – April 30, 2006
National Constitution Center ( )
From the site:
“This engaging and memorable exhibition conveys the original genius, wit and
imagination of Benjamin Franklin. Through a series of interactive multimedia exhibits
combined with the largest collection of original Franklin materials ever assembled,
Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World brings our most remarkable Founding
Father to life.”

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Sun., Feb. 26, 2006 - Rome / Women's History / Organic Foods

Sites found in:
Cable in the Classroom: Access Learning, March 2006

Current Issue



Rome: Engineering an Empire
Take the Video Tour
Site offers photos, videos, little-known facts, a
virtual tour of Rome’s greatest engineering
feats, and a web-exclusive preview clip from the
companion program. Celebrates Women’s History Month
Site features biographies of famous women in

CNN Student News: Women’s History Month
Background information, activities, keywords,
and online resources related to American
women’s contributions throughout history.
[NOTE: previously posted. - Phyllis ]

First Ladies: Political Role & Public Image
Provides a timeline, streaming video, and lesson
plans about our nation’s first ladies from the
traveling exhibition of the same name.

Women’s History Month
Site features historical information about
famous women, a timeline of important events
in the U.S. women’s suffrage movement, a Firsts
in Women’s Achievement section, and links to
other resources.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

CNN Specials: Organic Foods
The CNN Specials: Organic Foods website offers
interactive sections on organic farming and community
gardening that could be useful for opening
up the lesson to discussion about the pros
and cons of both organic and processed foods.

© 2006 Cable in the Classroom


Sun., Feb. 26, 2006 - Organic Agriculture

Found in:
The Scout Report
November 4, 2005
Volume 11, Number 44

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements [pdf]

The demand for products grown under certified organic conditions continues
to increase, and a number of organizations around the globe remain committed
to this idea. One such organization is the International Federation of
Organic Agriculture. From their homepage, visitors can learn about their
organization, their sponsored events, and their advocacy efforts. Of course,
those persons doing research on this field will want to take a look at their
most recent report, The World of Organic Agriculture: Statistics and
Emerging Trends 2005, which is available here. Those persons who may not be
entirely familiar with the basic facts of what constitutes organic
agriculture will definitely want ot take a look at the “Organic Facts”
section of the site. Here they can learn about the basic principles of
organic agriculture, along with materials on food security, food quality,
and the organic certification process. [KMG]

>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2005.


Sun., Feb. 26, 2006

Found in:
Date Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 11:18 PM
The E-Line
Volume 5, No. 7
28 October, 2005

[To view this newsletter on line:]


Safe Teens, Safe Kids on the Internet
“These companion sites, hosted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in conjunction with columnist Larry Magid, are a wealth of stand-alone resources for parents, teachers, and young people on safe use of the Internet. There are brochures, guidelines, even a parent/kid contract on safe Internet use. There are also links to tip lines and other interactive resources, offered in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other offices.”


Store Wars
“It's quirky, it's got an agenda (the site is sponsored by the Organic Trade Association), and it's not terribly content rich...but it's pretty well done! This flash animation movie and information site uses a parody of Star Wars to address the conflict between small organic farms and the grocery/food industry. With Tofu D2 the droid, the wise Obi Wan Cannoli, the evil Darth Tader, watch Cuke Skywalker battle to save Princess Lettuce!”

S.O.S. for Information Literacy
The word "literacy" is in transition. "...The need for students to acquire information literacy skills, while always important, has 'just grown larger, more complex, and more important as the volume of available information has mushroomed beyond everyone's wildest imagination'" says the informational page of this database of information literacy lesson plans. The site, launched at the fall conference of the Association for Education Communications and Technology (AECT), is a joint project of AECT and the American Association of School Librarians. It is intended as a repository for Information Literacy lesson plans provided by contributors, and includes a tutorial on how to submit plans. [Submitted by Rosemary McFarland.]


The Kentucky Council on Economic Education
“The site is far from finished, and almost all the resources collected there are links off-site, but it still serves as an excellent collection of games, contests, and lesson resources aimed at economics education.”


Sun., Feb. 26, 2006 - Science Explorations /

Found in:
THE Newsletter for November 2, 2005

Science Explorations
“Scholastic and the American Museum of Natural History have launched this Science Explorations site to help promote science literacy among students in grades 3-10. The site offers an exciting, new way for young scientists to visit animals in their natural habitat, learn about recent discoveries, interact with real scientists from the museum, uncover clues in online investigations and activities, and keep records of their discoveries in their own field journals. In addition, science teachers are provided with an interactive way to supplement lessons that support students' development of key science and cross-curricular skills. The site's first exploration, Animals, Adaptation, and the Galapagos, will give students and teachers a one-way ticket to the enchanted Galapagos Islands, as well as an up-close look at the animals, plants and terrain that Charles Darwin confronted when he visited the island.” [NOTE: Other Explorations include Classify Insects, Journey Into Space, and Investigate the Giant Squid. Coming soon: Beam Up With Bats and Research Reptiles. – Phyllis ]

---, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Internet safety through education and awareness, is now offering free materials such as Internet safety quizzes and lesson plans. The free lesson plans are broken down into four categories - grade school, middle school, high school, and parents - and each lesson plan includes age-appropriate materials, interactive discussion topics, and quizzes. Also, all of the lesson plans were designed using ISTE's National Educational Technology Standards for Students.

Copyright 2005 101communications LLC

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