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Sat., Oct. 27, 2007 - Maths Online

Maths Online:
From the site:
“Multimedia learning units on mathematical subjects for secondary school, high school, college, and university.”


Sat., Oct. 27, 2007 - Math Playground

Math Playground
From the site:
“Welcome to Math Playground, an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!”
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Sat., Oct. 27, 2007 - First Lessons in Arithmetic

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Hi! It's Monday, July 23, 2007 and time for Math at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website: Math

This very plain website houses a most unusual math resource. It was
discovered by ClickSchooling list member Dora Moreland who wrote, "I
happened upon this website by pure luck. It has a downloadable arithmetic
book from 1878! Even if you have a fabulous math program already, it is fun
to look at and see what kids learned from 130 years ago."

When you get to the site you will see a brief introduction explaining that
the book, "First Lessons In Arithmetic," was published in 1878 and handed
down from one generation to the next by the Potter family. Don Potter
decided to put the antiquated volume on the net because, "This math book
will provide home school parents...a incomparable tool from the past to help
their students master the fundamentals of arithmetic." Chapters on the menu

-Basic Addition
-Basic Subtraction
-Basic Multiplication
-Basic Division
-Notation and Numeration
-Advanced Addition & Subtraction
-Advanced Multiplication
-Advanced Division
-Denominate Numbers and Measurement

Click on any chapter, and a pdf file opens with problems and instructions,
accompanied by illustrations sure to create nostalgia for a bygone era.

In addition to the free textbook, Mr. Potter offers a few other links to
math resources on this site as well.


Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should ALWAYS preview the sites for suitable content.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Federally Registered Trademark.


Sat., Oct. 27, 2007 - Mathematics in Movies / What Book Got You Hooked?

Sites found in:

Mathematics in Movies
A collection of movie clips in which Mathematics appears. We all know
about A Beautiful Mind, but did you know you could use the Simpsons,
Monty Python, and Abbot and Costello to teach math concepts?


What Book Got You Hooked?
FirstBook, which gives away books to children, asked people to tell them
what book got them hooked on reading. "Over 100,000 people responded.
These are the Top 50 books that got YOU hooked!" No doubt everybody's
answers would be different, which makes this a great topic for
discussions and exhibits in your library.


Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999-2007.

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Fri., Oct. 26, 2007 - The Olymperials: exhibit of posters promoting the Olympic Games since 1896

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Site of the Day for Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Olymperials

Today's site, from L'Imperial Palace in Annecy, France, offers an exhibit
designed to celebration the outstanding artwork dedicated to promoting the
Olympic games since their reintroduction in 1896. Gentle Subscribers,
noting that the next summer games in Beijing are a scant year away, will
discover a stylish presentation of the poster art which has arisen from

"...[O]ne of the most distinctive collections of original posters in the
world ... [with] commentaries about most of the posters" - from the

This flash exhibition features an extensive collection of Olympic artwork.
Ranging from the efforts of candidate cities, hoping to become the selected
venue for the games, to posters for Hollywood movies which used the
Olympics as the backdrop of their plots, this commercial artwork makes a
dramatic statement on the artistic directions of the twentieth century. The
cornerstone of the exhibit is the official poster for each of the summer
and winter games, accompanied by informative notes.

Soar over to the site for a tour of a unique art exhibit at:

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:


Fri., Oct. 26, 2007 - Student Loans / AccessScience

Sites found in:
July 27 - Aug. 2, 2007


Webliography: Student Loans
This compilation of web resources from Laura Gordon-Murnane at BNA offers links to information about student loans. Links are listed in the following categories:

+ Federal Government
+ Executive Departments
+ State Governments
+ Nongovernment Organizations

You’ll also find a link to the Student financial aid legislation section of Congresspedia.
Shortened URL:

Free Companion Web Site for the McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology 10th edition (MHEST)

In a recent blog post, Cheryl LaGuardia points out that the 10th edition of the McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology is now available. OK, that’s nice. But Cheryl goes on to point out that the encyclopedia offers a FREE web site that’s a “companion” to the complete encyclopedia. Again, the full text is fee-based but the companion site is free.

LaGuardia writes:

This site is targeted at librarians, students, teachers, and researchers, and is updated regularly, with a Spotlight feature (currently about forensics), a What’s New section (that outlines content new to the 10th edition), and Supplemental Articles (here’s an example that focuses on “intelligent search engines”) updating important articles written since the latest release of the EST.

Source: Library Journal


Gary Price
Editor, ResourceShelf
The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team
"Post via ResourceShelf"
for even more resources visit


Fri., Oct. 26, 2007 - Fit Nation: The Obesity Fight / Other Women's Voices / SciTalks / Tools for a College Student's Financial Success

Sites found in:

Fit Nation: the Obesity Fight - CNN
Another stunning example of the power of visualization to illuminate raw
data - in this case, the spread of obesity in America over the past 20


Other Women's Voices: Translations of Women's Writing before 1700
This wonderful directory - a webliography, bibliography, and documentary
resource rolled into one - guides us to, and excerpts from, the
translated words of women of Europe and Asia from 2000 BCE to 1700, and
provides biographical information about each woman. Many of those words
are still relevant: check out Kassia, for instance, on stupidity, and on
silence ("I hate silence when it is a time for speaking").


SciTalks: Smart People on Cool Topics
Your chance to watch as some first rate scientists explain a wide variety
of topics, including frozen frogs, cloning Dolly, the physics of
baseball, the fatal attraction between birds and wind turbines, "the
science in your lunch," and "low-cost devices to tackle tough problems in
developing countries." Searchable, and browsable by scientific field.


Tools for a College Student's Financial Success
Shortened URL:
Before your kids go off to college, you and they should read this to
avoid some of the most common financial pitfalls for students.


Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999-2007.



Fri., Oct. 26, 2007 - Sites found in PBS Teachers Newsletter: October 28 - November 3, 2007

Sites found in:
PBS Teachers Newsletter: October 28 - November 3, 2007

American Masters
Good Ol? Charles Schulz
On-Air & Online
Gr. 9-12
Monday, October 29, 2007
9 - 10:30 pm
Charles Schulz redefined the comic art form with "Peanuts." His
genius lay in depicting the daily collisions of insiders and
outsiders, of mundane cruelties and transcendent hopes--seeing
the extraordinary in the ordinary. The "Peanuts" cast of
characters is as familiar as our own siblings; their trials and
tribulations speak of our families and evoke our childhood
desperations. They are portrayed with whimsy and poignancy--and
always with love and tolerance, each representing different
facets of Schulz’ personality and his perspectives on
20th-century America. (CC, Stereo, 1 year)


NOVA scienceNOW - Twin Prime Conjecture: Seven Prime Questions
Interactive/Online Activity, Video
Gr.6-8 / 9-12

Explore what prime numbers are, and consider how they are
useful in everyday life. Learn about the twin prime conjecture,
and discover why mathematicians have had a difficult time
proving that there are infinitely many pairs of twin primes.


Silence of the Bees
On-Air & Online
Gr. 6-8 / 9-12
Sunday, October 28, 2007
8 - 9:00 pm
Honeybees from the beginning have played a key role in human
survival. Most fruit trees and vegetable species are entirely
dependent on bees to produce, and there's no artificial
replacement for natural pollination. But the bees are
disappearing. Could it be a disease? Is it caused by
pesticides, genetically modified foods or radiation from cell
phone towers? Whatever is happening, we must solve the mystery
and correct the problem soon or face unimaginable consequences.
(CC, Stereo, HD)


Marathon Challenge
On-Air & Online
6-8 / 9-12
Tuesday, October 30, 2007
8 - 9:00 pm
NOVA finds out what it takes for the average person to run one
of the world's toughest races. Filmed in cooperation with the
Boston Athletic Association, the program offers both a human
story and an intriguing scientific exploration of the way our
bodies respond to intense exercise demands. (CC, Stereo, HD, 1

[NOTE: See Teaching Guide pasted below. – Phyllis ]

Copyright 2007 PBS Online

Original Message:
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 16:00:50 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: [NOVA Teachers] Marathon Challenge airs Oct. 30

Hello Educators,

In next week's "Marathon Challenge," NOVA assembles a team of 13
sedentary non-athletes aged 21 to 60 to face the ultimate test: Run
the 26.2-mile Boston marathon. As the participants train, NOVA
reviews their diverse medical histories and backgrounds, chronicles
the physical and mental challenges they face, and tracks the
physiological changes that exercise can bring about. (Subjects
covered: health science, anatomy and physiology)

Karen Hartley
Teachers Editor
NOVA Web Site

* * * * * * * *

NOVA presents "Marathon Challenge"
Broadcast: Tuesday, October 30, 2007
(NOVA airs on PBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Check your local listings as
broadcast dates and times may vary. This program can be used up to
one year after it is recorded off the air.)

Meet each of the 13 runners as well as the Team NOVA coaches and
discover what motivated each person to take on this challenge.
(Grades 6-8, 9-12)

Marathon Diaries
Watch short videos of four runners as they talk about their
personal experiences and read their full stories in interviews,
e-mails, and other notes. (Flash plug-in required to play
videos.) (Grades 6-8, 9-12)

The Training Calendar
View the week-by-week training schedule that Team NOVA followed
to prepare for the race. (Flash plug-in required.)
(Grades 6-8, 9-12)

Ask the Expert
Send in questions about exercise, training, and diet to Tufts
professor, nutritionist, and marathoner Miriam Nelson. (Questions
due by Wednesday October 31; selected responses will be posted on
Tuesday, November 6.) (Grades 6-8, 9-12)

Fit to Go the Distance
Learn about the physiological factors that influence the volume
of oxygen an individual can consume, one measure of physical
fitness. (Grades 6-8, 9-12)

Ten Tips
Take a look at some advice for rookie runners.
(Grades 6-8, 9-12)

Mind of a Marathoner
Read and listen to Team NOVA coach and marathoner Ute Pippig as
she reflects on the mental challenges and rewards of running a
marathon. (Grades 6-8, 9-12)

Teacher's Guide
In this classroom activity, students take each other's pulses at
rest and after exercise to determine recovery times. (Grades 6-8)

Program transcript
The site includes a complete narration for this program.

Plus Links & Books.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Wed., Oct. 24, 2007 - Butterflies / Fictional Countries in Pop Culture

Sites found in:


Butterflies North and South
If you love butterflies, check out this site created by museums and
affiliated organizations in Canada and Peru. It offers galleries,
projects for teachers, info on conservation and butterfly gardens, a
bibliography, and a glossary.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Fictional Countries in Pop Culture
Here's a nice little test of your pop culture knowledge: see if you can
identify the book, TV show or movie that that the fictional countries
described here came from.

Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999-2007.


Wed., Oct. 24, 2007 - Critical Compendium Book Reviews

Site found in:
The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter #466 8/2/07

Cool Compendium Book Reviews

Regular readers will want to bookmark this great literary review
website. Cool Compendium offers up a daily dose of select book reviews by
respected newspapers, magazines, and journals from all around the world.

The aim of the site is to make it is as easy as possible for people to find
and read quality reviews, without having to navigate a virtual obstacle
course of literary blogs and websites. Check out the reviews of the day,
or browse through diverse publications such as BBC News, London Review of
Books, Moscow Times, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, Salon.Com, and many more.


Wed., Oct. 24, 2007 - Anthony Trollope

--------Forwarded Message--------
Site of the Day for Thursday, August 2, 2007

Anthony Trollope

Today's site provides information about everyone's second favorite
Victorian writer, Anthony Trollope. Gentle Subscribers will discover a
cheery and comprehensive introduction to Trollope and his works.

"Anthony Trollope is a new website which aims to introduce readers to
Trollope, a website for an author as relevant to the modern day as to the
Victorian reader.... The Anthony Trollope website is a place for everyone
interested in Trollope to share their enthusiasm for this great Victorian
author. ... Whether you're new to Trollope or already an enthusiast you can
enter competitions, win books, join reading groups and much more." - from
the website

The site offers some biographical nuggets about Trollope's lifelong career
as a postal clerk in nineteenth century Britain, where he continued to work
even after becoming a successful novelist. The main focus, however, hones
in on Trollope's prodigious output of more than forty novels, collections
of short stories, and travel books. Highlighting themes and characters, the
exhibit notes those which have been filmed for television and broadcast in
Britain and abroad -- The Chronicles of Barset, with the inimitable Alan
Rickman as The Rev. Obadiah Slope, and The Palliser Novels. A special
feature of the site is the availability of virtually all Trollope's works
as free e-book downloads.

Ramble over to the site for a look at a Victorian novelist other than
Dickens at:

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:


Wed., Oct. 24, 2007 - Willa Cather Archive

Willa Cather Archive
From PBS’s Blythe Bennett Recommended Site
“America's Finest Novelist!
“Pulitzer prize winner Willa Cather, is regarded as one of America's finest novelists for her writings about Nebraska and the American Southwest. View works of short fiction, interviews, public letters, and journalism examples.”

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Tues., Oct. 23, 2007 - The Search for Monsters of Mystery

The Search for Monsters of Mystery – Legendary Monsters
Bigfoot, Nessie, Storsie, Yeti, Champ, and Mokele-Mbembe


Tues., Oct. 23, 2007 - Media Literacy

Media Literacy
From the site:
“How do you help your students succeed in a media-filled world? Do they know how media is created? Can they analyze the messages that inform, entertain, and sell to us everyday? Have they created their own media messages?

“Dive into media literacy with the following resources:”


Tues., Oct. 23, 2007 - Sites from Librarians' Internet Index NEW THIS WEEK, August 2, 2007

Sites found in:
Librarians' Internet Index
Websites you can trust!
NEW THIS WEEK, August 2, 2007
Read This Online:


Enjoyment of Music Online Tutor
"Listen to a selection of more than 250 musical excerpts as you take the quizzes, review transitions between eras, or learn more about 80 composers." Also includes timelines relating to musical eras (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th century), and links to additional material for composers such as Johannes Brahms, Claude Debussy, Franz Liszt, and Richard Wagner. From W.W. Norton and Company.
LII Item:


Hitchcock Basic Film Techniques
A lighthearted review of "the most significant film techniques that were used by [director] Alfred Hitchcock." Topics include "camera is not a camera" (camera takes on the human quality of roaming around), point of view editing and types of cuts, and using humor to add tension. Includes a link to an article about Hitchcock's use of comedic elements in his films. From an independent filmmaker.
LII Item:


Hitchcock's Style
"Alfred Hitchcock is perhaps Britain's most famous and highly regarded film director, yet he is best known today -- even in Britain -- for the films he made after he left the country in 1939 for a career in Hollywood." This site describes how the style ("the themes, preoccupations, tricks and techniques") of this "Master of Suspense" was in place by the time he went to Hollywood. Clips only available to British educational users.
LII Item:


Biography for Alfred Hitchcock
Biography of British film director Alfred Hitchcock. "The acknowledged master of the thriller genre he virtually invented, Alfred Hitchcock was also a brilliant technician who deftly blended sex, suspense and humor." Also includes a filmography of his 59 movies, with synopses and cast lists. From Turner Classic Movies (TCM).
LII Item:


Riding the Rails
Brief essay about the "more than two million men and perhaps 8,000 women [who] became hoboes" during the Great Depression. Includes illustrations, a short list of people who rode the rails and later became famous, and an oral history from one man who became a hobo during this period. From Wessels Living History Farm, a project devoted to the history of American agriculture.
LII Item:
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

[NOTE: SEE ALSO: Riding the Rails previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Teenage Hoboes in the Great Depression
Small presentation about the "over 250,000 young people [who] left home [during the Great Depression] in hope and desperation and began riding freight trains or hitchhiking across America." Topics include railroads during the Depression era, the Civilian Conservation Corps, food and shelter, and art related to hobo life. Includes a bibliography. From the National Heritage Museum, an American history museum founded and supported by Scottish Rite Freemasons.
LII Item:


Librarians' Internet Index
Websites You Can Trust!

Copyright 2007 by Librarians' Internet Index.


Tues., Oct. 23, 2007 - Young Minds Inspired

From: PBS’s Blythe Bennett Recommended Site

Young Minds Inspired: Teacher's Guide Series
From: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Lights, Camera, Action!
Learn from the people who bring us the Oscars. These teaching guides focus on the art of creating a motion picture. Students will learn about different aspects of film making as they complete creative activities in these kits.

Screenwriting: The Language of Film
From the site:
“Teach your students the crafts of screenwriting in this first teaching guide based on the Academy Awards® and the Academy's categories of achievement.”
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]
Cinematography: Capturing Images on Film
From the site:
“Spotlight the craft of cinematography in this second teaching guide for your students based on the Academy Awards and the Academy's categories of achievement.”

Film Editing: Manipulating Time and Space
From the site:
“Highlight the art of film editing in this third teaching guide based on the Academy Awards and the Academy's categories of achievement.”

Art Direction: The Visual Language of Film
From the site:
“Introduce your students to art direction — the visual language of film — with the teaching guide based on the Academy Awards and the Academy's categories of achievement.”

Animation: Creating Movement Frame by Frame
From the site:
“Discover the amazing art of animation in this guide based on the Academy Awards and the Academy's categories of achievement.”

Sound and Music: The Power to Enhance the Story
From the site:
“Discover the power of sound and music in this guide based on the Academy Awards and the Academy's categories of achievement.”

Documentaries: Searching for Truth
From the site:
“Diverse approaches to capturing real people and events on film are examined in this guide based on the Academy Awards and the Academy's categories of achievement.”

Visual Effects: Seeing is Believing
From the site:
“Teach your students techniques in visual effects in this newest guide based on the Academy Awards and the Academy's categories of achievement.”

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Mon., Oct. 22, 2007 - New 7 Wonders of the World

--------Forwarded Message--------
Site of the Day for Monday, July 30, 2007

The New 7 Wonders of the World

Today's site revisits the New 7 Wonders presentation to take a look at the
winners of the two year long endeavor to create an authoritative list from
the extensive nomination process. Gentle Subscribers, many of whom may have
participated in the voting process, will find those 7 of the 21 finalists
which made the ultimate list.

"The New7Wonders organization is happy to announce the ... 7 candidates ...
elected to represent global heritage throughout history. The listing is in
random order, as announced at the Declaration Ceremony on 07.07.07. All the
New 7 Wonders are equal and are presented as a group without any ranking."
- from the website

The site includes links to the final 7 New Wonders results, the official
song and even a screensaver tucked away in the World Tour section.
Additional information about the gala announcement ceremony and the
international celebrities who performed is available through the link at
the bottom right of the home page. Not content to rest on its laurels, the
organization has begun an initiative to compile a new 7 wonders of nature
for which details are provided.

Swan over to the site for the definitive list of the 7 New Wonders at:

A.M. Holm
view the List archives on the web at:

[SEE ALSO: Classroom Tools
Printable fact sheets (PDF files) for the Ancient 7 Wonders of the World and
all 21 Finalists for the New Seven Wonders of World.

Complete List: New Seven Wonders of World and finalists
- Phyllis ]


Mon., Oct. 22, 2007 - Teaching American History
See: Special Exhibits and Audio Lectures

Document Library
From the site:
“The following is a list of letters, speeches, documents, web sites, books, and articles on signifcant people and events in American political thought and history. Rather than being a comprehensive list of available resources, it is meant to be a list of the best resources available on the given subject.”


Mon., Oct. 22, 2007 - Nano-Journeys: Adventures Beyond the Decimal

Nano-Journeys: Adventures Beyond the Decimal
Click the suitcase to begin.
From the site:
“Welcome aboard! on a journey of incredibly small worlds from centimetres to femtometres. There’s a lot to discover.
Just check-in…We’ll take care of your luggage.”


Mon., Oct. 22, 2007 - Sites Found in: Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Fri, 27 Jul 2007

Sites found in:
Fri, 27 Jul 2007
New resources at FREE, the website that makes
teaching resources from federal agencies easier to find:
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence


America's Founding Fathers
features biographies of delegates at the Constitutional
Convention in Philadelphia in May 1787. The 55 delegates had
been sent by the 13 states to revise the Articles of
Confederation, but they ended up drafting an entirely new plan
of government. They ranged in age from 26-year-old Jonathan
Dayton to 81-year-old Benjamin Franklin, who had to be carried
to sessions in a sedan chair. (National Archives and Records
Direct Link:
Shortened URL:


Early History of the California Coast
is a travel itinerary that highlights 45 historic places that
help tell the story of Spanish colonization of California.
Learn about forts, churches, adobe houses, historic districts,
and other places. Find out about the Presidio, which was
established in 1769 as the base for Spain's colonization
efforts and was the first permanent European settlement on the
Pacific Coast. (National Park Service)
Direct Link:
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Maritime History of Massachusetts
is a travel itinerary highlighting 89 historic places that
tell the story of Massachusetts' relationship with the sea.
Read essays about lighthouses and lifesaving stations, ships
and shipbuilding, the U.S. Navy, and maritime commerce.
(National Park Service)
Direct Link:


Exploring the Moon
is a teacher's guide for learning about lunar geology,
distance to the moon, Apollo landing sites, and life support
systems. Lessons focus on calculating the distance between
scale models of earth and the moon, designing a spacecraft for
travel to and from the moon, the geology of the six Apollo
landing sites, and calculating the diameter of the moon using
proportions. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Direct Link:
Shortened URL:
[NOTE: Other pages from - previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Mars Exploration Rovers
tells the story of Spirit and Opportunity, two rovers that are
investigating the hills and craters of Mars. See an animation
of Spirit's journey from launch pad to Mars. Learn about its
instruments. See a slide show of the most detailed images of
Mars' surface ever captured. A lesson on the distance and
relative size of other planets is included. (NewsHour,
National Science Foundation)
Direct Link:
Shortened URL:


Search for Ancestors
looks at the history of the double helix, the science behind
DNA test kits for people who want to learn more about their
ancestry, an interactive map of human migration over 200,000
years, DNA analysis tracing African-American lineage, and how
mutations found in DNA can unlock the past. (Online NewsHour,
National Science Foundation)
Direct Link:


reports on how a car company is experimenting with
nanotechnology in the quest for environmentally friendly
vehicles, how a museum exhibit (created by an artist and a
scientist) helps get the word out about the implications of
nanotechnology for health care and other fields, and how GPS
chips in some cell phones let businesses track delivery
drivers and parents keep track of kids. (Online NewsHour,
National Science Foundation)
Direct Link:

view an archive of past messages

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sun., Oct. 21, 2007 - Plagiarism Information Site

Washington State University Plagiarism Information Site
From the site:
“…designed to meet the informational needs of both students and instructors.”


Sun., Oct. 21, 2007 - Writing Fix

From the site:
“WritingFix: Where getting your daily writing "fix" is more important than fixing your writing. Write EVERY day!”

Literature Prompts from some Literature Classics

Chapter Book Prompts from favorite chapter and young adult books

[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Sun., Oct. 21, 2007 - International Coastal Cleanup

International Coastal Cleanup: Helping Ocean Animals Survive
From the site:
“International Coastal Cleanup, an annual event that raises awareness of the importance of keeping the world's waterways and oceans clean.”


Sun., Oct. 21, 2007 - Sites Found in The Scout Report, July 27, 2007

Sites found in:
The Scout Report
July 27, 2007
Volume 13, Number 29


The Scout Report on the Web:
Current issue:
This issue:


NOAA Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management [pdf]

In light of a number of recent events, there is increased concern about the
management of America’s coastal and ocean resources. It is a pressing issue
for economic reasons, along with the simple fact that over fifty percent of
the U.S. population lives close to the coastlines of two oceans and the
Great Lakes. Persons interested in these matters will appreciate the NOAA
Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management site, which features
newsletters, information about their strategic plans, and copious amounts of
material on their initiatives, which include dock management and community
development partnerships. A basic overview of the issues facing coastal
regions can be found in the “Coastal Issues” section of the site which
contains brief summaries on marine debris, coastal hazards, water quality,
and aquaculture. The site is rounded out by a “My state” section. Here,
visitors can utilize a clickable map of the U.S. to learn about coastal
management activities underway in their state. [KMG]

[SEE ALSO: The Coral Reef Conservation Program - Phyllis ]


KU Writing Center [pdf]

The University of Kansas has a number of fine academic programs, and they
also provide writing support for students who might be having trouble
getting started with their own assignments or term papers. While visitors
may not be able to make the trek on over to Lawrence, they can certainly hop
online here to take advantage of some of their writing tutorials and guide
sheets. Most visitors will probably want to start at the “Students” section,
where they can then click on sections specifically designed for
undergraduates or graduate students. Some of these materials have been
created specifically by the professionals at KU’s Writing Center, including
some very helpful guides to crafting an effective thesis statement and
working on pre-writing strategies. Also, the “Writing Guides” section
includes a sample writing gallery and an assignment planner. For a bit of
fun, users can also check out their online photo gallery and also watch
their short film, “A Week in the Life of the KU Writing Center”. [KMG]


Library of Congress: Poetry [pdf, Real Player]

On a recent visit to the Library of Congress: Poetry website, the first line
of a poem by William Stafford appeared on the top of the page. The poem in
question was “At the Un-National Monument Along the Canadian Border”, and it
just one of many poems that can be found on this simple delightful site.
Amidst this cornucopia of poems, visitors can also learn about the current
poet laureate and take in a few webcasts from the “Poet Vision” series. It
is an august group indeed, and some of the programs include those that
profile Rita Dove, Louise Gluck, and Stanley Kunitz. Visitors can also look
over a list of poetry news and events and breeze on through the related
resources offered by the Library of Congress. Educators and students will
want to pay close attention to the “For Teachers & Students” area, where
they can find resources designed to bring poetry into the classroom in an
experiential fashion. [KMG]


Mystic Seaport [pdf]

Located in the peaceful town of Mystic, Connecticut, the Mystic Seaport is
billed as “The Museum of America and the Sea”. Visitors to the actual Museum
can take in some of the exhibitions, jump on a boat or two, and make quite a
day of it. Visitors to their website can also find a great deal of seafaring
type information, including several online art galleries, an interactive
feature about Amistad, as well as learn more about their very impressive
nautical collections. Some of the nautical materials are available through
the site, including ship registries for Salem, Massachusetts and New London,
Connecticut for much of the 19th century. Additionally, the site includes
yacht registers from the late 19th century and selected dates of the
American Lloyd’s Register of American and Foreign Shipping. [KMG]

[NOTE: The following pages were previously posted.
Exploring Amistad

Westward by Sea: A Maritime Perspective on American Expansion, 1820-1890 - Phyllis ]


The Mysterious Bogpeople [Macromedia Flash Player]

Despite the seemingly spooky title of this site, visitors should not be
afraid of entering and exploring around the contents of this very
interactive site. Created through a collaborative partnership between
organizations such as the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Drents
Museum, this site concerns itself with the artifacts and material world
created by the so-called “bogpeople” of northwestern Europe who lived
approximately 10,000 years ago. Visitors can explore their world through
sections that include “Science”, “Timeline”, “Profile” and “Mediatheatre”.
The “Mediatheatre” section is a good place to start as visitors can view
short film clips that cover the mysteries of the bog, fishing with a
harpoon, and the fabled Ubbena wheel. Moving along, the “Timeline” area
gives some nice chronological context to the events and transformations
covered by the site, and the “Science” area includes some insights into what
archaeologists do in the field. [KMG]


>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2007.

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