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Sat., Aug. 25, 2007 - Fractal Geometry

Fractal Geometry (Interactive)
From the site:
“Where classical geometry deals with objects of integer dimensions, like points (zero dimension), lines (one dimension), planes (two dimensions), and solids (three dimensions), fractal geometry describes non-integer dimensions.
Many natural phenomena are better described with a dimension part way between two whole numbers. So while a straight line has a dimension of one, a fractal curve will have a dimension between one and two, depending on how much space it takes up as it twists and curves. Fractals can combine structure and irregularity. For this reason, fractal geometry is used in computer graphics to create natural looking objects such as clouds or coastlines.”

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Sat., Aug. 25, 2007 - Tenth Planet

Tenth Planet
From the site:
“PBS Special. A stunning discovery at the far reaches of our solar system raises questions about what makes a planet a planet.”


Sat., Aug. 25, 2007 - Imaginova's Virtual Space Tour

--------Forwarded Message--------
Hi! It's Friday, April 27, 2007 and time for a Virtual Field Trip at

Recommended Website:
Imaginova's Virtual Space Tour
[NOTE: Previously posted – updated URL. - Phyllis ]

This website offers a multimedia tour of space.
Beautiful photographs, text, narration,
and music make this journey of our solar system a real treat for
the whole family. There's a lot of great information here, even if
you already know a lot about the Solar System. You're bound to
enjoy it - and you might even learn something new!

(Note: The multimedia version of this tour includes Pluto as a planet.
But Pluto is still out there, regardless of its current status, as unique
and intriguing as ever. :)

When you get to the site click on one of two buttons:

*"Let's start the multimedia tour!" -- This version has all of the bells and
whistles. When it loads, click on the words "Virtual Space Tour," then
click on each section of the solar system, wait a minute or so for a
download, and then sit back and enjoy the tour. The words "animated
encyclopedia" to the left of the animation window provide an alternative
link to this tour.

*"Skip the tour, just show me text." -- This version is for those who just
want the facts without all of the hoopla (or for those with computers that
can't accommodate the high-tech pace). Click on a topic and read the
text about planets, asteroids, etc., and look at stunning photographs too!

When you are through with the tour, check out the rest of the site -- it has
fascinating articles and pictures of every aspect of space -- including
space flight, science, astronomy, and technology. The upper row of tabs
lead off site, so, as always, parental discretion is advised.

MaryAnna Cashmore
Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should ALWAYS preview the sites for suitable content.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Federally Registered Trademark.


Sat., Aug. 25, 2007 - Sites found in Teaching Resources Newsletter: from: Thu, 03 May 2007

Sites found in:
Teaching Resources: from:
Date: Thu, 03 May 2007

New resources at FREE, the website that makes
teaching resources from federal agencies easier to find:
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

view an archive of past messages


Song of America
commemorates the history of song composition in America.
Learn about 10 composers, including Charles Ives ("In
Flander's Fields"), Stephen Foster ("Oh! Susanna"), and
Francis Hopkinson -- the only American-born composer known to
have written songs before 1800. Hear and see the music for
nearly 20 songs, including "Shenandoah" and "Danny Deever."
(Library of Congress)


Federal Judicial Center
is the education and research agency for the federal court
system. Learn how the federal courts are organized. Discover
the history of the Supreme Court, courts of appeals, district
courts, circuit courts, and others. Find units for teaching
about notable federal trials -- the Sedition Act trials, the
Aaron Burr treason trial, Amistad, Chinese exclusion, and
others. (Federal Judicial Center)
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Portals to the World
is a starting point for studying other countries. Learn about
the culture, economy, geography, government, history,
languages, politics, religions, and other aspects of more than
150 nations, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Find links to
authoritative, in-depth information selected by area
specialists and other staff at the Library of Congress.
(Library of Congress)
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Knowing Poe
introduces us to the life, works, and writing techniques of
Edgar Allen Poe. Learn about point of view in "The Cask of
Amontillado." Compare versions of "The Lake." Uncover code
in "The Gold Bug" and imagery in "The Black Cat." Hear "The
Raven" and "My Tell-Tale Heart." Consider Poe's view of what
makes a poem good. See letters he wrote and a piece of his
casket. (Maryland Public Television, Department of Education)
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Marine Advanced Technology Education Center
offers over 100 interviews with marine technology
professionals. Learn what it's like to be a commercial diver,
software engineer, electrician, environmental cleanup and
monitoring technician, fish and game warden, fisher,
geological data technician, hydrologist, marine biologist,
metal fabricator, ship's engineer, and more. (MATE Center,
National Science Foundation)


Microscope Imaging Station
shows what blood is, what happens when the immune system goes
awry, and what are stem cells are. See videos of cell
structure and function, cell development and motility,
plankton, plants, and protozoa. Learn how the sea urchin
helps us understand genes, reproduction, and cancer.
(Exploratorium, Multiple Agencies)
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Practical Uses of Math and Science
features more than 60 examples of how science and math can be
used in interesting settings and everyday life. Topics
include clouds (why they float), social security benefits
(algebra), Pythagorean theorem (cabinet corners), ice sheets
and sea level, logarithms, matching birthdays (statistics),
natural selection and a scavenger hunt, photons, traffic
signals (probability), seasons (causes), volcanic clouds, wind
chill (algebra), and more. (National Aeronautics and Space
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Solar System
examines the solar system and NASA explorations in it. Learn
about how the solar system formed, what we know about Mars,
and the likelihood of earth colliding with an asteroid or
comet. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
[NOTE: Other pages from
previously posted. - Phyllis ]


explores questions that include: How do galaxies and stars
form? What powered the Big Bang? What is dark energy and how
is it pulling the universe apart? Is the universe expanding?
What happens at the edge of a black hole? Is there life beyond
earth? (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
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Fri., Aug. 24, 2007 - A Photographic Tour of Civil War Vicksburg

A Photographic Tour Of Civil War Vicksburg
From the site:
“Through the photographs that follow I will try to transport the viewer to that “Spirit land of Shadows” and walk the streets of wartime Vicksburg. All of the photographs in this tour are from the collections of the Old Court House Museum.”


Fri., Aug. 24, 2007 - PBS: Freedom: A History of US

Site found in:
The Scout Report
January 10, 2003
Volume 9, Number 1

Freedom: A History of US

Collaborating with WNET New York, PBS has created this Web site as the
online analogue to the 16-part television series. Based on the books by Joy
Hakim, the series (and the Web site) are dedicated to exploring the theme of
freedom throughout the history of the United States, noting that "Freedom is
what has drawn to America countless human beings from around the world; it
is what generations of men and women have lived and died for; it is, in a
profound sense, our nation's highest calling." While anyone with an inkling
to learn more about the notion of "freedom" will benefit by perusing the
site, it is especially well-honed to serve the needs of educators and
students. The site contains 16 "Webisodes," which are both visually and
textually rich repositories of information, chronologically ordered,
beginning with the American Revolution and concluding with the presidency of
Richard Nixon. Additionally, each Webisode contains essays that contain
hyperlinks to word definitions, photographs, and brief biographical
profiles. Also, each Webisode contains standards-based teacher guides and
lesson plans prepared by the Talent Development Middle Schools Programs at
Johns Hopkins University. Overall, this site is a fine example of utilizing
the Web for educational purposes, both for young students and those looking
for general edification. [KMG]
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2002.


Fri., Aug. 24, 2007 - FactCheckED

Site found in:
ConnectEng, the newsletter of Web English Teacher
April 30, 2007

Sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation, this site is “designed to help students learn to cut through the fog of misinformation and deception that surrounds the many messages they’re bombarded with every day.” It includes lesson plans and other tools for both teachers and students. The target audience is high school students.

Carla Beard
Web English Teacher

This newsletter is copyright 2007, Web English Teacher.


Fri., Aug. 24, 2007 - From: ResourceShelf April 27 - May 3, 2007

Sites found in:
April 27 - May 3, 2007



Portfolio: A New Business Magazine from Conde Nast, Offers Original Content, Research Databases, and More
A new Conde Nast print and online publication with a focus on business, Portfolio, recently hit mailboxes, newsstands, and the web.
The Portfolio web site (it’s labeled a beta, of course) at: is constantly updated with original material as well as what appears to be the full text of the print edition.
Note: After running several searches we noticed a few profiles not linked in a company profile. So, make sure to search the database so you don’t miss an available profile.

For complete review:
Shortened URL:


More Digitized U.S. Government Documents via Now Online

Two recent releases from Footnote. Both free and fee-based content available. Footnote is working closely with the National Archives (NARA).

++ Footnote begins releasing Project Blue Book for free as worldwide interest in UFOs increases

If you’re interested in examining the evidence for UFOs, you can now access for free the Project Blue Book report documents compiled by the US Air Force from 1947 to 1969. A little more than half of the 130,000 documents are available now but we’re hard at work to bring the complete NARA collection to the web for the first time.

++ Releases Original Lincoln Assassination Trial Papers has released its new collection, The Investigation and Trial Papers Relating to the Assassination of President Lincoln. Available for the first time on the Web, these original records provide a unique view into one of the last major events in the American Civil War…To view free samples of the trial papers, visit . Footnote members can sign-in and examine the entire collection. To become a member, register on the Footnote site, .


1507 Martin Waldseemüller’s “Birth Certificate” World Map Coming to Library of Congress on April 30th

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer will officially accept the 1507 Martin Waldseemüller World Map on behalf of the U.S. government in a ceremony at the Library of Congress on Monday, April 30. The Federal Republic of Germany, represented by Chancellor Angela Merkel, will officially transfer the map, known as “America’s Birth Certificate.” The map is the first document on which the name “America” appears, and celebrated its 500th anniversary on April 25, 2007.

The map will be on display during the ceremony. It will be briefly lit once before and once after the ceremony for photographers but will otherwise be dimly lit. In December 2007, the map will be placed on permanent exhibition in a state-of-the-art encasement at the Library of Congress.

Construction Under Way for Encasement of Waldseemüller Map, "Birth Certificate of America"


September 11th Video Collection Back Online via Internet Archive

Some of you might remember the Television Archive’s collection of TV coverage of the events of September 11, 2001. The archive went live in October, 2001 and was available until 2003.

Recently, the video archive became available again at:

The Internet Archive brings back this historically significant collection presenting news coverage from six networks for the first three days following the first attack. It is made available for non-commercial research purposes only

The content runs from September 11, 2001-September 13, 2001. Material comes from:
Additional material will be uploaded soon.

Source: The Internet Archive


Financial Aid Glossary

Dear Student,

Unfortunately, financial aid has become so complicated that it has developed a secret language of its own. Use this dictionary to translate the jargon, acronyms and buzzwords into plain English.



Updates at
[NOTE: Previously posted. Updated - Phyllis ]

GovTrack continues developing into an essential resource for political and legislative research in the U.S. So many useful tools/databases and it’s even available at no charge. Yes, is free. So impressive!!!

From the blog post:

A new Presidential Candidates page for those candidates that have served in Congress, which is actually most. You can see how they line up in political leanings, sorted them based on their position in GovTrack’s Political Spectrum.

The representative statistics page has been updated to go back a few more years, and the political spectrum has been updated for the 110th Congress.

New download options at the top-right of the main Votes page (which is a relatively new page, btw) and on the pages for individual roll call votes so that you can import the data into Excel (CSV format) or use it for other applications (XML format).

Source: GovTrack News and Notes


Milestones: Congrats to on the 10th Anniversary of AcronymFinder
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Here’s a specialized database, a ready reference tool, that’s been around for 10 years. In Internet years that’s closer to a millennium.

On the AcronymFinder Blog,
( )Molloy writes:

When I launched the site in 1997, I had two goals: I wanted to make available a database of abbreviations and acronyms I had collected since 1985; and I wanted to learn about web database programming. Acronym Finder wasn’t the first web-based abbreviations search site, but the day it went online, it became the largest human-edited collection available – and it still is.”

Congrats and kudos Mike! Keep up the great work.

Fast Stats: 550,000 term and grows by an average of 200 new entries.


New Science Tracer Bullet from LC: Geothermal Energy

Categories include:
Overview, subject headings, basic texts, specialized titles, conference proceedings, dissertations, journals, selected Internet resources.

See Also: Directory of All Science Tracer Bullets
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]

Source: Science Reference Services, Library of Congress


Genetic Alliance Introduces New Web Resource for Accessing Information on Genetic Diseases

From the news release:
Genetic Alliance today announced a new website feature designed to help patients, care givers, health professionals, and others easily locate and navigate the vast array of information on genetic disorders that is available from the National Library of Medicine (NLM), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The “portal” into NLM resources brings together, on one webpage, links to a wide range of information for patients and caregivers - from basic descriptions of a disease and its symptoms to the most current scientific research.

The Genetic Alliance/NCBI Resource is accessed through the “Disease InfoSearch” function on Genetic Alliance’s website, After selecting a genetic disorder from an alphabetic list, users see links for various information sources, including “Research and Genetic Information: National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, NIH.” Clicking on the link brings users to a customized page where an automatic search for their disorder has already been conducted within the NLM resources.

Source: Genetic Alliance and NCBI


Gary Price
Editor, ResourceShelf
The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team
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Thurs., Aug. 23, 2007 - Lindbergh Flies Across the Atlantic

Lindbergh Flies Across the Atlantic
The World Almanac E-Newsletter - May 2007

Select: Special Feature: Lindbergh Flies Across the Atlantic


Thurs., Aug. 23, 2007 - The Lusitania

The Lusitania
The British steamship of the Cunard Line, torpedoed during World War I
by a German submarine on May 7, 1915.

NOTE: Other pages from
previously posted. Phyllis ]


Thurs., Aug. 23, 2007 - The Hindenburg

The Hindenburg
From the site:
an “account of life aboard the ill-fated Zeppelin”

Hindenburg (LZ-129)
NOTE: previously posted. - Phyllis


Thurs., Aug. 23, 2007 - Sites found in Librarians' Internet Index, NEW THIS WEEK, May 3, 2007

Sites found in:
Librarians' Internet Index
Websites you can trust!
NEW THIS WEEK, May 3, 2007
Read This Online :


The Airship Is Coming!
Material about the history of blimp transportation and communication. Features an exhibition about these giant airships, "from the very first zeppelin that flew over Lake Constance in Germany in 1900 to the last, which was broken up there in 1940." Also includes a video clip, maps of zeppelin routes over Denmark, and a game. In English and Danish. From the Post & Tele Museum, Denmark.
LII Item:


Ford's Theatre National Historic Site
Material about this theater in Washington, D.C., where Abraham Lincoln was shot on April 14, 1865, and about John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated him. Includes historical data and photos of the theater, a map of Booth's escape route, a history of Booth's life, images of the chair Lincoln was sitting in and the gun used to shoot him, and more. From the National Park Service (NPS).
LII Item:


Titanic, Lusitania and the Forgotten Empress: Gallery
"This gallery tells the stories of three of the most famous and most tragic ships in history. Their names were Titanic, Lusitania and Empress of Ireland. Each was a proud symbol of Edwardian Britain." Features images of artifacts related to all three ships and their sinkings between 1912 and 1915, and the passenger liner Berengaria ("intended as a rival" to the other three ships). From the Merseyside Maritime Museum of the National Museums Liverpool, England.
LII Item:


Freedom of Information Act: Kent State University
Over a thousand pages of digitized documents pertaining to the "violent events at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio" during the May 4, 1970, student demonstrations against the Vietnam War. From the Freedom of Information Act site, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
LII Item:

---------------------------------------------------------------- 2008 Presidential Election
Compilation of data on campaign contributions for the 2008 presidential election. Candidate profiles include total funds raised and spent, cash on hand, debts, and a breakdown of sources of the funds (such as individual contributions). Also includes week-by-week comparisons, a donor lookup, contributions by industry, and other data. From the Center for Responsive Politics, "a non-partisan, non-profit research group ... that tracks money in politics, and its effect on elections and public policy."
LII Item:
[NOTE: Home page previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Adolescent Health
Fact sheets, data, and other material about adolescent health topics such as injuries, alcohol and drug use, sexual behaviors, nutrition and obesity, skin cancer, and youth violence. Includes background on the National Initiative to Improve Adolescent Health by the Year 2010, and links to related websites. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
LII Item:
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]

AMA: Adolescent Health
Fact sheets, publications, and other resources about health concerns affecting adolescents. Topics include injury prevention, violence and bullying, nutrition and physical fitness, mental health, and teen pregnancy. Newsletter articles are only available to members, but the other publications and resources are available for free download. Includes links to related websites. From the American Medical Association (AMA).
LII Item:
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Material about making scrapbooks and related crafts. Features articles on topics such as scrapbooking basics (supplies, inspirations, and layouts), why people make scrapbooks, and mother-daughter scrapbooking. Also includes a link to a digital scrapbooking community forum with a gallery of designs. From the Kaboose Family Network.
LII Item:


Picturing a Canadian Life: L.M. Montgomery's Personal Scrapbooks and Book Covers
"This exhibition invites you to explore L.M. Montgomery's life (1874-1942) and visual imagination through a sample of her personal scrapbook pages and book covers, found in five Canadian archival and museum collections." Features covers of multiple versions of works such as "Anne of Green Gables," images of selected scrapbooks pages from the early 1900s, and related material. In English, French, and Japanese. From the Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Canada.
LII Item:


Altered Oceans
This feature series from 2006 examines threats to ocean life from pollutants from industry, agriculture, and other sources. Covers development of toxic algae (harmful algal blooms), health effects to marine life and humans, plastic debris and wildlife, and related topics. Includes articles, photos, videos, and graphics. From the Los Angeles Times.
Shortened URL:
LII Item:

This project looks for and documents planets orbiting nearby stars. To date, over 200 of these exoplanets have been discovered. The site features a catalog of exoplanets, a description of how exoplanets are discovered, a virtual tour of the Automated Planet Finder Telescope, a bibliography of research publications, and related material. From the University of California, Berkeley, and Carnegie Institution.
LII Item:


Librarians' Internet Index
Websites You Can Trust!
Copyright 2007 by Librarians' Internet Index.

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Wed., Aug. 22, 2007 - Follow the Flow of Food

Follow The Flow of Food (interactive)

Follow the digestive system with this interactive from InteliHealth.


Wed., Aug. 22, 2007 - The Brain Explorer

The Brain Explorer
From the site:
“The Brain Explorer has been developed to provide a guide to psychiatric and neurological disorders for anyone that is interested in these topics.”
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Wed., Aug. 22, 2007 - Physical Fitness

Sites found in:
Surfing the Net with Kids: Physical Fitness

Page includes 9 links to sites (5 annotated, 4 Honorable Mentions)
Some of the sites were previously posted. - Phyllis


Wed., Aug. 22, 2007 - Sites Found In The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter #452 4/26/07

Sites found in:
The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter #452 4/26/07

Archive of American Rhetoric

In our relatively short time as a sovereign nation, the United States has
seen more than its fair share of historically pivotal and memorable
moments. From the American Revolution to the Civil War to the Civil
Right's Movement to the 2004 DNC Convention, legendary and skillful orators
have captured these moments that define our country's tumultuous and
triumphant history.

AmericanRhetoric.Com is a fascinating website that uses the orations of
many famous "figures of speech" such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy,
Martin Luther King Jr., FDR, Malcolm X, and Lyndon B. Johnson, to tell the
story of American history. Visitors to the site will find it is an amazing
audio resource where they can listen to some of the most famous, and
infamous, speeches ever made in America. Other cool features include the
"Top 100 Speeches", "Rhetorical Figures in Sound" which contains hundreds
of audio clips, and other sections such as "Movie Speeches", "Rhetoric of
9/11", and even a Rhetoric Quiz that scholars and history buffs will enjoy.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Good Old Superstitions

We all have idiosyncratic beliefs about good and bad luck, whether it is
knocking on wood, finding a 4-leaf clover, avoiding cracks in the sidewalk,
or wearing a "lucky hat" to the ball game. OldSuperstitions.Com boasts the
largest list of superstitions on the World Wide Web, with enough irrational
fears to drive even the sane among us into a mild state of paranoia.

This spooky website takes a deeper look into the history of superstitions,
from commonly-known theories about black cats to more arcane beliefs about
Christmas, Acting, Weddings, New Homes, Animals, and even Parsley! Just
browse randomly to discover tons of odd tidbits such as how to scare away
evil spirits on New Year's Eve, the one word you should never say whilst
fishing, and how watching cows can help predict the weather.
[NOTE: Previously posted. - Phyllis ]


Play With Your Mind

Get your grey matter into top shape at this brainy site, which boasts one
of the largest selections of mind games on the Net. Visitors can test
their mental skills and exercise their brains with the help of an
impressive collection of logic puzzles, IQ tests, word games, memory
challenges, and focus exercises.


Learn to Speak 'Computer'

Regardless of how many languages you may speak, anyone who is new to the
wide world of computers and the Internet will be unfamiliar with its
ever-evolving vernacular. Smart Computing presents this great online
dictionary/encyclopedia, which provides plain-English definitions for
literally thousands of computer terms.

Search the Dictionary of Computer Terms by keyword or letter/symbol, post a
question to the "Q & A" board, or read responses to common computer-related
queries. If you are so new to the Web that navigating this site proves an
arduous task, you may purchase your own 'old-fashioned' print version of
the dictionary. You'll be speaking "computer-ese" in no time!
Shortened URL:


Soccer Training

Soccer, or Football as it is called in many nations, is the most popular
sport on the planet. And while it still has a way to go within the
hierarchy of sports in America, soccer is gaining more and more players and
fans in this country every year.

The Soccer Training website is filled with great tips for honing skills on
the pitch, including pointers on fitness and nutrition, soccer
fundamentals, mental focus, drills, strategy, and much more. In addition
to the online training guide, the site is also a terrific resource for
other information on "the beautiful game", with an entire section dedicated
to the sport's 2,000 year history, as well as the latest news from FIFA and
the world of professional international soccer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Tues., Aug. 21, 2007 - The Map Archive

The Map Archive
From the site:
“The Map Archive is a large collection of ancient and modern maps, maintained by a non profit organization, the maps are gathered and submitted by volunteers, mainly students and University teachers. This project goal is to create the largest online collection of maps.”

[NOTE: What non profit organization? – Phyllis ]


Tues., Aug. 21, 2007 - William Shakespeare / Top 100 Brands /

Sites found in:

April 20-26, 2007

-----’s William Shakespeare Smart Answer*
The Smart Answer (look for it at the top of the results page) includes:

++ Direct link to Who2 Bio

++ Direct Links to Digitized Folios/Quartos of Works by Shakespeare (Full Text)
Digitized at the University of Victoria, Canada. A digitized play includes a text transcript, digitized images (facsimiles) of actual pages, character appearance chart, concordance, and more.

++ Direct link to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (Several fact-filled FAQ’s including one focusing on Shakespeare’s Life)

…and many more


Top 100 Most Powerful Brands:
Brandz Ranking 2007
Shortened URL:

Millward Brown Optimor created the BRANDZ Top 100, a ranking that identifies the world’s most powerful brands measured by their dollar value. Our brand ranking provides key insights and actionable information for finance, marketing and business professionals on how to manage and grow their brand assets.

[SEE ALSO: The 100 Top Brands
Shortened URL:
a snapshot of each of the 100 brands.
Best Brands Special Report
Read the Story
Table: The Top 100 Brands
- Phyllis ]

New Online: Site Devised to Promote Environmental Awareness from National Geographic Society is an online multimedia experience offering consumers the opportunity to explore the environment by engaging in a variety of interactive activities. encourages visitors to watch videos, download podcasts and photos, read daily news, take quizzes, participate in polls, learn about energy-saving products, download “how to” videos and participate in activities geared to inspiring people to make eco-friendly choices in their everyday lives…”We’ve created to be a multimedia tool kit for green living. It’s a powerful communication tool that is interactive, engaging and fun for all ages,” said Betsy Scolnik, president, National Geographic Digital Media. “Our goal is to encourage individuals to make a difference by giving them practical advice that empowers them to become environmental stewards.”

Gary Price
Editor, ResourceShelf
The ResourceShelf & DocuTicker Team
"Post via ResourceShelf"
for even more resources visit


Tues., Aug. 21, 2007 - Green Atlas / MFA Boston: Interactive Tours / Exploring Magnetism on Earth /

Sites found in:
The Scout Report
April 27, 2007
Volume 13, Number 16

The Scout Report on the Web:
Current issue:
This issue:


Green Atlas

Based in New York, the people behind the Green Atlas have been going “green”
since 1995. The Green Map system is an “adaptable framework for charting
nature and culture in hometown environments.” Recently, they published the
Green Map Atlas, and now visitors can access the entire publication on this
site. The Atlas includes maps of Jakarta, Kyoto, New York, Milwaukee,
Toronto, and six other areas around the world. Visitors will find all types
of interesting information on each of these maps, including the locations of
community gardens, green spaces, bike trails, and other environmentally-
friendly aspects of the built environment. It’s certainly a novel and new
way to think about communities, and these maps could also be used in courses
on environmental science or urban planning. [KMG]

MFA Boston: Interactive Tours [Macromedia Flash Player]

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has always put forth a top-notch effort
when it comes to their online exhibits for touring shows, and recently they
have revamped many of their in-house online exhibits, and the results are
well worth looking at. On this page, visitors can view collection highlights
from their African, Ancient Near Eastern, and Etruscan holdings, as well as
other thematic areas. Each online collection allows visitors to take a close
look via a zoom feature and read about each work’s details, such as
particulars about materials used in its creation and its dimensions.
Visitors looking for a place to start should look over the “Watercolors by
Homer” collection and the “Musical Instruments” audio tour. As if that
wasn’t enough great material, the site also has a number of thematic online
exhibits, including ones that cover American history, Boston, florals, and
portraiture. [KMG]

Exploring Magnetism on Earth [pdf]

Understanding the power of magnetism on Earth isn’t always easy, and
students and teachers alike will be glad to find out about this handy guide
to the subject. Created by experts at NASA, this 15-page teacher’s guide was
designed in partnership with other educators at Berkeley as well as several
other participating institutions. The guide contains problems which examine
Earth’s changing magnetic field in time and space, and how these changes can
impact navigation on Earth’s surface. In terms of specific activities, the
guide includes exercises on navigating the earth with a compass, the
declining magnetic field, and the reversal of magnetic polarity. Each of
these activities is explained in detail, and they all include relevant
illustrations, graphs, questions, and an answer key. [KMG]

Smithsonian Jazz [Macromedia Flash Player, pdf, Real Player]

National and International Jazz Appreciation Month happens to be April, but
this shouldn’t stop visitors from celebrating the richness of this form of
musical expression during any of the other eleven months of the calendar.
The Smithsonian Jazz initiative has created this very fine website that
brings together oral histories from jazz greats such as Artie Shaw,
information about the Smithsonian’s own Jazz Masterworks Orchestra, and a
very fun “This Day in Jazz History” feature. Amidst all these gems, the
interactive exhibit on the very real and enduring musical brilliance of the
late Duke Ellington should be looked at in close detail. Here, visitors can
listen to clips of some of his musical compositions, and learn about his
work as a composer, bandleader, and pianist. [KMG]
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>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2007.


Tues., Aug. 21, 2007 - Universal Leonardo

Universal Leonardo
From the site:
“Universal Leonardo is a programme aimed at deepening our understanding of Leonardo da Vinci through a series of European exhibitions (2006), scientific research and web-based resources.”

Monday, August 20, 2007


Mon., Aug. 20, 2007 - The e-stories Project

The e-stories Project
From the site:
“From the Enoch Pratt Free Library: a collection of live-action, multicultural storyteller performances…are available for on-demand use over the internet. Representing diverse cultures including African, African American, Appalachian, Celtic, Chinese, Indian, Iranian, Irish, Jewish and Native American the stories may help provide insight to other cultures.”


Mon., Aug. 20, 2007 - Quotations and Proverbs from


Search by subject or author. Select “Version” to switch to Spanish.



Mon., Aug. 20, 2007 - All About Writing for Fun and Profit

---------Forwarded Message--------
Hi! It's Wednesday, April 25, 2007, and time for Language Arts at

Recommended Website:
Writing for Books, Business, and Journals, Grammar and Writer's Block
All about writing for fun and profit!
[NOTE: Other pages from previously posted. -
Phyllis ]

Age Range: 13 and up

This website has over 200 FREE articles on the many aspects of writing. Just
a "heads up" -- it is supported by hyperlinked words within the articles
that lead to advertisements. So, for example, in the article about creating
a believable character for your fiction story, the highlighted phrase "eye
color" leads to an advertisement for eye drops. Advertising aside, the
content of the FREE articles is quite useful. Here is some of what you can

*The nuts and bolts of grammar, punctuation, common mistakes, proofreading,
and general advice.

*Tips for a whole range of academic writing assignments, including poetry,
essays, term papers, and more!

*What you need to know in order to write an effective business letter.

*Pointers for greeting cards and personal correspondence.

*Keeping journals (this includes personal journals, therapy journals, and a
few others).

*How to write and market a book. (There's a whole section on writing
children's books!)

*How to overcome writer's block. (This section includes many articles,
including advice on keeping track of your dreams, getting inspiration from
your kids, and jump-starting your day.)

*How to write for television.

And much, much more!

Each article is short and to the point, making this a great reference site
for any kind of writing assignment or endeavor.

MaryAnna Cashmore
Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. Parents should ALWAYS preview the sites for suitable content.

Click Schooling (Clickschooling) is a Federally Registered Trademark


Mon., Aug. 20, 2007 - Punctuation Made Simple / / BioTech

Sites found in:
Don's Patch #69 from May 1, 2007

Punctuation made simple.
Colon Semicolon Comma Dash Apostrophe
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Includes Nanotechnology, Physics, Space & Earth Science, Electronic Devices, Technology, General Science, Medicine & Health


From the site:
“Our goal is to enrich the public's knowledge of biology and chemistry. We aim to serve everyone from high school students to professional researchers.”
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Archives for this ezine
are available online here:

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Sun., Aug 19, 2007 - Ball State Electronic Field Trips

Ball State University Electronic Field Trip
From the site:
“The real good news about registering for the program is that it's ABSOLUTELY FREE. The Best Buy Children's Foundation, which funds the EFT program, also covers the registration fee for any school that wishes to take the program. Just select the "Best Buy Scholarship" as your payment method when you complete the registration form.

That registration form, of course, can be found online — right on this very website! Just click here to sign up for any of this year's EFTs. They're free, and you're more than welcome to take all of them.”

Past EFTs are archived and available.

The 2007-2008 schedule includes: The Grand Tetons (gr. 3-8), Little Rock Desegregation (gr. 7-12), A Whale Story (gr. 3-8), and Smithsonian Kite Festival (gr. K-5).

Site found in:
From: Classroom This Week's Educational Programming Update
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007

Commemorating Courage: The Nine Who Made A Difference! Central High
School National Historic Site commemorates the events that surrounded
the desegregation Crisis of 1957 with an Electronic Field Trip

Imagine having to have the National Guard block your entrance on your
first day of school. This was the experience of "The Little Rock
Nine" in September of 1957!

Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas was the first important
test for the implementation of the U.S. Supreme Court's historic Brown
v. Board of Education of Topeka decision of May 17, 1954. The Little
Rock Controversy was the first test of the national resolve to enforce
equality in public school education in the face of massive southern
defiance during after this decision.

Central High School National Historic Site commemorates the events
that surrounded the desegregation Crisis of 1957. Join the Rangers
and other special guests of this National Historic Site on Tuesday
December 4th on the Electronic Field Trip (EFT) to examine the issues
and compelling stories that have evolved from the desegregation of
Little Rock Central High School.

Meets national standards in: U.S. History, Civics and Language Arts


Sun., Aug. 19, 2007 - Types of Poems for Kids / 30 Days of Poetry / King Arthur / Fahrenheit 451

Sites found in:
Virtual Teacher Newsletter No. 143 April 28th 2007


Kathi Mitchell: Types of Poems for Kids
Kathi Mitchell, a language arts teacher from New Hampshire,
shares a list of nineteen poetic forms for elementary students.
Each form includes a fun sample, and many also include links
to more examples. In addition to the usual forms, such as
limericks and haiku, Mitchell describes Monster Poems
("Describe an imaginary monster. Try to have a theme ...")
and Third Eye Poems ("The Third Eye poem tells about things
that might go unnoticed and are improbable or impossible to
see with regular eyesight. The Third Eye knows what is really
[NOTE: Other pages from: - previously posted. – Phyllis ]


Ms. Rogers: 30 Days of Poetry
"You can write poetry!" exclaims Marsha Rogers, and her thirty
daily lessons (with titles such as "Month Metaphor" and "Diamonte")
will show you how. Each lesson explains the format to follow
and includes several sample poems written by high-school
students. She suggests that students write a few poems for each
lesson. "This gives you an opportunity to use the form and, most
often, create an even better poem in doing so."
[NOTE: Previously posted. From The English Room
See Also:
King Arthur:
Shortened URL:
Fahrenheit 451:
Shortened URL:
- Phyllis ]


Sun., Aug. 19, 2007 - Cambridge History of English and American Literature

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
From the site:
“Considered the most important work of literary history and criticism ever published, the Cambridge History contains over 303 chapters and 11,000 pages, with essay topics ranging from poetry, fiction, drama and essays to history, theology and political writing. The set encompasses a wide selection of writing on orators, humorists, poets, newspaper columnists, religious leaders, economists, Native Americans, song writers, and even non-English writing, such as Yiddish and Creole.”
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Sun., Aug. 19, 2007 - When the Levees Broke: Free Curriculum Kit

When The Levees Broke: A Requiem In Four Acts: A Spike Lee Film

Free curriculum kit
"Teaching The Levees" Curriculum package will be shipped in September 2007
Curriculum Designed to Help Students Understand Aftermath and Social Impact of Hurricane Katrina. The curriculum is intended for high school aged students and older.

Request at

If you would like to request multiple copies of the curriculum, please contact 800-575-6566.

Site includes links for facts, timeline, maps, and curriculum materials.

From: 2007 Teachers College, Columbia University.

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